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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


“The PC version of Rockstar's latest version of Max Payne scored a few points higher than its console brethren, allowing it to narrowly edge out Mass Effect 3for the title of best computer game of 2012 so far.”

For Max Payne, the tragedies that took his loved ones years ago are wounds that refuse to heal. No longer a cop, close to washed up and addicted to pain killers, Max takes a job in São Paulo, Brazil, protecting the family of wealthy real estate mogul Rodrigo Branco, in an effort to finally escape his troubled past. But as events spiral out of his control, Max Payne finds himself alone on the streets of an unfamiliar city, desperately searching for the truth and fighting for a way out.

Featuring cutting edge shooting mechanics for precision gunplay, advanced new Bullet Time® and Shootdodge™ effects, full integration of Natural Motion’s Euphoria Character Behavior system for lifelike movement and a dark and twisted story, Max Payne 3 is a seamless, highly detailed, cinematic experience from Rockstar Games.

In addition to an expansive single-player campaign, Max Payne 3 will also be the first entry in the series to introduce a thorough and engrossing multiplayer experience. Max Payne 3 multiplayer brings the same cinematic feel, fluid gunplay and sense of movement of the single-player game into the realm of online multiplayer. Using the fiction and signature gameplay elements of the Max Payne universe, Max Payne 3 features a wide range of new and traditional multiplayer modes that play on the themes of paranoia, betrayal and heroism, all delivered with the same epic visual style of the single player game.

A feature debuting in Max Payne 3 and carrying over to Grand Theft Auto V and future appropriate titles is Crews, which go beyond traditional online clans by allowing players to join large public Crews or simply create a private Crew that members can customize. In this way, Crews help players keep the fight alive from match to match - and even across titles - through the Rockstar Games Social Club, which will keep track of Crew stats, including Feuds.

Key Features:

  • Developed by Rockstar Games for a seamless, highly detailed, cinematic experience.

  • Advanced Bullet Time® and Shootdodge™ and Final Kill-cam mechanics for stylish shooting action Cutting edge aiming, targeting and animation processes for precise, fluid gunplay.

  • A dark, twisted story chronicling the return of Max Payne, one of the most iconic characters in videogames.

  • Tight integration between Natural Motion’s Euphoria Character Behavior System and a brand new iteration of the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (RAGE) for lifelike movement and a new level of environmental awareness.

  • A wide range of weapons rendered in incredible detail: hammers cock back, shells eject from the chamber and each bullet is individually modeled from the split second it’s fired to the moment of impact.

  • Advanced particle physics and destructible environments set the stage for dramatic and chaotic gun fights.

  • New to the series, a compelling and addictive multiplayer experience to match the dark and relentless atmosphere of the single-player game

Customer reviews


Rockstar's Own Interpretation of Max but still Brings the Payne!

khawaja07 | July 26, 2014 | See all khawaja07's reviews »

After Max Payne 2, Remedy turned their attention to somewhere else while selling the rights to Rockstar games for the Max Payne series. Rockstar certainly took their sweet sweet time in trying to deliver their own interpretation of Max. So, what to make of it?. I have good news! Rockstar spared no expense in trying to deliver the best Max Payne experience it had to offer but it also meant that some changes were to be made to some of the aspects of the Max Payne Persona, Gameplay and also how the Story is told throughout the game.

Max Payne 3 is built upon the upgraded version of Rockstar's famous RAGE engine which was used to power Red Dead Redemption. Thanks to Rockstar's High Production values, Max Payne 3's visuals are clearly gorgeous to look at. Unlike Rockstar's Previous PC titles like GTAIV, Max Payne 3 is incredibly well optimized and can easily scale from a lower-end spec to a higher-end spec in a jippy. A host of graphical options are made available to the player Including Directx 11 Tessellation, Anti-aliasing and many more options to add to the variety. The game looks beautiful during all the classy gunfights in all of its High-Def. Glory!

When it comes to Gameplay, Rockstar has made some changes to it such as now you can't select from a huge arsenal of weapons that you previously had in the past Max Payne games but instead you can dual wield two weapons of any type regardless whether its a shotgun in one hand and a pistol in the other or you can two hand a machine gun while keeping the previous two weapons in your inventory. The destructible environments around the player makes Gunplay even more fun and challenging at the same time.

I was surprised to see them adding a Multiplayer aspect to the third game, which made me doubt the credibility of the game as sequels don't mostly tend to change for the best, but thankfully its a fully fleshed out Multiplayer component featuring many fun Player vs Player challenges and so on.

While these changes were intended to have the game keep up with the current times, not all of them will appease the fans of the original two Max Payne games who loved them so much. Forcing Cover in certain situations, limiting weapon options due to it being closer to reality which really was not intended by the Devs. of the previous games, the goal was to make it fun and challenging so these changes to Max Payne 3 sometimes come close to ruining the experience we've all so much relished in the past. Most disappointing feature i found was the inclusion of an all new story-telling method - Cinematic cutscenes which replaced the Internal Monologues which were told through comics. Instead of experiencing the classy Noir feeling that you got from the Max Payne Games in the past, we get a broken Drunk man who's wishing he'd be dead already. This is not Max Payne, Max was never a Needy, desperate guy but a person who stood against any challenge that life threw at him.

But even after all that, as i said before, the high production values made this game still stood out amongst the other great games of 2012 but it could've been much much better if Rockstar had left some things intact really helps in defining Max Payne as a Character.

The game soundtrack is actually extremely Good and the best when comparing it to the previous 2 games. 100% recommended to listen to separately!

So, Max Payne 3 in my opinion could've been a lot improved upon if it was still Max Payne 99% of the time, but when a game series changes hands among two developers, changes like these are to be expected. For me the previous still two entries stand out today and i considering them better than this iteration of the Max Payne series.


