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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


"Mafia II is exactly the sequel Mafia fans have been waiting all these years for." -

"Mafia II's exciting action and uncompromising mob story make for an impressive and violent adventure." -


Born the son of a poor immigrant, Vito is a beaten down Italian American who is trying to escape the life of poverty that consumed his childhood. It was on the streets that Vito learns that joining the Mafia is the only route to wealth and respect for people of his standing. Wanting to escape the life of hardship that his father led, he dreams about becoming a “Made Man.”

A petty criminal his whole life, Vito, along with his childhood friend, Joe, will descend into the world of organized crime. Together, they will work to prove themselves to the Mafia as they try to make their names on the streets. Starting with low-level jobs like robbery and stealing cars, Vito and Joe escalate quickly up the Mafia family ladder... but the life as a wise guy isn’t quite as glamorous as it seems.

Key Features:

  • Action Packed Gameplay: White-Knuckle car chases, visceral hand to hand combat and intense gunplay

– It will take all that and more to be a Made Man.

  • Epic Gangster Story: Inspired by iconic mafi a lore, the compelling characters and cinematic presentation will pull players into the allure and impossible escape of life in the Mafia.

  • Immersive World and Period: Enter the world of Empire Bay – World War II is raging in Europe and the architecture, cars and music and clothing all echo the period. As time passes, hot rod cars, 50s fashion and some of the era’s best music reflects the birth of a cool new time – the golden age of the American Gangster.

  • Soundtrack Reflects the Mood of the Era: Players will be immersed in vintage America as Mafia II features tracks from some of the 1940’s and 50s most influential artists.

Customer reviews


Is it a '40s GTA?

WetCouch | Sept. 15, 2014 | See all WetCouch's reviews »

Well, let's start from graphics: it's just sufficient. For our years it isn't really good, but also not ugly. It is just...standard.
Story - well, story is great, interesting, you feel like a USA gangster in '40s. Missions are different (from total demolition, by normal "find and bring" to stealth quests), they aren't really boring. You feel that old school atmosphere. And you see changes in the world, while years are going by. You see new cars, weapons and seasons.

The bad thing is that you won't really see there any options, some different side-quests, or different "roads" in missions. It is like a movie. You need to do everything like it was excepted by designers.

And another bad thing, is that you can't do really much beside of quests. In GTA there was multum of options, different side-quests, funny small events, and still more than one available quest. In Mafia II you won't see this. You have only three options beside of just making quests: -Get the weapon and just demolish everything and kill everyone, mwhahaha! -Just get into the car and ride around the big city. -Steal the cars and bring them to the harbour (only exclusive cars, but a lot of money) or to the dump (all cars, but less money) for money.

So even when you have a lot of money, you can't do anything beside of buying new weapons and upgrading your cars. Well, cars are also funny, riding physic is done well. But it's all.

So: the game is pretty nice and funny, but only when you want to complete it once, with pretty nice story. But it isn't that what i have excepted from the sandbox game.


A fun ride

Kalmado07 | Sept. 6, 2014 | See all Kalmado07's reviews »

I'm a huge fan of mafia movies and history and was thrilled when I received this game. I figured there would be some references to the history of the american mob, but it wasn't overkill. The story was pretty good. Not great, but definitely kept you interested and flowed nicely. I thought there was a little too much unnecessary driving. Combat was entertaining. This game isn't revolutionising the genre, but it's a nice departure from the rest of the crowd.


Roaring 40's is what you get

yngdr | Sept. 2, 2014 | See all yngdr's reviews »

Graphics are decent not great not bargain bin. the music was inspiring, and flowed throughout the game. the story is believable in the sense that crime and mobsters have been around and gave a rise after any of the American conflicts.scripts were decent and well managed. but my biggest peeve is the extra content that should have been free.


Fantastic game

kawette | Aug. 27, 2014 | See all kawette's reviews »

I really love that game, it has such an atmosphere thanks to the music, the clothes and the cars : The 40's. I instantly hooked to this game, it's quite realistic and funny. When I play to this game I have the feeling that I am watching a movie.

The graphics are good, everything is done to have a total immersion. It's definitely a game that I recommend. Good job for this great game 2K !


Good for one playthrough.

Obsessor | Aug. 21, 2014 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

And the title pretty much sums things up. The game has great story, very nice music - that's one of the reasons I'm giving it such a high score. But it's linear. If you played it once... Nothing will be different on the second go. Not even a minor change. You have to do things exactly as they were designed to be done. I was expecting a bit more "GTA like" gameplay. With likeness to GTA IV and some choices you had. This made me play the game second and third time. In Mafia 2... Well...

Still I think the game's very, very good. Especially if you like, as I do, the 40's and 50's atmosphere, with it's styles in music and clothing.