Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters EU


Flight simulator Jane’s Advanced Strike Fighters, The new title for the PC continues the flight simulation series from Jane’s, the renowned military publishing company.

In Jane‘s Advanced Strike Fighters, players struggle to end a civil war in the fictitious state of Azbaristan. Action takes place in 16 missions, covers 65,000 square kilometers of mountains, deserts and urban landscapes, and includes 30 detailed jet fighters from the USA, Russia, Europe and China. In the game’s multiplayer modes, up to 16 fighter pilots and two to four players in co-op mode can take up the challenge to solve the conflict.

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Bad flying sim

jeyko | July 11, 2012 | See all jeyko's reviews »

Jane's Combat Simulations is series of flying simulation arcade simulators. Well if you liked them, or any flying games at all, you are not going to like JASF. Advanced Strike Fighters has no redeeming values. For example the controls (even with a joystick) are really clunky. Also, there is no sense of speed while flying. The mission objectives are the same every time, and making even the slightest mistake restarts the whole mission. Even though the game is only 1 GB, the graphics are horrendous - the textures are blurry and there is bloom everywhere, trying to mask the bad models. Do not get this.