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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


ENEMY FRONT is the first truly modern WW2 FPS, featuring stunning visuals, open-ended levels and a richly interactive combat experience that breaks out of the standard model of highly linear scripted FPS experiences, giving the player full freedom to own their playing style. Intense Combat, Sniping, Stealth and Sabotage – all are viable approaches for the player, maximizing player engagement and replayability. Against the visceral backdrop of breathtaking European locales, the player takes on the role of American Robert Hawkins, as he fights hand in hand with Resistance Fighters opposing the Nazi juggernaut in France, Germany, Norway, and during the Warsaw Uprising.

Key Features:

  • Choose your own fight: gameplay blends fast-paced FPS action with precision sniping thrilling stealth, and deadly sabotage in the first open-ended WW2 game.

  • Deal death from afar: use sniper rifles to decimate enemy ranks and pick off officers, enemy snipers and heavy weapons gunners with deadly precision.

  • Breathtaking visuals, interactive environments and spectacular action across many iconic Resistance operations of WW2.

  • Choose your own weapon: full arsenal of WW2 weaponry across all categories of hand-guns, SMGs, assault rifles, sniper rifles, as well as signature Resistance weapons including the Sten gun, Welrod Silenced Pistol, and Lightning SMG.

  • Own the battlefield: combine reconnaissance, explosives and marksmanship to prepare, misdirect and ambush numerically superior Nazi troops.

  • Engaging, destructible environments and advanced tactical AI means combat is always a rewarding and dynamic experience.

  • Highly replayable 10 hour Single-Player Campaign and 12-player Online Multiplayer, all powered by CRYENGINE technology.

Customer reviews


I can't believe I fell for this

artixerix | July 9, 2014 | See all artixerix's reviews »

It was supposed to be a dramatic game about WW2 and Warsaw Uprising, but we got a mediocre shooter with poor AI (you can literally sneak past some levels because of blind german soldiers) and some differences between what's in game and what really happened - like mission in France where we get Panzerfaust. Developers screwed that part badly - Mission is set in 1940 when first Panzerfaust prototypes were made in 1942/1943. That's it for realism. Now we're going to Warsaw Uprising. Sewers are big, clean, light is everywhere, no need to crouch in the to get through...complete bullshit. There are also some good things about that game, like recreating "Thunderbolt" - homemade submachine gun used by insurgents in-game. And that's the only thing that caught my eye in game. And maybe France itself, it is beautiful there. Too beautiful to believe there's a war in there. But it is not worth that money, wait for a good sale to happen, at least 50% off.


Better then I had expected.

drafek | June 29, 2014 | See all drafek's reviews »

When I first saw this game I didn't think it was this good, but it really is pretty good. The gameplay is fun and doesn't get boring. The campaign is really good and it keeps the game interested. The music is like the classic WWII games amazing! The animations are well done and the graphics are amazing. The multiplayer also is alot of fun. The single player campaign is worth playing again because you'll see new things everytime.