Left 4 Dead

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From Valve (the creators of Counter-Strike, Half-Life and more) comes Left 4 Dead, a co-op action horror game for the PC and Xbox 360 that casts up to four players in an epic struggle for survival against swarming zombie hordes and terrifying mutant monsters.

Set in the immediate aftermath of the zombie apocalypse, L4D's survival co-op mode lets you blast a path through the infected in four unique “movies,” guiding your survivors across the rooftops of an abandoned metropolis, through rural ghost towns and pitch-black forests in your quest to escape a devastated Ground Zero crawling with infected enemies. Each "movie" is comprised of five large maps, and can be played by one to four human players, with an emphasis on team-based strategy and objectives.

New technology dubbed "the AI Director" is used to generate a unique gameplay experience every time you play. The Director tailors the frequency and ferocity of the zombie attacks to your performance, putting you in the middle of a fast-paced, but not overwhelming, Hollywood horror movie.

Key Features:

  • Addictive single player, co-op, and multiplayer action gameplay from the makers of Counter-Strike and Half-Life

  • Versus Mode lets you compete four-on-four with friends, playing as a human trying to get rescued, or as a zombie boss monster that will stop at nothing to destroy them.

  • See how long you and your friends can hold out against the infected horde in the new Survival Mode

  • An advanced AI director dynamically creates intense and unique experiences every time the game is played

  • 20 maps, 10 weapons and unlimited possibilities in four sprawling "movies"

  • Matchmaking, stats, rankings, and awards system drive collaborative play

  • Designer's Commentary allows gamers to go "behind the scenes" of the game

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Customer reviews


Good Team Multiplay

htanmsa | May 17, 2015 | See all htanmsa's reviews »

This is the first version of left 4 dead and its good especially if you want to play together as team with friends.In this game you can voice chat or text chat within game.You can kill many zombies or face off against opposite teams.In this there are different types of zombies like bomber,tanker which has special powers.Its interesting to kill them as without any other team member it almost impossible to escape from them.This games helps us in creating sense of bond and we can enjoy a lot.You can even heal friends or give them health.To reach your goal you have good sense of teamwork otherwise you fail.Overall if you want to play multi with ur friends then this is the best game out there


With friends? Go for it!

Armannn | March 20, 2015 | See all Armannn's reviews »

Overall: Left 4 Dead is a FPS survival horror game developed by Valve Corporation and Turtle Rock Studios. The game was released in 2008 and got its "Game of the Year" edition in 2009. Gameplay: People say that the first experience with something (in this case a game) is very important... And it really is. Left 4 Dead's gameplay is based on a few game modes: Campaign (single and multiplayer), Survival and Versus (only multiplayer), all of them being very unique. The very well known zombie apocalypse scenario is, in this game, at its best. Along with 3 bots/other players, your goal is to make it to the saferoom where you'll get some amno, a medkit to heal yourself and some weapons. However, on your way to the saferoom, you'll be fighting hordes and hordes of CI (common infected) and SI (special infected). Killing them all is not a "must", but it's hardly gonna happen that you'll make it to the saferoom if the SI are alive and are following you. Maps: Maps are not really much detailed, but still look better than in some other games like Team Fortress 2. However, every map (called usually campaign, if it's talk about the Campaign game mode) consists of parts (usually called "chapters") and at the end of each chapter is a saferoom which the zombies CAN NOT enter once it's closed. Keep in mind that L4D's very well known AI Director was literally a test in this game, so spawning the zombies in some places wouldn't be logical if it was in real life. At this point, L4D2 looks much better than this game. However, there are more zombies (CI) that you're gonna see in this game than in L4D2. It's worth to mention that there are only a few SI (compared to its successor. Those are: The Tank (literally the main boss), The Witch, The Boomer (attracts a horde with his horde), The Hunter and The Smoker. Fun: The game can get pretty boring if you don't really have friends to play with. Playing Campaign in the offline mode is not really cool once you finish them all, but keep in mind that this is the part where modding (which the game does support, luckily) comes in play. There are many mods that can change your game's look and this is definitely an advantage. To sum everything, L4D is a pretty fun game whose AI Director (even tho it's not really fixed as it should) made kind of a revolution in the video game industries. If you have friends to play this game with, you should give it a try and keep in mind that you CAN NEVER tell something's bad before you try it on your own. Left 4 Dead is a game that deserves a chance.


Best zombie multiplayer game!

andreacdc98 | Feb. 11, 2015 | See all andreacdc98's reviews »

Left 4 Dead is a Valve game, which takes place in the zombie apocalypse, so you need to survive by killing loads of them. This game has an ok story, but it has the best multiplayer experience that you can get, playing as a team, with your friends if possible, and complete the objective. The game is old by now, so the graphics aren't so good, but it still is great for the game, giving you a lot of fun by playing it. In the multiplayer you need to finish the levels, but to do that, your team needs to help each other, since it's pretty challenging, making the experience amazing. Anyway, I recommend this to all the zombie survival games fans out there, since this is a classic that everyone should play!


Still Good To An Extent

emptyhaven | Dec. 23, 2014 | See all emptyhaven's reviews »

This game is pretty good. It was even better though when it first came out. It has some pretty tense moments, and coop makes it even better since the AI companions are pretty stupid most of the time, but they do make good decoys allowing you to escape a good amount of damage and danger. What killed this game though was by how much more amazing the sequel was. Not only was gameplay better, but it included more special zombie types and tenser moments throughout the larger and more numerous maps. Playing Versus was an intense blast as well (as long as you have 7 other people to play with) as your team begins coordinating zombie attacks with the various different kinds of zombies you are. I was once in a match where the opposing zombie team wiped us survivors out in less than 5 minutes in a well-timed and awesome display of expertly used special zombie attacks (using the acid to scatter us, dragging a person away with the Smoker, separating another one with the Charger's charge attack, and mobbing the last with zombies through the Boomer's bile). This game may be dated in some ways, but it is still an enjoyable game. If you want a challenge, play this game on the highest difficulty or something.



drakso | Dec. 22, 2014 | See all drakso's reviews »

Well, when you hear survive you usually imagine managing resources food cover and all sort of things like that. Well Left4Dead is nothing like that. You and your team mates must save your selves by SHOOTING EVERYTHING IN YOUR WAY. The game feels very epic and it is very good at what it does - Shooting zombies. The graphics and sound assets are very good and the story is a casual zombie outbreak story, but that is not the strong point of this game. The strong point is the co-op element. The most fun you are going to have playing this games is with 3 more friends shooting and constantly shouting at each other about who to get the med pack and who startled the witch. I recommend this game to everyone because it is really fun when you play with friends no matter what kinda games are you into.