Broken DRM = Can't play = Zero score

sallee_6783 | July 24, 2014 | See all sallee_6783's reviews »

DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! If a game won't let you experience its gameplay then it deserves a "0" score. Max Payne 3 requires a Rockstar Social Club account and internet connection to even play the dang thing. Unfortunately, this cursed obscenity of an added layer of DRM never worked for me. Passwords don't get recognized even after several attempts at recovery and resets. Even after finally logging in, the game never goes beyond that. No start menus, no opening cinematic...just the "Max Payne 3" logo, some ominous theme music, and either "initializing" or "needs to be online or have a Social Club account" under that. I've updated drivers, reinstalled the game, run it as administrator, and a host of other tips i had to dig up online to no avail. I've jumped through more hoops than a Seaworld least the dolphin gets a treat at the end....i couldn't even say if this game sucks or not because i couldnt even play the game....sigh...just DO NO BUT THIS GAME!....just dont, its not worth it!


Bullet Time!!

vekktorious | July 22, 2014 | See all vekktorious's reviews »

Max Payne 3 is an interesting buy, the story may be short (finished in 3 hours) but the gameplay is exhilarating , so sometimes its great for a game to be short but sweet. The plot plays out like a movie, and Max is his usual depressed self. You end up going through a bunch of missions ranging from boat chases to shootouts in the favelas. Bullet time could quite possibly be one of the best shooter mechanics of all time, and it quite frankly diving over a desk with dual pistols and putting copious amounts of bullets into a bandit in slow motion never gets old. There is nothing really new and game changing about about Max Payne 3, but if you can buy it for cheap, then its money well spent.


Life is too short for bad fan fiction

PersusNine | June 20, 2014 | See all PersusNine's reviews »

Max Payne 3 really serves to emphasise the genius of Sam Lake and Remedy.

"But Sam Lake didn't write this instalment and Remedy didn't make it!" you say, "It was written by Dan Houser, Rupert Humphries and Michael Unsworth, and made by Rockstar Vancouver!"

"Exactly." I reply.

This feels like bad Max Payne fan fiction. The shooting is a bit wrong. The writing is a bit wrong. Everything is just a bit wrong. For example, the clever little asides that Max made during the first two games are now replaced by the most ham fisted of player guidance. Nothing is polished and as it should be. The game is better on easy where Max Payne's classic shoot-dodging becomes a viable strategy again and progress is faster because there are fewer enemies but it is never right.

Like others I've had my share of problems with the the horrible Social Club DRM. It never actually locked me out but there is a problem with a disappearing pop-up that I need to re-signin to make reappear and until I do then I'm locked out. Pretty rubbish.

My breaking point was when I switched down to easy difficulty and played for two or three hours before taking a break. When I went back the game loaded me into the point where I'd switched from my no fun medium difficulty game. I'd only been playing for the story so the prospect of doing it again was totally unappealing. So yeah, not a very good game, no manual save option because it is a shitty console port and the autosave is apparently unreliable or broken. Nope. Life is too short. I've played the first two Max Payne games multiple times but this one, I'm not even going to finish once.


Epic max payne!

lynxil | May 7, 2014 | See all lynxil's reviews »

I'm a huge fan of the Max Payne franchise, I loved the whole dark and gritty feeling, so I was really excited about this game, and I wasn't disappointed at all, I finished it twice because I loved it so much! and now, I've decided to write a review about it and share my thoughts about this great game!

Story So, if you don't have a clue about who is Max Payne... you ought to be ashamed! I'll just start from this game, so, after the last game, Max left the police force and settled in a New Jersey, where he was just drinking himself to death and been haunted by the loss of his family, one day, while he was drinking a friend finds him in the bar, and offers him a job, to protect a well known family in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, he accepts the job, and leaves USA to protect the family. And from here the story twists and turns...

Graphics The graphics are amazing imo, really good, they've thought of everything (Rockstar), even the smallest details, the animations are crazy good, the effects of the bullet-time is sweet!... I've nothing to add, really the graphics are sweet!

Gameplay Max Payne is a third-person shooter, and the first Max Payne where the first to introduce the Bullet-Time feature, and so, it's also in this game, and they've taken the game to the next level, I mean it, everything, you can jump to each side while the effect is on, you can move from cover to cover, you can blind-fire, and there's also a slow-motion effect when you kill dudes (like Fallout 3, Skyrim etc)... everything you look in a third-person shooter, Max Payne 3 got! and my favourite one is that when you prone you actually roll over and the player turns 360 degrees to maintain his sight on target, I found that really nice and making me feel like they've thought of everything in the game. now, I heard from people that actually didn't like the game because of the long cut-scenes, I really don't understand this, cause the game itself is story driven and the cut-scenes are a must! the story it self is amazing, and the cut-scenes are just like a movie, Rockstar knows how to make this kinda games, from GTA to Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire and Max Payne. I loved the gameplay, it's full of action and fun!

Conclusion I LOVE THIS GAME! The game is well built! they've put thought of every small detail, and just made it perfect! The gameplay is fun and full of action! and I just couldn't get enough of it! the single player is long and delivers a movie-like story, with twists and turns, it took me about 13 hours or so to complete the game, The graphics are amazing! had no bugs at all, the game worked fluently with no lags at all, and I had GTS 8800 320MB GPU, which wasn't the best at the time I played it. I can really go on and on praising this game, and I really think the game deserves it, Rockstar made an excellent game, they maintained the feeling of the original games and just made it even better! If you didn't play this game at all, put it in the top of your list, and if you already played it and stopped, give it another go! for me, I'm waiting for the next Max Payne to come out, I really hope they're making one :)

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