Dragons and Titans: Premium Starter Pack

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.

Customer notes

Requires Dragons and Titans (base game) to use this Pack


Dragons and Titans: Premium Starter Pack includes:

  • 4 Dragon Booster Packs

  • 4 Weapon Booster Packs

  • Exclusive Avatar

  • Adventure: Act II

  • 12,500 Crystals

  • 25 Epic War Marks

  • 200 Potions

The Titans have blessed you, Dragon Lord.

The Premium Starter Pack contains 4 Dragon Booster Packs, each pack containing a rare collection of 3 mystical dragon eggs. Eggs are hatched to reveal a new Dragon for you to ride and master. Your weapons arsenal will be bursting with 4 Weapon Booster Packs, each pack containing 3 weapon chests. Each chest contains a legendary weapon for you to wield in battle. You’ll also receive the exclusive Hand of Far Shore avatar, which can only ever be found in the Steam store.

The Premium Starter Pack comes with 12,500 Crystals. Crystals are used in-game to purchase Dragon Packs, Weapon Packs, magical Runes and more. You’ll also receive 25 Epic War Marks and 200 Potions (50 Damage Increase, 50 Cooldown Reset, 50 Refill Health and 50 Refill Mana Potions). Epic War Marks are used to double up on EXP and Crystal rewards after a match and potions are used for temporary boosts in Co-Op, Single Player or Adventure Mode.

Adventure: Act I is available for free with any Dragons and Titans account, but the Adventure continues for Dragon Lords with the Premium Starter Pack. Act II – Magekeep is included with the Pack. The Elder of Morth has sent you to Magekeep, the pillar of magical stability in The Lands Below. For millennia, all manner of magic has been taught and preserved in its ancient walls. Whispers of malice and dark magic run rampant and the revered magical dragons that lived with humans in peace for centuries have turned wild and feral. Brave one, we call on you to face that which lies within. Steady your blade and steel your heart for foul play is surely at hand. Succeed, and the Order will reward you with the Solreign dragon!

Redeeming your Premium Starter Pack:

  • New Users:

    The contents of your Premium Starter Pack will automatically get added to your Dragons and Titans account after completing the Proving Grounds mission. Once you have completed your first battle as a Dragon Lord, you will automatically receive the contents of your Premium Starter Pack.

  • Existing Users:

    The Premium Starter Pack will automatically be added to your Dragons and Titans account after you complete your purchase.

If you have any issues receiving your Premium Starter Pack, submit a ticket to our support team at http://support.dragonsandtitans.com for assistance.

Customer reviews


Okay starter pack

Venhiem | Sept. 22, 2015 | See all Venhiem's reviews »

This is a starter pack for the game Dragons and Titans. The DLC pack contains a total of 8 booster packs, 4 dragon ones and 4 weapon ones. It also has an exclusive avatar, and a an adventure (Act 2). The crystals and potions are also a great help in the game. It gives a lot new content to the game and increases the fun, however, the price of $30 is not justified for a DLC pack. Therefore, I give it 7/10. But do get it if on sale, since fans of the game will enjoy it.