Prince of Persia®: The Sands of Time (NA)

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Third party DRM: Uplay

This game requires a free UPLAY account to play.


Amidst the scorched sands of ancient Persia, there is a legend spun in an ancient tongue. It speaks of a time borne by blood and ruled by deceit. Drawn to the dark powers of a magic dagger, a young Prince is led to unleash a deadly evil upon a beautiful kingdom. Aided by the wiles of a seductive princess and the absolute powers of the Sands of Time, the Prince stages a harrowing quest to reclaim the Palace's cursed chambers and restore peace to his land.

Key Features:

  • A technological masterpiece: Witness some of the most advanced programming in gaming history, pushing the limitations of consoles and raising the standards of games in all areas of production: physics, lighting, graphics, animations, and more!

  • An unmatched hero: Wielding powers of mythic proportions, the Prince returns to action-adventure gaming with gravity-defying acrobatics, ferocious fighting skills, and the ability to bend time to fulfill his destiny.

  • The Sands of Time: A technological breakthrough that will change the face of action-adventure gaming forever. Erase the past, behold the future, and freeze the present in real-time for unlimited gameplay.

  • Exotic worlds and vast kingdoms: Uncover the mysteries of a world never before explored in action-adventure gaming.

Customer reviews


The first (and best) entry in the series

daniyyel | Jan. 7, 2015 | See all daniyyel's reviews »

Prince of Persia is one of my favorite games. Its a hugely fun platformer with interesting mechanics and great level design. The levels are inventively designed and its fun to perform all kinds of gravity defying acrobatics to traverse the environment. The game knows how to keep the action flowing too. If you die, you can just rewind time and start over. The combat is nothing special, but makes for an interesting change of pace. The only problem is that the game is a bit dated and the visuals leave a bit to be desired. If you can get over that, there's a great game here.