Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money

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Third party DRM: Steam

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Customer notes

Requires Fallout: New Vegas (base game) to use this DLC


As the victim of a raw deal you must work alongside three other captured wastelanders to recover the legendary treasure of the Sierra Madre Casino. In Dead Money, your life hangs in the balance as you face new terrain, foes, and choices. It is up to you how you play your cards in the quest to survive.


Welcome to the Sierra Madre Casino! The casino’s mythical contents are lusted after by desperate wasteland scavengers, who tell stories of intact treasure of the old world buried deep within its vault. Lured here by a mysterious radio signal advertising the long-awaited grand opening of the casino, you are thrown into a high stakes game where you’ll have to work with three other lost souls if you want to survive.

Key Features:

  • Take part in a suspenseful post-apocalyptic casino heist in which you’ll need to work with three companions, each of whom has their own motivation for helping you.

  • Add hours of extended gameplay where you’ll encounter the mysterious Ghost People, pre-war death traps and the holographic security system of the Sierra Madre.

  • Navigate your way through a challenging new storyline, with even tougher choices.

  • New perks, achievements, and a raised level cap to 35!

Customer reviews


Dead money, one of the best DLC's for NV

Schoene1 | Sept. 29, 2015 | See all Schoene1's reviews »

Dead money is a DLC where you have to do, what a man says to you. If you don't listen to him he will kill you and you can't do something against that. I think this DLC is a really great one because you got the Fallout feeling and the story is very interesting. You can enter the sierra madre which are very boring and maybe goes on your nerves. But in the sierra madre you are getting well entertained and you have to be careful. I really like this DLC because you have to wait on special places to survive the game. All in One : The story and the gaming experience of this DLC is pretty nice and a "must-Play" for all Fallout Fans.


The Worst DLC of Fallout: New Vegas

TheForgery | July 29, 2015 | See all TheForgery's reviews »

I loved the storyline and dreary atmosphere of the Sierra Madre but the DLC implemented terrible gameplay mechanics. Here is my list summarizing the DLC. Pros: 1.) Don't get me wrong. As stated before, the storyline is pretty good. Unlike the Wild West, you are hauled into a place where it is gloomy and actually pretty scary, something the Bethesda Fallout games rarely have. 2.) The environment did effectively scare me. It was very realistic to be in a city of the dead with a red cloud over my head. This reminded me that the sun does not shine in every place of a nuclear apocalypse. 3,) The characters, in the backstory and current companions, intrigued me and deepened the storyline. Cons: 1.) Very confusing areas in the Villa. The hotel itself was not that bad but the other areas of the Sierra Madre can disorientate inexperienced players due to the enclosed areas and overall lack of recognizable landmarks. The Pipboy map does not provide much help either and there is no way to fast travel. As such, I often ran around the same area twice just to find a door or terminal. 2.) I do not know which is the worst, the active speakers/radios that can set off your bomb collar, the overused bear traps, or the horrible gas cloud which eats your health quickly. At least two of these roadblocks will often be encountered at the same time in which the cloud makes it very hard to see sh!t around you. This is all accumulated close to the end of the DLC thus causing a difficulty spike. 3.) Is too focused on melee combat (due to the limited amount of firearms and ammunition). Ironically, the DLC does not offer any good melee weapons as rewards. 4.) Adding to the earlier issue, you are stripped of all your owned goods upon beginning this DLC. There's only a weak police pistol that serves as your primary weapon. It is only good for sneaking and inflicting maximum damage on enemies at that point. There is also a Caravan shotgun and a laser pistol (I think if you're lucky enough) but ammunition is much rarer and almost impossible to obtain. There is a "holorifle" and its damage is insane if your science and repair skill is high enough but it is almost useless for the duration of the DLC. 5.) Annoying enemies. The ghost people/zombies will get back up if not dismembered and it's hard to do just that when fighting more than one. What is worse than them is the overpowered security holograms. They cannot be "killed" and these holograms inflict insane amount of damage until they are deactivated if one is lucky enough to find their "disk". 6.) Adding together cons #3 and #5, stealth is forced on players. Those who did not focus on their sneak skill will face a lot of frustration with almost no way to get around that problem. 7.) The companions in the DLC can easily be disliked due to their unwillingness to cooperate with you. Only one of them does make a difference overall at the end of the game. Moreover, to those unaware, they do offer techniques when it comes to surviving in the Sierra Madre (in which 2 of them retains their usefulness after completion). 8.) Sneaky bad endings thus one must quicksave close to the end. This is not present in the other DLCs as one can still continue their game as normal. 9.) The rewards are quite little. A stealth suit, a holorifle, and the ability to use a Sierra Madre vending machine with a steady income of specific chips to gain cheap goods at the conclusion. In summary, Dead Money could have been better but the gameplay is too rushed and pushed on players to the breaking point. I have managed to finish the DLC and I have doubts I would ever try again due to the mess. Bethesda, however, has steadily improved with their DLCs for New Vegas. I give this a C based on my experience.


Answer the call of the Sierra Madre

KingTed | Feb. 20, 2015 | See all KingTed's reviews »

Dead Money is special among Fallout New Vegas DLCs. The dark atmosphere, the constant sense of danger and the story create an experience that is closer to survival horror titles than your typical Fallout game. The DLC takes place in the abandoned casino and town of Sierra Madre. Trapped here, you must enter the casino and steal the treasure hidden in its vault. Why? Because of the mysterious man that installed an explosive necklace on you. Forced to cooperate with strange characters (My favourite is Dog/God), you must find a way to commit this post apocalyptic heist and to survive in the process. This DLC is fun and captivating thanks to its writing and its challenging gameplay.


Eerie atmosphere

Obsessor | Aug. 13, 2014 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

Yup, this one's strange. Not like "what the heck is this thing?" but rather "wow..." In my opinion one of the best, if not the best, DLC released for FNV. The Casino looks amazing, new enemies are creepy, and the characters you meet in the famous casino are amazing. What else, well, few new weapons and armors, another level cap increase, and of course new perks. All things considered - very good DLC, definitely not a rip off.


One of the better DLCs for FNV

Gmen | Dec. 24, 2013 | See all Gmen's reviews »

This is the first DLC pack for Fallout New Vegas, and it’s a good one. The level design throughout the DLC relies on a central hub with different doors leading to connected areas, allowing you to backtrack and proceed to other areas. The world is consistently drab and dead looking throughout the Sierra Madre Villa until you reach the Sierra Madre Casino later on. Here is where, at least in my mind, it resembles BioShock, particularly with its prominent Art Deco design. There are also several characters and ideas present here that tie in well with some side quests and stories encountered in the base game, as well as some tough, relentless, and genuinely creepy opponents, including ghost people and holograms, that will require some thought to defeat. In most cases it might be best to evade them entirely if you can. For example, ghost people can only be permanently disposed of if you take off one of their limbs, similar to Necromorphs in Dead Space. While Dead Money provides a decent enough experience, with new, interesting companions, weapons, items, perks and an upgraded level cap, I will say that it isn’t the most original looking or playing game (or DLC for a game), with several concepts borrowed from other AAA games. It is however atmospheric, mysterious and tense enough to keep you interested for some time, easily providing several hours of play with plenty of souvenirs to take back to the Mojave Wasteland. Think of this as Fallout New Vegas's The Pitt.