Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger

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Third party DRM: Securom

Playfire Client required to download and play.


"A plane carrying top secret data has crashed in the Amazon. If it is captured by the enemy there is no telling how many lives will be lost. You and your team have been called in to rescue any survivors and retrieve the data at all costs. You're professionals - this is what you do.

On your way to the drop, your plane was hit by a surface-to-air missile and you and your team were forced to make an emergency jump into hostile territory. Alone and surrounded by enemy forces, you and the surviving members of Raven Squad still have a mission to complete. If you're lucky, you'll even live to talk about it."

Raven Squad is a tactical action game set in the Amazonian jungles that blends a first person shooter (FPS) experience with the command and overview advantages of a tactical real-time strategy (RTS) with dominantly story driven objectives. The player can solve each tactical situation using his own combination of the two genres either by himself or cooperatively with a friend.


  • Set in the Amazon in the year 2011, players will experience lush jungle visuals, haunting ambient sounds, changes in the weather, and an enemy in their home element
  • Featuring the best of both worlds, Raven Squad combines both FPS and RTS gameplay for a blazing action experience
  • Co-operative campaign allows players to take control of a squad and play though the entire game with a friend online or locally
  • 6 characters with unique backgrounds, personalities, weapons and skills
  • Hilarious, campy dialog paying homage to classic 1980's action films

Customer reviews


Yeah, it's just bad

sycomantis1991 | June 19, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

It's not the worst game I've played surely, but it's pretty damn bad. I will give props for trying to combine two vastly different genres in RTS and FPS. Unfortunately, neither aspect turned out well. The RTS functions abre bare-bones and offer no real tactical strategy, while the FPS segments are clunky, barely responsive, and horribly repetitive. Pass, even on sale.


Interesting idea...

danteveli | Sept. 23, 2012 | See all danteveli's reviews »

Sometimes when I play games I get super bored, because we have practically seen it all by now. When a title shows up and manges to amuse me I have to write about it. It doesn't have to be really good just a bit innovative or developer has taken path off the beaten road. Raven Squad is title like that. Its a mix of RTS with FPS. Action is set in a jungle and you command a squad of commandos with different equipment and abilities. You can switch between tactical view from the sky and first person view action. I liked that idea and mixing gameplay with different styles. Sadly execution is far from stella. both parts of the game are a bit sub-par to the standards. Also controls are a bit awkward and it doesn't feel cool to shoot and blow stuff up. So thats a big minus for me. Plus the AI is really on low level and that makes the game more of frustrating than challenging. Sadly this is another unpolished product that had the idea right but is far from being really good.


Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger

maciej2601 | Aug. 30, 2012 | See all maciej2601's reviews »

Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger is produced by Atomic Motion studio action game combining elements of FPS and RTS. Players direct the actions of mercenary who tries to get out of the war-torn Amazon. The key to victory is the skillful use of the strengths of individual character. In addition to solo play option, the game also allows you to play in a two-mode co.


Stay away from this Game

TehMarv | June 7, 2011 | See all TehMarv's reviews »

Raven Squad may sound good at first glance but it's just another mediocre Shooter that tried to blend Genres and failed horribly. The voice acting is cheesy, the AI is horrible and controls are just as bad. The Story is on par with a Seagal or Van Damme Movie. There is really nothing good about this game. The bad port does not help it in any way imageinable. This Game is not worth your Money!


Man Down, Man Down!

awesomedude2306 | May 4, 2011 | See all awesomedude2306's reviews »

Games that claim to be revolutionary or original often have higher expectations set upon them. Raven Squad is one of those games, an FPS which claims to seamlessly meld first-person shooting with real-time strategy. Instead of leaving a mess of enemy corpses behind, the developers left a mess of bugs, making it a terribly glitchy game from the get-go. The graphics were extremely bland, giving off the feeling as though the game wasn’t finished in places. The shooting was even blander, with no real feeling of power or kickback from the weapons. While the RTS-FPS function technically worked, the allied AI pathfinding and aiming was horrible, making it a chore for players to manage fireteams and combat squads.