Half Life

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Named Game of the Year by over 50 publications, Valve's debut title blends action and adventure with award-winning technology to create a frighteningly realistic world where players must think to survive. Also includes an exciting multiplayer mode that allows you to play against friends and enemies around the world.

Customer reviews


Prepare for Unforeseeen Consequences

LrmNick | Sept. 8, 2015 | See all LrmNick's reviews »

Half-Life is the game that showed me how a fps could be soo fun and awesome at the same time,even if it was released in the 90's, the action and the graphics are totally superior for that time.Even if you are bored of the singleplayer campaign, there are many mods you can download for it and there is the multiplayer mode where you can spend lots of hours killing people with a gauss shot.If you love fps franchises, this game is a must buy for you, recommend it for everyone.


Such An Amazing Game

SparkWave | Aug. 5, 2015 | See all SparkWave's reviews »

Half Life's story line is truly brilliant. You are Gordon Freeman, a scientist working at the Black Mesa Research Facility, and the one day you arrive late to work, everything goes wrong. This game is very easy to play and understand. For a game of its time, the graphics are astounding and really cannot be said otherwise. This game is unique and is the best way to depict aliens taking over the Earth with a border world called Xen and crazy weapons. This is a must have for any and every gamer out there!


I don't mind the dated graphics.

Duddel | July 28, 2015 | See all Duddel's reviews »

I started playing this game because i was going to my summerhouse and needed a game to play. I don't mind the graphics because the game is so damn fun and addicting. The guns are varied and every one of them are good in a different way. The physics are kind of bad, pushing boxes can be a nightmare. Although the story is lacking in my opinion, this is mainly because the voiceacting can be very hard to hear and thats almost the only way that the story is told. My final rating is 8.5/10 because The graphics and physics are dated and the story is kind of hard to understand sometimes. But the mechanics and gameplay are fantastic.


A timeless game that still holds up

9cames03 | July 11, 2015 | See all 9cames03's reviews »

I was skeptical when I first tried half life. It seemed like a very generic game , but the more I explored black mesa, I experienced some of the most amazing gameplay. Although this game has very underwhelming graphics, I don't notice it because the gameplay is so fun. The game is built in a very immersive way, regardless of the outdated graphics. All of this combined with an astounding science fiction story is a guaranteed good time.


Three Words: Classic, Historical, and Epic

TheForgery | June 23, 2015 | See all TheForgery's reviews »

"...Welcome to Black Mesa." These are some of the first words players hear in the whole series. They echo in the small transit car where an innocent scientist named Gordon Freeman is trying to reach work on a late schedule. He is employed in a top secret government facility dedicated to science and research. Otherwise, it's an average day and things go smoothly with everyone busy or maintaining the safety of others. This all changes when a seemingly cart with an alien crystal is pushed into an energy beam of an experiment. Chaos erupts in an out of control flow and in a matter of hours, aliens from another dimension have poured in and slaughtered most of the personnel. This is where the fight to survive begins. Half-Life is renowned for a simple narrative; there's no cut scenes and little interaction with NPCs. This permits players to fully control Gordon nearly all the time. Exploring through the maze of enclosed areas with hostile beings tells the adventure and the horror. Go beyond where no man should have witnessed and experience the horrific truth that Black Mesa had concealed. There is hardly anything that won't kill you. Simple (and iconic) headcrabs that latch themselves to unlucky humans serve as the first enemies for the first half of the game. Soon, alien slaves, the intelligent vortigaunts, begin to launch further assault. Then, when it seems that backup has arrived, the ruthless HECU takes the facility by force and indiscriminately kill anyone, be it alien or innocent workers, to cover up the mess. The most frightening enemy to appear in the game, and perhaps any game, is the ichthyosaur. It takes balls, big balls of unparalleled strength, to face these aquatic creatures in water where is little light and when most other weapons are restricted to use. However, with that said, a crowbar is the first weapon picked up and should not be underestimated in close quarters. For ranged fights, there are human weapons, like the Glock, the MP5 SMG with an attached grenade launcher, a SPAS-12 that bizarrely can fire two shells at once, and a crossbow that serves as the only sniper weapon. As Gordon progresses further deeper, Black Mesa is then revealed to have been testing and manufacturing their own particle weapons. One is a Tau Cannon, engineered to fire accelerated beams of energy that can destroy tanks and attack helicopters and another weapon is the Gluon gun that literally disassembles, if not disintegrates, living targets to mere mush/bloody remains. Unlike other games at its time, a good number of friendly NPCs, the surviving Black Mesa personnel, can be interacted with and can follow the player. The scientists can provide medical care and the armed guards can provide limited firepower against assailants. To simply put, the cons I found were bugs. Sometimes, if caution is not exercised, one may be crushed at random times, like a door trapping the player between the wall. Friendly NPCs are almost useless, especially the scientists as they just cower in combat. The guards do better but they tend to not last long. Oddly, if they or a scientist are shot upon, even by accident, guards will turn hostile and do better against the player. Even if this is avoided, followers will eventually cannot travel with the player anymore due to their limitatiosn in movement (ex. human NPCs will not climb ladders and cannot crouch). Occasionally, the HECU marines will try to flush out an enemy with a grenade but this backfires as the explosive bounces off the wall, ceiling, roof, or an obstacle and rather than running when given, they do not move and perish. While I feel conflicted if Gordon should have been a silent protagonist, I must admit it is easier to fill in his boots and gloves when wielding a crowbar and face hostiles in a cold, steel corridor. I still gave this game an A (95 out of 100) because it's a game that everyone must play at least once before they die. It defines what a good game should be and must not ever be forgotten.