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"With attitude in spades and a clutch of killer lines, there have been few better reinventions of a classic character than this. 8/10" - EuroGamer

"_This is the best Devil May Cry game we've played in years - and could even be the best action game of 2013. _" -

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In this retelling of Dante's origin story which is set against a contemporary backdrop, DmC Devil May Cry™ retains the stylish action, fluid combat and self-assured protagonist that have defined the iconic series but inject a more brutal and visceral edge.

The Dante of DmC is a young man who has no respect for authority or indeed society in general. Dante knows that he is not human, but also that he is not like the demons that have tormented him throughout his life. Caught between worlds, he feels like an outcast. Thanks to his twin brother Vergil, leader of the anti-establishment group called “The Order”, Dante is now discovering and coming to terms with what it means to be the child of a demon and an angel. This split personality has a real impact on gameplay with Dante being able to call upon angel and demon abilities at will, transforming his Rebellion sword on the fly to dramatically affect both combat and movement.

For DmC Capcom has teamed up with UK development studio, Ninja Theory, renown for delivering action titles with compelling characters and narrative coupled with high production values. The combination of Ninja Theory’s expertise and Capcom’s unrivalled heritage in producing combat focused action titles will ensure that this latest addition to the over 11-million selling series will remain true to the Devil May Cry DNA so cherished by the fans, while bringing a new level of cinematic quality to the title.

Key Features:

  • Survive Limbo:

    The world of Limbo is a living and breathing entity, out to kill Dante. The world will transform in real-time and try to block off and even kill our hero. Our protagonist will have to master demonic powers to shape Limbo the way he sees fit, while perfecting his angelic skills to traverse this hazardous, twisted world.

  • Who is Dante?:

    Explore a retelling of Dante’s origin story in a gripping narrative featuring familiar faces from the series alongside all new characters, including Vergil, Dante’s twin brother.

  • Unbridled action:

    The intense and iconic sword and gun based combat returns with the addition of new Angel and Demon weapons and abilities, all designed to dispatch the demonic spawn back to hell with style and panache. Weapons include:

    Rebellion: Dante’s trusted sword, given by his father Sparda, provides a great mix of combos and attacks, great for sending enemies skyward.

    Ebony & Ivory: These guns are good for keeping enemies at bay, maintaining combos and juggling enemies in the air.

    Arbiter: a demonic axe that can deliver massive blows and break through enemy shields.

    Osiris: an angelic scythe with fast attacks and great for crowd control.

    Eryx: powerful demonic gauntlets that pack enough punch to parry even the strongest attacks and juggle the heaviest enemies.

  • Retaining the Devil May Cry DNA:

    Capcom staff, including team members from previous Devil May Cry titles, have been assigned to the project from the outset to ensure DmC is a true addition to the Devil May Cry franchise.

  • Unrivalled production values:

    Ninja Theory will take advantage of the latest performance capture technology to deliver a level of character design, story-telling and cinematics that perfectly complements DmC’s high-octane combat.

Customer reviews


The Reboot, the goods and the bads

Urb4n_Kn1ght | Dec. 30, 2014 | See all Urb4n_Kn1ght's reviews »

So I have this game on console so this is going to be a review based around my experience with the console version, minus some details such as graphical fidelity and lag because in all honesty, that is based around the console's power not the game itself, that being said here is how I feel with the new Devil May Cry. Pros: With this reboot we see a more emotional character as opposed to the previous installments, you can see how his attitude and emotions change throughout the game and throughout scenes keeping the story more memorable then the last, this being said I should note that I am also a fan of previous DMC installments, besides the sad excuse of DMC2. While I do miss the old Dante and how his character was, the character he is now gives him more personality, lets you understand him more; hating him or liking him as you will, leaving a memorable character all the still even if you were not a fan of the game too much; where as if you were to look at the old DMC installments and did not like the character or the game all too well, that throws off the memorability of the story or character all the still. Along with the change in character and the overall story change, we see as well a change in combat, keeping things such as combos via timed inputs there; and devil trigger, you feel a change in the combat, it feels more fluid and more solid, no quick changes or glitches, such as found in DMC3(which introduced something left out in this one which is the style moves :c ) and then we have the soundtrack which is a mix of EDM and metal depending on the scene in which you are playing in, take this as you will but I personally like listening to these genres, so tis a pro.

