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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


SEGA’s most beloved Dreamcast games in a must-have collection!

Experience four of SEGA’s classic hits from the Dreamcast era in this must-have collection. Speed through uncharted territories in Sonic Adventure™, zip around town in Crazy Taxi™, fend off menacing invaders in Space Channel 5: Part 2™ or get your nostalgia fix with Sega Bass Fishing™

These games are sure to delight old and new gamers of all ages and feature enhanced graphics for both platforms versions for an even more engaging experience.

In addition to this, achievements and online leader boards will be available for each game providing a competitive edge and allowing players to prove their skills!

Sonic Adventure™ - Join Sonic and friends as they embark on their epic quest to stop Dr, Eggman’s most villainous scheme.

*Crazy Taxi™ *- Weave your way through crowded streets, across sidewalks in a frantic race to deliver passengers to their destinations.

Space Channel 5: Part 2™ - Ulala, the stylish heroine, fends off menacing invaders using the gift of dance and a sassy attitude.

SEGA Bass Fishing™ - Enjoy the great outdoors without ever leaving the house as SEGA Bass Fishing brings an ultra-realistic fishing experience into your living room!

Customer reviews


The Nostalgia Trip

nikomaihurashi | Sept. 11, 2013 | See all nikomaihurashi's reviews »

The four games included in this pack will leave you with a warm feeling in the bottom of your stomach as they are 4 of the best.

Sonic Adventure™ - The fast blue hedgehog is accordingly the fastest video game character in history as he has those iconic red and white sneakers with alot replay value you can not go wrong with this title.

Crazy Taxi™ - Nothing beats driving like a mad man/woman to get you fairs to their desired location in the quickest time in you yellow cab. one thing that is literally crazy is that you can pick up fairs under water which is insane.

Space Channel 5: Part 2™ - Great dance themed game set in the outer reaches of space with a great soundtrack and also it starts the King of Pop himself Michael Jackson who dances with you, pity Part 1 is not available.

SEGA Bass Fishing™ - Ever thought of yourself as the ultimate angler well you can with this game not matter size of the fish you can catch it with various baits and lures and also when this was on the Dreamcast itself you could buy a fishing rod peripheral which was years before the Nintendo Wii had one.

Buy this to get your Nostalgia Trip Fix


Good bundle

latheum | April 28, 2013 | See all latheum's reviews »

I think like Space Channel 5 – and Shenmue, and Seaman, and Jet Set Radio and Rez – that generate such fondness for the Dreamcast. All that games like Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure do now is slap you around the face with the cold, moist fact that the Dreamcast wasn't actually made out of fairy dust and gold sparkles, but was instead a game console like any other, with its fair share of overrated successes.


Dreamcast collection in name only

AeonLinear | March 24, 2013 | See all AeonLinear's reviews »

It should be noted that while these games were released on the Dreamcast, these are not the versions old Sega fans will fondly remember. Each title is either shell-of-former-self variations, missing the original soundtracks and graphical elements (Crazy Taxi, due to copyright issues), or shoddy ports of already mediocre Gamecube ports of the original Dreamcast titles (Sonic Adventure etc.).

Sega have published and released a lot of their titles on the PC which are very true to their original forms, but this pack isn't one of them. Quite sad, considering how enthused I was when I heard of Dreamcast re-releases coming out a few years ago. This shouldn't be a surprise though, as most of the crowning jewels of the DC library (albeit with a few exceptions) were developed and published outside of the Sega umbrella.

Save your dinero and put it towards Sonic Generations or Sega All Stars Racing Transformed, or a bundle of the 16-bit gems.


Interesting bundle

Cavalieroscuro | Dec. 27, 2012 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

This Collection includes four of the greatest titles for Sega Dreamcast. Sonic Adventure was the first 3D Sonic title, and it's like a Super Mario 64, a very good platformer. Space Channel Five part 2 is a good music title, one of the first in his category. Crazy Taxi is a crazy arcade title, very fast and funny. Sega Bass is an arcade where you must...well, fish. This Collection is amazing but the porting is terrible. You can fix almost all bad things thanks to community fixes, but is annoying you must use a user fix to play it well.


Nice games, Terrible PC ports!

DarthSidious | Aug. 10, 2012 | See all DarthSidious's reviews »

As a Dreamcast lover, i had to buy these games i already played some years ago. Unfortunately this experience is ruined by a poor port. The Steam version is plagued by an issue with the configuration tool that doesn't save settings. [You can browse for a fix in the Steam forums].

The PC ports in this collection are awful: the max resolution supported by these games it's 1280x720 (Sonic Adventure runs even lower in a small screen with purple (?!) borders)... Crazy Taxi doesn't have the Original Soundtrack (Offspring, Bad Religion) and the steering with the analog is somewhat emulated (not real analog steering like the Dreamcast original game).

I can hardly recommend this, unless you're a "real" Dreamcast fan, and if you don't care about the issues i mentioned!