Half-Life 2

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1998 HALF-LIFE sends a shock through the game industry with its combination of pounding action and continuous, immersive storytelling. Valve's debut title wins more than 50 game-of-the-year awards on its way to being named "Best PC Game Ever" by PC Gamer, and launches a franchise with more than eight million retail units sold worldwide.

NOW. By taking the suspense, challenge and visceral charge of the original, and adding startling new realism and responsiveness, Half-Life 2 opens the door to a world where the player's presence affects everything around him, from the physical environment to the behaviors even the emotions of both friends and enemies.

The player again picks up the crowbar of research scientist Gordon Freeman, who finds himself on an alien-infested Earth being picked to the bone, its resources depleted, its populace dwindling. Freeman is thrust into the unenviable role of rescuing the world from the wrong he unleashed back at Black Mesa. And a lot of people he cares about are counting on him.

The intense, real-time gameplay of Half-Life 2 is made possible only by Source®, Valve's new proprietary engine technology. Source provides major enhancements in:

Key Features:

  • Characters: Advanced facial animation system delivers the most sophisticated in-game characters ever seen. With 40 distinct facial "muscles," human characters convey the full array of human emotion, and respond to the player with fluidity and intelligence

  • Physics: From pebbles to water to 2-ton trucks respond as expected, as they obey the laws of mass, friction, gravity, and buoyancy.

  • Graphics: Source's shader-based renderer, like the one used at Pixar to create movies such as Toy Story® and Monster's, Inc.®, creates the most beautiful and realistic environments ever seen in a video game.

  • AI: Neither friends nor enemies charge blindly into the fray. They can assess threats, navigate tricky terrain, and fashion weapons from whatever is at hand.

Customer reviews


Showed the Way Forward

AkiMatti | March 31, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

HL2 came around at a time when fps games where stagnating a bit. It showed us how to keep it fresh by adding physics, great lip-syncing for its time and a breathtaking world made alive by the new Source engine.

There were just so many things that went right with this game I don't know where to begin. The combine was an intriguing enemy that offered many variations of enemies. Many NPCs were met along the way and many weapons which were all useful in different situations. Not to mention Gravity Gun, which was just SO cool as it was the first of its kind in fps games.

As much as could be said about the base game, there is also the side of HL2 that must be mentioned and that is the moddability. A huge array of mods have been released for the game, some as good in quality as AAA games.

But the main game has also very good replayability factor in it, still. If you have not experienced HL2 yet, I suggest you try it, if only to see where many of the tropes in this days video game genre originate from.


Possibly the best FPS made

Mooliopunk | Feb. 14, 2014 | See all Mooliopunk's reviews »

To start with, Half Life 2 is a classic game. I am sure many of you will know that it is one of the most decorated games of all time and for a good reason too. The Source engine that it runs on allows for a very fulfilling game play experience, and it has a good range in the level of difficulty within the puzzles on each chapter. To add to that, it doesn't need a super computer to run it, unlike some FPS games on the market and the graphics are good, especially when you put them all up to max. Overall 96/100


The sequel to one of the best games in history

NikorasuSan | Feb. 10, 2014 | See all NikorasuSan's reviews »

Half-Life 2 puts the player back in the shoes, or rather Hazard Suit, of Gordon Freeman. This game, pretty much like its predecessor, set a standard in FPS games, if not in gaming in general.

This game is set some time after the events of the original game. The intro alone is breath-taking. For starters, we learn that everything did not go well at the end of the game, as we find an oppressed Earth, under the rule of the Combine. As the game progresses, we learn more and more details about what happened while Gordon was in stasis, but these are only bits and pieces of information. Not only do we learn this from conversations, but from the environments itself; by exploring, one will find small details revealing how the life was under the new role.

Now, as far as gameplay goes, there have been some improvements over the original game. There are new weapons, the most noticeable being the Gravity Gun, which provides a lot of freedom during combats, as you can use any object that's lying on the ground as a weapon, and it's also essential for some puzzles. The variety of weapons, and their different secondary functions, makes all of them viable, even in the late stages of the game.

Another addition to the gameplay are vehicles. There are two sections that involve them; the first one is the Airboat section in Water Hazard; and then there's the Buggy in Highway 17 and Sandtraps.

I could talk about this game the whole day, but it's better to experience it than to be told about it. Believe me when I say, you'll enjoy this game.


"An Innovating FPS"

Maxxyboy1000 | Feb. 8, 2014 | See all Maxxyboy1000's reviews »

As a first person shooter, Half life 2 has innovating design and introduces a new standard to the overall gameplay experiences.

Gameplay In Half life 2, you do so much more than just blast random goons. From the get go, you offered the chance to explore the world around you (yes, this includes bumping into the guards causing their aggression). Once you've received your armour and first weapons, you can start having fun with the shooting and physics mechanics.

Story I won't spoil the story for you, but it involves the linear going after the evil character, but with the occasional plot twist and exciting side missions.

Design The graphics in half life 2 are pretty well done. The animations are smooth, the speech and character emotions are well portrayed, and each level feels not only unique but purposeful.

Overall, it's an innovating FPS, and something that sets the benchmark apart from modern & linear first person shooters. 87/100


Valve's Signature

chataolauj | Jan. 24, 2014 | See all chataolauj's reviews »

When you think of valve, what comes to mind first? No, I'm not talking about Steam, but that does come to mind too. I'm talking about Half-Life, the game of all games. I mean, this game is just incredible with it's story. It's an absolute classic that you will always play and never get bored of.

I just wish they would hurry it up and make a part 3 to add onto he series, but I'm pretty sure it's not coming anytime soon. They're more focused now on their Steam machines, which is understandable. Do buy this game. I repeat; DO BUY THIS GAME!!!