Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2

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Third party DRM: Steam

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"A delight on the senses...it's pretty damn fun to play." - ign.com

"The unique play mechanics of Soul Reaver 2, as well as its impressive graphics and excellent story, make it easy to recommend to fans of action or adventure games." - gamespot.com

In this sequel to the critically acclaimed Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, reassume the role of Raziel, and travel back through the currents of time into various eras of Nosgoth's past in your relentless pursuit of Kain. Encounter new enemies as you unearth the mysteries of Nosgoth's ancient races, and expose the schemes behind the corruption of the Pillars, and the vampire genocide.

Key Features:

  • Acquire new and improved Soul Reaver weapon enhancements, physical abilities, and relics to interact with the environment and unlock the dark secrets of Nosgoth

  • Devour the souls of new enemies including vampire hunters, Sarafan warrior-priests, spectral spirits, and extra-dimensional demons

  • Immerse yourself in a gothic realm of highly detailed architecture and environments supported with an intriguing storyline, compelling voice-over, and no in-game loading times

  • Shift real-time between the spectral and material realms to access previously unattainable places

Customer reviews


A good sequel (and a critic to rabidchihuahua's review).

MauroR | Nov. 26, 2013 | See all MauroR's reviews »

Every successful game (almost) has a sequel. If fact few years later here it comes, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2. The WoW factor (at least for me) it isn't like the first Soul Reaver, but I've really enjoyed this game, I found it a good sequel with nice gameplay additions, and improved graphics. Do yourself a favor (yeah another one, hehe), don't miss this game, or buy the bundle here on greenmangaming, you won't regret a single penny spent on them counting the hours you'll play this franchise even without buying them on sales. Now about the rabidchihuahua's review critic:

Dear rabidchihuahua you can't complain about graphics in a game that it's 10/11 years old, really, it's just stupid (not yourself). You pretend that a 11 years old game has Crysis 3 graphics? You see the point I want to make? Every time I read a review of a old game criticizing the graphics I want to beat my head against the wall, really, it's completely unfair. You review a gold game for other reasons, you can't criticize the graphics since OF COURSE it's dated due to the age, even people, you can't compare a 70 years old woman to 20 years girl because it's unfair and undelicate at the start. Sure that a 20 years old girl is more beautiful, a nice body, and so on, but a 70 years old woman can't have the beauty of a 20 years old (well if you see Sophia Loren, a famous italian actress, this comparison it's not right in this case, there are exception in every thing) and the freshness, but she has other things that a 20 years old in any way can't have, for example the experience, the sapience and many other things. So don't treat wrongly a game just because the only "guilt" it has it's being old.



Oblaque | Sept. 13, 2013 | See all Oblaque's reviews »

The graphics and music are haunting and deep. It was the story that compelled me to finish the game. I am enamoured by the whole medival story, the drama, torment and romance each character brings. At the end, it leaves you thristing for more.


One of my favorite games

iamkyo90 | July 26, 2013 | See all iamkyo90's reviews »

At the time was the best, now is a classic that should not miss. Has nice story, the fights are entertaining, and has that dark that we like to gamers. Raziel is a great character endowed with personality. Very good in every way.


Good, but not as good as Soul Reaver 1

brandoshido | July 5, 2013 | See all brandoshido's reviews »

I bought the entire LoK series last month because I had just purchased Blood Omen: LoK on ebay and the sales coincided. This game is large , and very good graphics for back in the day. There's lots to explore, and the story is genuinely good time. This means a lot coming from me, I skip everything story related, even in RPG's. Many of the mechanics are unchanged from the first game, so the game does get a little boring at times with the combat. I did run into an issue of the game asking for a disc to be inserted when I tried to install it.


Living at the shadow of a masterpiece

abelfs | July 1, 2013 | See all abelfs's reviews »

Soul Reaver 2 revealed itself as a wonderful game that continues the story of Raziel in an unbelievable way, and that's the main purpose why you should play it. This is the perfect case of a literal sequel, it just improves what it is expected from a game that continues the tradition of its ancestor. It has the same spirit, but it hasn't the originality that the first Soul Reaver provided, and that's the main fault of this sequel. The only thing (in my opinion) is that, with the excuse that Raziel travels through time, you'll visit the same places more than once (with a different appearance). In that sense, the world of the first Soul Reaver was much bigger. However, the wonderful storytelling will make you forget about that minor imperfection. Highly recommendable if you love the first one!!