Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


The newest chapter of the iconic fighting franchise is now available on PC! Experience the deadliest tournament with all the kombatants and their unique fatalities. Decimate your opponents in traditional 1 vs 1 matches or tag team mode, and use gruesome fatalities and shocking X-ray moves to add a whole new dimension to your attacks. 

Customer reviews


My dear nostalgic childhood... GET OVER HERE!

Pit_52 | Nov. 19, 2014 | See all Pit_52's reviews »

Mortal kombat Komplete edition has only 2 options to show you after your first launch of the game. First one, your eyes will probably sunk in tears if you had this privilege to play as kid/teenager on the arcades Mortal kombat 1,2 or 3. Nostalgic is everything. The second one, your eyes will probably sunk in tears of joy that is overflown from that game. This one is actually the best fighting game available currently on PC, and I'm telling you that as a hardcore fighting games passionate. You may think it's not for you, it's fighting game, it's very specific hard type of game for only hardcore skilled gamers. It's not... It's not street fighter, it's not king of fighters, it don't have barely 3 moves with so insane kind of timing that normal gamer isn't capable of performing any combo. What has this game is dozen moves that aren't so hard to perform, you don't have cheap schematic 1-2 pathetic combos like in for this example street fighter wich is most known 2d fighting game, you have so many moves thats it's all up to your imagination and creativity how will you combine those moves to make combo. Most people will tell you it's cassual easy game. It isn't. It's only friendly for beginners. It explain you how to play via tutorial, not throwing yourself on deep sea and losing to some maniac and uninstall. Game is deep and advanced and pros can perform insane long beautiful combos, while cassual players can enjoy the game as well and making shorter but fascinating and enjoyable combos. This is power of that game, it's not only for few japan players, it's for everybody! :) You should try it even if you don't feel good in fighting games, just read move list for character you picked and try perform few easy combos and connect with special and you will enjoy the game like nothing else. Graphics and animations and music are just gorgeous. Number of battle arenas is countless. Not single fighting game offer so many battle arenas wich are so beautiful that you confused to play, or to just watch the background and make your jaw hit the ground with shock seeing this great stuff. Before Mortal Kombat X arrives, it's worth to try MK9 while it isn't expensive in my opinion. Do not forget that this game offer even great single player, enjoying arcade mode and attractive story mode. I dare to say it's best story in fighting game history since street fighter II, wich was told only via animated movie cause graphic game engine couldn't handle animation so there were mostly pictures with dialogues... Anyway, fighting games are mostly for online gaming, if they includes any story it's mostly cheap and meaningless. Not Mortal Kombat. There is content for everybody! Story, Arcade, challenges, practice options, multiplayer... Just do yourself a favor and grab a wallet and buy this game and enjoy. You'll never regret those £14.99. Final score 100, cause it's greatly ingenious production for everybody, cassual/pro players, online/single player fans, for everybody. And of course best fighting game wich was already told by media, reviewers and me and every signs of life in this planet.



GatsuRage | Nov. 14, 2014 | See all GatsuRage's reviews »

Firs thing first: If you thinking on buying this for play online, DON'T because it won't work no matter how good your connection is (i'm dead serious) Now, this it's an AWESOME game, it has a great cast of fighters, and even if you are not familiar with Mortal Kombat franchise THIS is a great version for jump right in. I totally recommend to buy this game, it's a must have if you are into fighting game genre! (and even though you can't enjoy online, for sure you can have tons of fun locally up to 4 players team fights!)

Important note: some people stated that is not a great port from consols to pc, but I think are people with core 2 duo processors... if you have any 4 core processor+ you will run the game just fine (obviously you need to meet the minimum video card requierements) There is however 1 stage in the game that is awfully optimized (Graveyard) but is just ONE stage in the entire game.. not a huge downer. 85/100 (not a perfect score only cos the online don't work as it should, and it is a real shame.. I would dedicate hundreds of hours into online if this one actually works)


One of must have PC game

kyanpufa | Oct. 20, 2014 | See all kyanpufa's reviews »

Back then I played mortal kombat day and night. This is truly one of best fighting game. It has amazing graphic, skill, movements, fatalities, story etc. You can play it over and over again. The combat was really realistic which is blood and injury etc. And then you will play it over and over again and still enjoying this game. This is this kind of game so i highly recommended it.


A true classic.

hateah | July 29, 2014 | See all hateah's reviews »

Ah, that games brings me nostalgia, I remember playing it as a kid. The graphics are old, the movement isn't that flexible and you can't move much, but you can do hell of a lot magics, and skills and K.O's of course which is the ultimate finishing move in the game. If you have watched the movie you'll love that game. There are tons of heroes which you can chose between and fight with the computer, or play the Multiplayer which is the better choice, because to play alone is not fun. There are a lot of maps and each map is made for an each hero. You can dodge,punch,kick, do tons of combos, just anything to finish your foe.


My favourite action game, but on PC.

alanmaz567 | July 12, 2014 | See all alanmaz567's reviews »

The PC port has a few problems, i would recommend playing the game with an xbox 360 controller. The Requirements to play this game are low. The graphics don't look that great, probably because it's a port from the console version of the game. The gameplay plays the same way the previous Mortal Kombat games played. The game is really fun to play with friends. The storyline is not horrible. The online multiplayer is fun and enjoyable for some time and there are allot of thing you can unlock in the game with points which you can get after finishing a match.Overall the game is fun, but not as fun as the console version of this game. I would recommend getting this game on a sale, and if possible try getting this game on your console (if you have one).