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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


Prepare to be tempted, mesmerized and thrilled, become the Overlord, how corrupt you become depends on how you handle any given situation. Your actions impact the game world. With incredible power at your disposal and a team of evil minded minions to do your evil bidding, how will you resist the temptation to be incredibly despotic? THINK EVIL, BREED EVIL, CONTROL ALL!

Key Features:

Control a horde of Minions

  • Intuitive control over a crowd of evil minded minion creatures

  • Use Minions to smash, destroy, kill, steal and intimidate

Become the Overlord

  • Forge loot from the battlefield into powerful weapons and armour

  • Gain Overlord powers such as the ability to make enemies burst into flames and cower down before you

  • Conquer the world and impose your will on its people

Explore a twisted fantasy world

  • A unique story that combines evil bidding with impish humour

  • Defeat the seven fallen heroes to rule over all the world

Customer reviews


Love sending my minions into death

Yoman282 | July 30, 2014 | See all Yoman282's reviews »

I had a lot of fun with this game commanding my minions and sending them to death, I just love feeling like a boss. In this game you have your army of minions which you send to do stuff for you and you have few types of minions. I don't have much to say about this game other than that it's fun, I recommend this, especially with the DLC.


Just awesome

Nova4 | June 12, 2014 | See all Nova4's reviews »

Overlord is the dream of all super mega duper evil villan that want to be mindless evil... and this game make you love every second of ti This game is simple but fun, you have to conquer the world in order to rule it with the help of you crazy and charming minions. You can upgrade your minions and your equiment, you can make chooses that change the ending and best of all... you can kick everybodies A$$ all day.

Pros: +Easy to play +Charming characters +Funny side quest +A great plot twist! +Some pulzzes force to you to think outside the box +Awesome bosses

Cons: +Some times the game is cheap +It its kinda repetitive after a while +Weird quest desing

For me is a great experience, and something unique, give it a try!


unique combat, fun story

mirta000 | May 21, 2014 | See all mirta000's reviews »

You are the evil overlord waken up to lead an army of demons and command them to do your dirty deeds!

The unique aspects of the game: One, you're not really fighting yourself you're commanding hordes of different imps to help you past trough the game. There are various different imps good at various different things so choose your army carefully! And at the same time you're not playing with an RTS view point. Your hero is standing right there, in front of you, being vulnerable as you command hordes of your followers. Two, you're the anti-hero. You're evil and made to do evil things. You can still do good things, but nobody will blame you if you do bad things. This is something very few games do.

Just for the sole uniqueness alone I would recommend it. Though the game does story telling in an entertaining way too, so stay a while and listen to it :)


A fun and quirky RPG that lets you control hordes of minions

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | See all homes223's reviews »

Story: You're an Overlord, Awoken after many years you will control your minions and rule all!

Graphics: Different art style, Fable-Esque

Audio: Hilarious dialogue, Always funny to hear "For you master!"

Missions: Your run of the mill quests, Save damsel, kill big boss, get gold, etc. Controls: Innovative minion mouse controls, Not so much keyboard controls.

Features: Minion control, Tower customization, forging your own weapons

A.I.: Minions are smart, pillage what you want them to, retrieve items for you, kill all each with their own skills

Loading Times: Quick, Not many

Multiplayer: Not the most exciting but different at most

Requirements: Average, A little demanding

Weapons: Mainly your minions but you can forge and use your own armor and weapons such as axes, maces, and swords.

The Good: New idea of evil and minion control

The Bad: Can get frustrating due to controls not working out, same with camera angles, only at times though.

The Ugly: Your right hand minions, Gnarl

Replay Ability: About twice, one doing all good, one doing all evil

The Bottom Line: A fun game that adds a new mark on the RPG world with innovative minion control and customization of your hero.


It's good to be bad, but it's better to be evil.

Fusionfan45 | Jan. 27, 2014 | See all Fusionfan45's reviews »

Overlord is an incredibly fun and intriguing action-adventure game, with strategy elements mixed in. The story is quite simple, for most of the game. You're the evil Overlord, and rule over an army of minions. Your tower has been ransacked, your predecessor is dead, and the heroes who destroyed it have fallen.

The story is good, and while it's minimal for most of the game, there's plenty of hints that lead up to an explosion of information at the end.

The gameplay is where it truly shines, though. You have an army of minions to control, which just so happens to come in four colors, brown, red, blue, and green. Browns are melee fighters, reds are archers, blues are healers, and greens are assassins with high damage and low health. You have four different abilities to control the minions. You can send them out to attack a target, sweep them along freely, call them back, or put them on a guard post to defend an area. It's incredibly fluid, and works wonderfully.

There's also the corruption system, which determines if you're redeemed or corrupted, resulting in different endings.

The game is incredibly fun, has fun level design, and a good sense of humor. That's the good. Then, there's the bad.

The bad happens to be two big flaws. Those flaws are the following:

A.) THERE IS NO MINIMAP. This causes Evernight forest to be drawn out, and incredibly slow.

B.) The Overlord's attacks are by no means fluid or fun at all.

Aside from those issues, however, I love this game, and would highly suggest it.