Red Faction II

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Third party DRM: Steam

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For the last 15 years, Sopot, the corrupt dictator, has oppressed the people of the Commonwealth. His relentless pursuit of unification with the neighboring United Republic has left the country soaked in unnecessary bloodshed and poverty.

Propaganda is plastered throughout communities and a Public Information Building, built as a tribute to the self-centered chancellor, spews news broadcasts with claims of victory as more and more soldiers fall victim. Fed up after years on the front lines, a group of super-soldiers injected with nanotechnology vow to replace the dictator and restore peace.

Defend your country as Alias, a demolitions expert, with the help of your five squad members, each specializing in their own method of destruction. Fight through diverse levels using vehicles, an arsenal of specialized weapons and massive explosives in your rampage to overthrow the government.

Key Features:

  • Revamped Geo-Mod™ engine — the only FPS with real-time, arbitrary geometry modification

  • All new storyline & characters — fight as a member of an elite squad of six

  • Enhanced graphics and pre-rendered cut scenes for a completely immersive experience

  • Utilize four varied vehicles in combat including a tank, hover flyer and submarine

  • Acquire superior firepower from multiple boss battles

  • Fourteen specialized weapons of mass destruction including dual-handed combinations

  • All new inventory of useful items - health kits, night vision, numerous grenades and more

  • Stealth, puzzle solving and action oriented objectives

  • Advanced AI behavior - AI works in squads and reacts realistically to each combat situation

  • Experience alternate endings based on style of combat - good or bad "karma"

Customer reviews


For the Red Faction!

KingTed | March 25, 2015 | See all KingTed's reviews »

Red Faction 2 is not exactly the sequel of Red Faction. Actually, the game doesn’t even take place on Mars. Your are the member of a mercenary squad that works for the Red Faction which is, here, a group of rebels who fight the Dictator Sopot. Like its big brother, this game is a First Person Shooter with destructible environment. Note that the story is more cheesy and funnier this time. It’s not funny all the time but the mood here is very different from what it was in the previous game. The gameplay is pretty well done. It’s a good shooter with an average campaign. The graphics are dated but that much. The multiplayer mode is very addictive thanks to the possibility for your bots to gain experience and thus of becoming stronger after each match. It’s a good sequel and it is my favourite entry in the series.


Worse than first Red Faction, but still good shooter.

Furrek | July 9, 2014 | See all Furrek's reviews »

Red Faction II is worse than original. Why? It just became a normal fps game. Remember what maked Red Faction 1 so great? Second game is missing this all. Another very bad thing is, that this game doesn't have multiplayer. Sure, you can play against BOTS, but that's all. Don't get mistaken by "multiplayer" on steam store or here. You can't call that multiplayer, if you can't play it online. The console version of this game had split-screen, so you could play it with friends together (in this so called "multiplayer" option), but sadly PC version doesn't have something like that. For the story, it's decent, I liked Red Faction 1 more. You can compare the sequel of Red Faction with the F.E.A.Rs sequels - it's not what original was, but if you are fan, you should play it. Well, Red Faction 2 is also nothing like new Red Faction games, so I guess only fans of the old RF will have some fun. Also, if you like some old school shooters, grab it.


Red Faction II Review

Darkpeing | April 14, 2014 | See all Darkpeing's reviews »

The Good: -Vehicle sections. -Destructible environments. The Bad: -No skippable cutscenes. -Ridiculously difficult final boss in comparison to the rest of the game's difficulty. -Terrible voice-over/dialog.


the beginning of something great.

damienjameswebb | Feb. 3, 2014 | See all damienjameswebb's reviews »

now, this wasn't the first of the red faction games, but it was my favorite. there was a lot of basic fps ideas that were then expended on and evolved into what we know red faction to be today. the enemies felt very real and intelligent thanks to the brilliant AI used this time around. this made that game feel actually difficult compared to the first game which felt a little too run and gun and never die. the graphics as well are much improved and they feel a lot more realistic (for the era) and much more enjoyable to look at. the story isn't the greatest, but it sets up a lot of things for the more modern games later on that have made me love this IP.


Solid shooter with many strengths

mahon | Sept. 12, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

The Red Faction franchise covers four titles: Red Faction, Red Faction 2, Red Faction Guerilla, and Red faction Armageddon. They're all about combat on the red planet - Mars. While the first Red Faction was good for its time, Red Faction 2 brought some changes and improvements, making it a must-play for every science-fiction shooter fan. Now with improved graphics the game will be more accessible for a modern player than the first part. And it's worth playing for its new storyline, broad selection of weapons and usable items, or combat vehicles. The game deserves a praise for good AI of computer controlled enemies, and alternate endings depending on your choices in the game. And the game itself is rich in possible approaches - you can be more of an explosives expert, blowing everything up or a stealthy commando, avoiding direct confrontations whenever possible. Some of these aspects were improved in the next games of the franchise, but Red Faction 2 is still a very solid shooter.