Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium

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Third party DRM: Steam

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In the year AW 2284, planet Motavia is once again plagued by strange bio-creatures, and it’s up to the brave men and women of the Hunters Guild to exterminate them.

You are Chaz Ashely, a rookie Hunter straight out of training who is supported by Alys Brangwin – a crafty veteran whose good looks and prowess with the blade have earned her an awesome reputation. The two Hunters along with a cast of supporting characters will go beyond Motavia to unwittingly save their entire solar system.

Customer reviews


One of the best RPGs of it's generation.

Snotnarok | Nov. 21, 2014 | See all Snotnarok's reviews »

This game is astounding for many reasons, for one it's the end of the series which is rare to ever see, the story actually ends here. *till SEGA tries to continue or reboot it making this statement moot

The game, especially for a console title of the 90's does a superb job of conveying what's going on by using comicbook like cutscenes- allowing you to see what characters are feeling or their actions, tie this in with full sized characters in battles against animated monsters it really immerses you. You won't find sprites bouncing off one-another to convey a fight, or a sprite turning to show death or something, things are shown really telling the events.

Battles are quick and can be hard. You start the battle with a flash and you pick what each member does or select a macro you've made before, then the two side sclash and after that turn is done you pick what to do. You have magic like techniques and ability driven skills, some of which you can actually combine into a team attack to deal out more damage or hit more enemies.

The game really has a great setting that only gets better as you play, taking you beyond a single world map and cliche airship to get you around (you actually fight IN the vehicles you get- as in you take control of it and fight monsters!)

This is a overlooked RPG, simply because of the platform it was released on, for some reason the Genesis/Mega Drive was ignored in terms of RPGs despite having some top notch ones. Which is odd since this game is now so easily found on a variety of platforms and it's simply great. I've never played a 16bit rpg that had such style, way of conveying emotion and what's going on in a scene. Considering this game was over 100 bucks at the time to get (carts were expensive!) at this price it's a steal.