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A massive demonic invasion has overwhelmed the Union Aerospace Corporation's (UAC) Mars Research Facility, leaving only chaos and horror in its wake. As one of only a few survivors, you must fight your way to hell and back against a horde of evil monsters. The path is dark and dangerous, but you'll have an array of weapons--including a pistol, a chainsaw, grenades, and more--to use for protection.

Customer reviews


I was scared playing DOOM?

wany1981 | July 11, 2015 | See all wany1981's reviews »

As a 35 years old I grow up with doom. When i am in high school i played so much that i can finish nightware difficulty for the first 5 levels of doom. It's was both fun and funny to shoot at Alien that suppose to be big and scray because of the lack of graphics and detail. This game completly changed that. It use a huge step up in graphics from the old doom and made this game into a very scrary game. It's even worse the dead space I. The story is so-so and even though the graphics change it can still be improved. Music is much well done compare to the other doom game. Enough talking i am going to play it again!


A Great Horror Game but...

TheForgery | June 18, 2015 | See all TheForgery's reviews »

Doom 3 is a first person shooter game that despite being the third sequel, it has almost nothing in common and does not continue from Doom 2. Rather, it is a reboot in which the game has been converted into "something different". The graphics are spectacular and are comparable to today's games. The lighting is also on par and works well to entice fear at certain points in the game. Each level is fairly well made and literally made me feel like I was on a doomed research facility on a dead planet some considerable distance away from earth. Doom 3 maintains its entertainment value by boasting many weapons to rip apart or disintegrate the diverse population of invading demons. Use a shotgun to blast the face off from an Imp or use the ever-so-famous BFG and literally launch the power of a nuclear explosion on a Hellknight to show who's boss! The major downside of the game is it adopted a slow-paced horror theme, rather than the famous run-and-gun theme that the other DOOM games are renowned for. While the atmosphere is suitable, it is a major disappointment for hardcore fans. Moreover, the constant jumpscares, such as enemies popping out of darkened areas or from behind walls become cliche'd fast. Most of the game takes place in enclosed (and possibly claustrophobic) areas that seem smaller than their older predecessors. You barely have the chance to explore the surface of Mars Another infamous fact is to illuminate dark sections, a flashlight must be used and another weapon cannot be used at the same time. Although I did enjoy how Doom 3 took a different approach, it's hardly a lovable DOOM game. There's no fast paced action and the horror can become boring and repetitive. This game gets a B- from me.


I'll never get the hate

sycomantis1991 | May 15, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

I've played Doom games since I was a kid. Doom 3 is definitely my favorite of the series. It's the only one that stands up to modern games in controls and graphics. It has amazing atmosphere, the dark corridors are there to build tension, and not just to be "dark" like many modern horror games. It has more of a story than the previous Doom games as well. The opening and closing levels are also among the best in any FPS. Easily worth the $10


Doom 3: The Quickest Way to White Hair

rahnborshko | Sept. 29, 2014 | See all rahnborshko's reviews »

This was the first game that scared me to a point where I couldn't finish the game for a while because I was too scared to play it. I'm a sucker for Sci-fi horror and this game delivered in spades. The atmosphere is always dark and suspenseful. You never know if your going to have enough ammo or health to continue and the monsters always jump at you when you least expect them to. The gunplay is excellent as this is an Id Software game. There are many mods for this game that make it look even better than it already is and my goodness I'm still plucking the white hairs from my head.


Hell finally returns! and brings all of its Gorefest to Mars!

khawaja07 | July 28, 2014 | See all khawaja07's reviews »

DOOM finally marks its return after nearly a decade but this time instead of Hell being unleashed on Earth, a Human Mars space station suffers the wrath of blood thirsty demons, if they succeed then their next Target will be Earth. Its up to you to stop them! Doom is being brought back as a Reboot to the Franchise, instead of fast paced zombie killing action, its more focused on survival horror which can go both ways in terms of reactions from its long time fans. Even if it changes direction in terms of story, it still executes its pretty well and nothing seems off with regards to the plot. It still mostly consists of the player, a marine killing hordes of demons on his way through the story as he seeks to find a means to an end to the Demon invasion that has been unleashed upon Mars. Now, the game really is good at two aspects: 1. The robust shooting mechanics which have been the most shinning feature of the DOOM games. 2 The near perfect execution of Horror. These two things make DOOM 3 really exciting and fun to play. Like all previous DOOM games, you get a whole arsenal of weapons to choose from and utilize. There is a huge variety of Demons to Kill so we carefully have to strategize what weapon to use and for which enemy-type. DOOM 3 goes a long mile when it comes to length of the main campaign and is easily enough to satisfy the hunger of old school DOOM fans who have been craving for another DOOM game for years! When it comes to Graphics, it was the Gem of the last Console and PC generation. It was pretty demanding when it comes to system requirements at the time it came out and was at the top of list for the most wanted games among PC hardware enthusiasts. However, one big complaint was the over usage of Darkness in the game, sometimes a bit too much, so you are forced to use a light source even at some lit areas. Sound Design was top notch for DOOM 3 as expected from ID Software. It helped improve the survival horror aspect of the game a lot and kept me on my toes at nearly every point in the game. Enemy designs are very well done and so are their sound effects. Overall the game is filled with tons of content, it easily plays how its supposed to be played as a horror shooter, the developers did a brilliant job at polishing the experience as i had no issues playing the game from start to finish. DOOM 3 is gorgeous to play at max. settings which i highly recommend for others to play at. Its totally worth playing if you're the type of guy who loves solid shooters with a some classic horror in it.