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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


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"Above everything, Absolution is a game that wants you to experiment with it. It refuses to be rushed through, rewarding brains over brawn." - IGN.com

HITMAN: ABSOLUTION follows The Original Assassin undertaking his most personal contract to date. Betrayed by the Agency and hunted by the police, Agent 47 finds himself pursuing redemption in a corrupt and twisted world.

See the world through the eyes of Agent 47. Predict an enemy’s likely patrol path. Observe the environment looking for ways to escape, weapons to use or shortcuts to take. Use your Instinct to blend in among enemies’ ranks or impersonate people to hide in plain sight. Or be more aggressive and engage in Point-Shooting - a new feature, giving the player a last-stand chance to taking down multiple opponents.

Key Features:

  • Showcasing Glacier 2™ technology: HITMAN: ABSOLUTION has been built from the ground up, boasting a cinematic story, distinctive art direction and highly original game and sound design.

  • Freedom of Choice: Stalk your prey, fight them head on or adapt as you go along. As Agent 47 the choice is yours thanks to highly evolved gameplay mechanics and a ground-breaking AI system.

  • Experience a Living, Breathing World: In the world of Hitman: Absolution every moment can become a story as unique characters, rich dialogue and Hollywood standard performances combine to create a gameplay experience like no other.

  • Disguises: As Agent 47, the identity of almost anyone you meet is yours for the taking. Immobilise your prey, steal their outfit and use your instinct to blend in and deceive your enemies.

  • Instinct Mode: See the world through the eyes of Agent 47 and become the world’s deadliest assassin. Using Hitman: Absolution’s Instinct Mode you’ll predict enemy movement, discover new ways to kill and use high powered weaponry with deadly accuracy.

Customer reviews


Mr.47, we met again!

GatsuRage | May 27, 2015 | See all GatsuRage's reviews »

Even if you never played a hitman game before, you no need to, every hitman game it's somewhat stand alone from each other (history wise) That being said, if you ever have the chance to play previous ones after playing this one, by all means, do it! Back to the game itself (hitman absolution) makes so many things RIGHT you are not limited for the 2 guns only that the previous game (blood money) had, instead you can carry your regular arsenal within your inventory, and lets be serious, who the hell care if he has 2 visible guns only because for some reason he can't carry more (? or a freaking video game where you have all your guns at your disposal to have fun with! Now with the argument of "blood money was better" out of the way, this new version of hitman, not only will bring amazing graphics, but new gameplay mechanics that (you can choose not to use it) will make your whole experience more enjoyable, pausing the game briefly for mark your targets before shooting at them (fallout 3, dragon age, etc) A mechanic that was receive very badly from the community when was first introduce to the game, but I can assure you that you will like this new mechanic, and will give that extra edge for make you feel like a true hitman with precision executions. History is not that good (2 still the best one hands down) but it has a good amount of time to play through out of it, to all that add the a lot of replay ability values that each level will have (if you decide to barge your way in shooting at everything that produce shadow or be the actual shadow and do it stealthy) Everyone I met that played this game, even those who were new to the franchise, they love it. I found 0 people who hate this game. Have fun!


Looks new, feels the same.

sycomantis1991 | May 26, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

One can argue that's a good thing. Absolution still looks magnificent in this new generation, it doesn't do anything new however. It's the same old Hitman and it's still fun. My problem is that it's a huge game that's the sole representation of its consoel generation. Despite that, it feels like a really good looking PS2 Hitman game. Which I find disappointing.


Advanced assassin skills game

htanmsa | May 15, 2015 | See all htanmsa's reviews »

This part of hitman is more advanced than previous ones.In this game they are number of ways to kill an opponent.This game has lot of graphics and huge ways of killing for a single stage.Its has nice and beautiful story.Similar to other hitman you can disguise here too and roam in enemy territory. There are different guns and costumes which you can earn.There is also hitman contracts from which you can challenge other players multi playable.


Best Hitman game I've played!

PlayTyrant | May 7, 2015 | See all PlayTyrant's reviews »

This is by far the best Hitman game I played! Stealth, actions, good visuals, endless ways to approach your targets, contracts, this game has it all! The story has a ton of laughable scenes, in the good way, it's a game that doesn't take itself too seriously, it's not dark or sad even if the character doesn't look like that. Come on, you can even disguise as a pet! Really really recommended, another game I bought on PS3 and then again on PC!


My second favourite

SparksStones | Jan. 11, 2015 | See all SparksStones's reviews »

Hitman is one of my favourite franchise, and I like Absolution so much. The title renewed the conception of Hitman games, including Agent 47. Agent 47 is a cold assassin, he doesn't cry, doesn't love, doesn't feel, but in Absolution we could see a beginning of a 'humanisation'. The story is different of the usually. You have to kill Diana (if you've played the previous Hitman games, you know who Diana is), because she apparently betrayed the Agency, but things are not what it seems and Agent 47 will be in a hunt for answers. Now you're by yourself: is 47 against the Agency, and the Agency against 47. Absolution counts with an excellent visuals and sound. The gameplay is good, and now we have a new functionality called "Instinct". When activated, Instinct shows your enemies/targets in colors behind the walls; and a "trail", where your enemies or targets will pass, so you can calculate your moves and evade 'surprises'. This functionality is deactivated when you choose the "Professional Mode" difficulty. The "Contracts" mode gives you a chance to create your own levels and challenge your friends and the community, you make the rules! Hitman Absolution is a great game, my second favourite of the franchise (Blood Money is my #1 yet). If you love Hitman, you will love Absolution.