Hitman: Contracts

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Third party DRM: Steam

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Enter the world of a HITMAN - a world of crime, sin and greed. Delve into the mind of Agent 47 and encounter his greatest adversaries, completing the work that made him so brutally efficient and shaped him as an assassin. Eliminate your targets by any means necessary.

There are no rules... only the contract, signed in blood.

Key Features:

  • Travel the globe eliminating international terrorists and crime bosses from your hit list.

  • Complete your mission objectives with a wider variety of tactical approaches.

  • Improvise on the job, picking up disguises and environmental objects to use as weapons.

  • Advanced enemy intelligence uses squad-based tactics to try and stop you.

Customer reviews


Third time's a charm... not so much in this case

lconanl | Oct. 16, 2015 | See all lconanl's reviews »

As hinted (not so subtly) in the title, Hitman: Contracts doesn't live up to the standards set by its predecessor. It doesn't have much of a story (thus not adding almost anything to the hitmanverse), the remade missions from the first game (which take up at least 40% of the game's length) aren't really improvements to the originals, the sound is not as good as in the previous game (it's still great though; nothing that comes from Jesper Kyd's creative genius can be considered bad) and the difficulty level isn't quite up to par. Overall, the game feels like an expanion to Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (by the way, notice how this isn't Hitman 3: Contracts; I'm sensing the "Valve can't count to three" syndrome is contagious). Still, that doesn't mean the game is a failure. On the contrary, the atmosphere is at least as good as before - the game takes place entirely in flashback mode (save for the ending, last mission and between-mission cutscenes); we actually see how 47 remembers the contracts, thus explaining why the weather is so gloomy all the time) -, the weapon collecting is back and revamped along with better training level(s) and a huge batman-like hidden base, and the voice acting is excellent (David Bateson IS Agent 47 for all intents and purposes). I may be forgetting important things, but hopefully that won't stop you from adding this game to your collection (preferably on a sale), especially if you're a fellow Hitman fan.


Everything Blood Money was, but less so.

sycomantis1991 | May 26, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

Contracts is still a great, polished Hitman game. It takes everything great about Blood Money and rolls with it. The problem is that it feels like more of the same, just a little less. The environments aren't as varied, nor are the missions. It looks about the same, plays the same, but it's not as immersive and feels a tad less creative. It's just not AS amazing.


Good idea, bad realization

smilzoboboz | March 19, 2015 | See all smilzoboboz's reviews »

This game has no technical advantages over "Hitman: Silent Assassin" (Hitman 2), more like an expansion with new missions, and at least on half of the missions the game gives you more freedom than Hitman 2. Also they took some of the best and challenging "Hitman: Codename 47" missions and reworked them to fit the new system. Still the game is far worse than Hitman 2. In hitman 2 achieving Silent Assassin rank was often harder than other "methods" (a bunch of times it was the easier but well...), in Hitman: Contracts it's all about knowing where your costumes/weapons are, after that it's a piece of cake, and this is bad because there is no challenge. I just took a screenshot of a small unguarded room with tough costume, sniper rifle and remote bomb inside... this total lack of realism doesn't encourage you to continue, actually it does exactly the opposite. As wrote before Hitman: Contracts features half brand new missions and half "Codename 47" remake ones. It is disappointing to see that original "Hitman: Codename 47" missions were actually extremely more complex and involved a lot more "puzzle-solving" than "Hitman: Contracts" ones where whole parts have been stripped out like it was nothing. Not to mention that there is no plot in this game, it's just meaningless flashbacks and such. Gameplay aside, graphics and sound/music are at "Hitman: Silent Assassin" level or maybe even less detailed, which means fairly good but at least 2 years behind. So, to recap, the idea of "porting" the best "Hitman: Codename 47" missions with the brand-new Hitman 2 mechanics was extremely nice, but the overall realization of the game/missions was really not good. Recommended only if you're not a die-hard Hitman series fan, otherwise just buy "Hitman: Silent Assassin" or even Hitman: Codename 47" instead.


One of the best stealth games ever made

LSD | Dec. 20, 2014 | See all LSD's reviews »

Contracts is something of a remake of the previous 2 Hitman games, with some levels being completely re-made locations, and others including characters or targets from the other games. Though the game's around 10 years old, it still stands up well for modern audiences. The stealth is top-notch, and the number of ways to approach each missions is both varied and detailed. Contracts also retains the difficulty of previous Hitman games that Blood Money dropped, meaning the missions require a lot of thought, and even some planning in order to succeed. Interestingly, this is probably the darkest Hitman game to date, and that's not just because every mission takes place at night (with most of them being in rainy whether, which creates an incredible atmosphere). The first level involves escaping an asylum filled with corpses (the same asylum as the first Hitman ends in), and other locations are just as grim: without spoiling too much, there's a girl kidnapped and held captive in a slaughterhouse hosting an S&M-themed party, a boy kidnapped by an aristocratic family to be used as sport for a group of hunters, and a modern hotel with a closed-off wing that was host to a gruesome murder.


Mixed feelings

Obsessor | Sept. 15, 2014 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

Yes. That's in short my review of the third Hitman game. Here we get something totally different. The gameplay is more or less the same, but the story... Felt like the developers were content with what they got so far. Not keen on inventing more at the moment. So we get to replay some missions from previous games. Sure there are new moves, new ways to eliminate your targets. It's just I expected something brand new, not flashbacks. Don't get me wrong though. I loved the game and I recommend you add it to your collection.