Magicka: Dungeons & Daemons DLC

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Third party DRM: Steam

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Customer notes

Requires Magicka (base game) to use this DLC


Something stirs yet again…. Beneath Castle Aldrheim in the sub-dungeons, long forgotten by the forgetful Wizards, an ancient evil has been awakened by the demented ancestors of the Aldrheim Order. The fate of the world again seems to haphazardly land on the shoulders of our colorful wizarding friends as they stumble upon Aldrheim’s most secret of secrets!

Magicka Dungeons & Daemons is a new exciting expansion to Magicka. Explore never before seen places in the fantastical world of Midgård, test your mettle against new enemies and try to avoid getting slime all over your robes. Where does that even come from, it’s everywhere?!

And if we could reveal the super-secret hard mode, it would attract even the most battle-hardened wizards out there. But sadly, it’s a secret, so we can’t talk about it.

Key Features:

  • Rush headlong into the first chapter of a new epic tale in the Magicka universe

  • Venture deep into the dungeons beneath castle Aldrheim

  • Discover untold horrors and hints of a looming threat to the world of Midgård

  • New monsters and challenges await

  • Test your mettle in the chapter’s hidden hard mode

  • Innovative and dynamic spellcasting system with thousands of possible combinations

  • Up to four player co-op in all game modes as well as single player option

  • Experience the parody and satire of a cliché fantasy world

Customer reviews


Magicka: Dungeons & Daemons -review

carlyle | Jan. 15, 2013 | See all carlyle's reviews »

Good DLC package that adds new spells and new game levels, not to mention the possibility offered by the additional monsters. The new spells are very beautiful to look at, but do not add much to the already well-done gameplay. Maybe not the best and not essential, but overall for the price tag worth it.


Awesome, cheap expansion

ruready12 | Oct. 16, 2012 | See all ruready12's reviews »

This DLC pack is absolutely perfect. It adds a whole new level of excitement, and many new monsters and levels to explored. The new spells are fantastic and the humor is still there and the co-op has no flaws at all. This is by far the best expansion I have ever bought for a video game and I would recommend it to anyone who has the base game