I should note that I will not refer to the graphic quality because as stated, was played on console so it may differ from what is scene on PC, but I will at least note that it was a rather enjoyable quality on console, so a pc that can run it well will most likely get you a much nicer display then that of a 360 or a ps3 and etc.

Cons: for me the cons are really just minute things, such as difficulty scaling and conceptual aspects within the story, such as one scene involving Vergil which I will not go into because spoilers, but I personally just find it disturbing, but overlookable since it shows how his character works. So cons are No lock on, which makes getting off certain combos extremely difficult, or sorting out a group of enemies so you can combo one to oblivion and back, the difficulty of the game for the most part (or lack there of), and how the combo gauge mechanic works; making it too easy to get to something such as SSS with nothing but Rebellion.

All this being said I feel this is a rather good game, not the height of the franchise but still something worth money and you should spend the time playing, and you do not need to have played the other DMCs in order to get the story of this one or to understand this one at all, where as the original series the pathway of the story goes (if I remember correctly in terms of story) 3 1 2 4. Game on -Urb4n_Kn1ght


Dante's new looks makes it even better!

akassassinn1 | Nov. 27, 2014 | See all akassassinn1's reviews »

Dante is back with a new hairdo that everybody is complaining about ,(I love it btw) and I adore Ninja Theory's take on the game overall , the demon Mundas wants the Sons of Sparda dead and he's the most powerful demon in existence , and he's also the reason of the current failures of humanity and it's ways, not to mention he's responsible for killing both of Dante's parents.

The game has 20 missions and multiple difficulty modes , and the level's feel great as they are diverse and offer more dynamism and versatility , though it is linear , you can unlock new weapons and skills by performing well in combat and getting good score in it's ranking system , by mixing up moves and combos without getting hit, you fight different enemies that have great AI and try to kill you in many fashions ,some of them are armored ,some can fly and some charge up at you like Bulls.

Boss fights are the most awesome of all , memorable and action packed though they're about remembering patterns and repetition . Dante's arsenal consists of 2 angelic weapons and 2 demonic weapons, demon ones are about heavy and slow attacks and angelic ones are about fast slashes , in addition to the pistols or shogun you cam mix them up for awesome results .

the game looks Fantastic as you rush through the normal world and it suddenly turns into Limbo , Dante's animations are sick as ever , and gruesome combat finishes are amazing, the game also offers great soundtracks and great voice acting.

overall this game is one of my greatest experiences of all time !


Slashing demons with style

KingTed | Nov. 8, 2014 | See all KingTed's reviews »

Devil May Cry is back with a new look and it's amazingly good. I was worried when I heard that Ninja Theory was developing that reboot. But fortunately, Capcom sent a few developers to help. The result is a great Beat'em all game with solid gameplay (And a a few new mechanics that deserve to be in the next game, reboot or not). Changing weapon during combos has never been that natural and fluid before. Furthermore, the UI is a lot better than in previous game. And on PC, the game runs at 60 fps!

The game also has a great Art Direction (Especially the backgrounds) and a awesome Sound Design. Noisa and Combichrist offer excellent songs that match perfectly with the atmosphere of the game. And to hear the voice over screams "SAVAGE!!" and other rank during the fights just fills one's heart with sadistic glee...

Story wise, DmC is no Shakespeare but it does a better job than the original games. The story is a mix between DMC1 and 3. It has nice dialogs and it's well told (The opposite of the former games...).

DmC is a great game that deserves better attention.


Amazing Hack And Slash

ImUnslanderable | Oct. 30, 2014 | See all ImUnslanderable's reviews »

I know this is kind of late, but I just wanna give my opinion. I have seen reviews saying this game isn't worth full price and I really don't understand why, this game has the basic hack and slash mechanics but it has a VERY good combo system that rewards you with points if you are good, it's all about mastering combos. And it actually has a REALLY good story, it's not just tacked on. The difficulties in this game have a perfect gap. This is the best hack and slash game I have ever played, yes I think it's better than God Of War IMO. Definitely worth full price if you want to buy it


Excellent game

GhostPeople17 | Oct. 29, 2014 | See all GhostPeople17's reviews »

It is an interesting revamp of the original Devil May Cry. I love the original series to death but this game has its own unique strengths. Plot is more modern and urban, less so fantasy.