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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


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"The very definition of knockabout fun" - EuroGamer.net

"You need to pick this up immediately" - Destructoid.com

"In multiplayer it’s a brilliant bastard of a game" - PCGamer.com

Dungeonland is a co-operative hack and slash game that takes players on a deadly tour through a medieval theme park. Playing as The Rogue, The Warrior or The Mage, the heroes will need to work together as a team to get past the evil overseer of this “Tragic Kingdom”

– The Dungeon Maestro.

The truly diabolical can even take on the role of the Dungeon Maestro himself and wreak havoc on friends. Unleash the killer rabbits, drop some exploding frogs in their path, or whip up a giant fan and blow them all away.


Key Features:

  • Strategic Co-op Gameplay: Utilize each character’s unique skills and weapons, combine their special powers to form all new attacks, or just plain hack and slash your way through this treacherous theme park

  • Competitive Multiplayer: Play as the Dungeon Maestro himself and unleash evil on your friends. Summon your minion to thwart the heroes, conjure spells or take control of a boss monster and get in the action yourself. Then push the Evil Laugh button and let your sinister cackle reverberate throughout the land.

  • Replayability: The DM AI randomizes monsters, treasures and dangers each session to create a unique experience; player choice in equipping items creates endless combinations for more variety.

  • Colorful Game World: Three different theme park environments to explore, each with their own unique attractions. Don’t forget to visit the gift shop on the way out. The prices are to die for…

  • Prepare to DIE: Dungeonland is a dangerous place – making your way past its deadliest attractions will be an extreme challenge. Only the hardiest of heroes need apply

  • NEW Infinite Dungeon Mode: Why must Dungeons end, while heroes endure? Dungeon Maestro's latest design solves this basic problem. Infinite gameplay in randomly-generated dungeons. How far can you go before you die?

Customer reviews



rslancer | Aug. 12, 2014 | See all rslancer's reviews »

I got this game thinking it would be a fun coop with my girlfriend and friends but it seems really boring. You don't get to really customise your characters in terms of abilities and it doesn't feel fun. A lot of the time coop games are kind of brainless and you just have fun with your friends failing/dying/ or just goofing off. For whatever reason this game doesn't have that. Graphics aren't that great either and the whole presentation of the clownish amusement park feels weird.

We have not tried one of us being the dungeon master yet though. Maybe its more fun like that...but as a coop with everyone playing on same side its really lame.


Very good unique game

ruttenmurf | Nov. 12, 2013 | See all ruttenmurf's reviews »

Dungeonland is one of the most original games i have ever played. It just has so much variety, if you are tired of your normal rpg mode you can switch it up for being the evil lord. This evil lord will control the minions to bring doom to the heroes you were playing with just a second ago. I also love the simple but great graphics, the game doesn’t need to have these super graphics because it wouldn’t fit in to it. This is the perfect game to play with a couple of your friends and try to stick together to make it out alive or (my favorite) try to kill your friends with the evil minions .


"Evil Mastermind" sim

magusonline | Nov. 8, 2013 | See all magusonline's reviews »

If you've got friends that have this game from here, or the recent indie bundle. I'd suggest giving it a spin. For once you are able to play as both sides of the game, both evil and the plucky heros.

When I had initially saw the trailer and finally got the game, my impressions were that you would have such a wide arsenal at your fingertips for just solely dishing out unfair punishment.

Something along the lines of, as the longer the game went on. The more resources unlocked for you, as the "DM" (evil mastermind) so you could help try to kill them faster (like all endless wave games with increasing difficulty).

However there was a lack of minion options to choose from. That and coupled with a dead-like online lobby. Cripple the potential the game has.


Fills a niche, sort of.

Wiesler | Nov. 5, 2013 | See all Wiesler's reviews »

Dungeonland almost craves to be ignored in its opening moments: atrocious color choice, character design, and presentation. The actual game suffers from some poor optimization, but is that enough to turn you away?

Given how many other great brawlers are on the market, new or old, it is tough to recommend Dungeonland. I have played it with a couple of different friends, and it overstayed its welcome in a short amount of time. It felt repetitive in the first few levels, and the mechanics seemed in need of fine tuning. The overall pacing was rather slow. Even though there is a healthy challenge, what good is a challenge in a game if the game is not that fun? If you can find a few friends and you are all prepared to not be wowed, you could do worse.


Fun with Friends

CoillyZ | Oct. 23, 2013 | See all CoillyZ's reviews »

I had a lot of fun with this game... sometimes. When I played co-op, this was a very fun game, but when I played alone, it was average at best. There wasn't much motive to keep playing after a few hours, because all of the items you can buy are for cosmetic purposes only. They don't upgrade your character. The only character upgrades are different versions of your character, of which there are only 2. I had fun, but get it on sale.