How to Survive

Third party DRM: Steam

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Ever wondered how you would handle being a castaway on a zombie infested island with no foreseeable way out? How to Survive is a third-person action adventure game that equips players to stay alive in a world where the outbreak of an unknown virus has turned most of the population into zombies.

How to Survive puts players in the center of the action as someone who, after an accident, finds themselves on an island amidst a small archipelago off the coast of Colombia … but there are other inhabitants. In order to make it through the day and night, gamers must learn to fulfill the most basic of needs, such as seeking food, water and shelter, as well as crafting dozens of tools and weapons from fishing rods to Molotov cocktails. There is nothing quite like being surrounded by a zombie-infested archipelago!

Key Features:

  • Multiple Locations:

    Players explore four different islands filled with unique flora, fauna and a variety of flesh-hungry zombies and mutations.

  • Crafting System:

    A robust crafting system allows gamers to combine numerous weapons, tools and more.

  • The Survival Guide:

    This tailored guide arms players with the knowledge of how to best use their environment amidst the zombie apocalypse.

  • Gameplay Choices:

    Gamers choose from multiple playable characters, normal and ironman difficulty levels and whether or not they want to play the game solo or join a friend for online or offline MP action

Customer reviews


Eat. Sleep. Drink. Kill Zombies.

beltmatt_usa | Jan. 2, 2014 | See all beltmatt_usa's reviews »

This game has a little crafting in it, a little bit of RPG elements, and the story is entertaining. There isn't anything that stands out in this game to make it a "must buy", but you will get your money's worth. To me it is funny, and I like the top down views in this such as in torchlight/diablo those type of games. Game play is simple, but I recommend using a controller.


How to Zombie Diablo

Neonberry | Dec. 22, 2013 | See all Neonberry's reviews »

How to Survive is an action RPG about - what else - killing zombies and building your own weapons to do so. It is not a dark, desperate struggle for survival - more a lighthearted zombie hack-and-slash. To be honest this game seemed much more fun before I actually played it. Sometimes it gets annoying how much of a console port it is, but if you don't mind the lackluster controls it is a decent game. You find all the standard zombie stuff - the standard zombie, the runners, the fat ones that blow up and so on. In the the game end it is just one more in the horde of zombie games, nothing really special about it - and there are plenty more better zombie games out there even close to this price range.


Hardly a "Survival" at all..

strykerryo | Dec. 21, 2013 | See all strykerryo's reviews »

I picked this game up full price, from it's description it sounded like the type of zombie survival game I always wanted to play. Sadly, it is literally only such in name and description. All the elements are sort of there, the "open" map, ammo, limited inventory, food and water stats, but their implementation is all wrong.

Few of them really matter, you get tons of ammo as drops, and managing water and food is pretty irrelevant, you quickly stack some items for that so that it's more of a petty maintenance than an aspect of survival.

The so-called open map is really just swathes of map with small pathways cut into them, with just a few open spaces that are usually there just for the sake of variety it seams. The only "Open" element is that of course it isn't a linear game and you can run back and forth between areas and quick travel between maps, but it's far enough from just backtracking.

The combat isn't too bad, it works for this type of game, if it wasn't for the overabundance of ammo and the overpowered weapons from the very start. Combat soon feels more like something you just do on the way and not much more enjoyable than running from place to place.

The crafting is another annoyance if you need a particular item, you have a limited inventory, that's okay, you shouldn't be able to carry everything with you.. but then there is no storage area. It's already not fun to run around this island aimlessly, I don't want to have to run around looking for that one damn ingredient, usually for a quest (what else is there to do in this game?) Just a limited item storage for SOME things, I can decide what to get rid of later, but a few times I've already dropped something I needed to find again, much to my annoyance.

The overall feel of playing this game was BOREDOM. I was falling asleep at my comp, I soon couldn't take it. It's not too relevant but the final straw was all the damn "Krovac's Rules" cutscenes. Think he's a neat quirky charcater? Wait till you have to endure overwrought, way too long, unskippable video tutorials with the same crappy music, for something that should be explained in 2-3 lines of text.

All these other reviews make it clear to me that they haven't really played a survival game. Don't want to be mean, but it's kind of important to remember what a survival game is so we can actually get a good one. This just isn't it. I'm not even sure they played the game, like the regurgitated the game descriptions and other reviews. It's very deceptive, because it's far from the experience this game actually provides; a top down action game with bad map design and useless aspects that are little more than busy work, that drains the fun out of the concepts of crafting, exploring, or survival.


Fun zombie survival game

commanderhavoc | Nov. 13, 2013 | See all commanderhavoc's reviews »

This game takes the fun melee combat of Dead Island and mixes it in with some true Macgyver-style crafting and scavanging while surviving as the only survivor of a shipwreck on an island crawling with not just the undead, but also other survivors and wild life. You will have to take good care of your hunger, thirst and energy as unlike Dead Island and similar games, you actually have to make sure you stay well fed and hydrated while also sleeping for a few hours every now and then, otherwise you will end up with little to no energy while fighting the zombies and that means less damage is dealt. Also, there are slightly more horrific zombies that only come out at night, but these are thankfully very sensitive to light so if you have a torch or flashlight, you will be able to keep them as far away from you as possible. Of course, you are able to craft your very own weapons and armor from the stuff you can find around the islands and these makeshift items will provide a much needed edge in your struggle to survive and maybe even escape these crazy islands. The game is also best played with the Xbox-360 gamepad for Windows as it uses a control system not unlike games like Renegade Ops and such, as in that you move with the left stick and aim with the right stick.


Very enjoyable game!

firehandpl | Nov. 9, 2013 | See all firehandpl's reviews »

When I heard about this game first time, I was really happy. I am in love with horror games, especially with those about zombies :). How to Survive have fully satisfy me. This game is very fun to play, it's graphic is good, it's also well optimised. On my 5 years old pc it worked on medium settings with 60 fps all the time. Storyline of this game is quite good, but it didn't have any twists or anything I wasn't expecting. It wasn't also that long, it took me 9 hours to pass whole game with Kenji, my favourite character. Even though I passed the game, I still want to play some more, because the are different skill trees for all characters, so you can complete game a few times and you won't be bored. 11$ for that much of fun and joy is nothing.