Red Faction

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Lured to Mars by the Ultor Corporation's promise of a better life, thousands have come to seek their fortune and work for the massive mining company. But all is not as it seems. A deadly plague is sweeping through the barracks, and miners suffer daily abuse at the hands of the Ultor guards. Is a revolution on the horizon?

Red Faction revolutionizes gaming with Geo-Mod technology, the ability to completely alter and destroy the environment in real-time. Featuring 5 controllable vehicles, 15 weapons of mass destruction, unparalleled multiplayer action, and a setting on Mars in the midst of a deadly plague and rebellion, Red Faction sets the gold standard in gaming!

Key Features:

  • Geo-Mod technology:

the only FPS with real-time, arbitrary geometry modification

  • Unparalleled multiplayer action, with Geo-Mod specific strategies

  • Advanced physics simulation:

supports falling geometry, particles and liquid

  • Five land, sea and air vehicles to commandeer and control

  • A compelling storyline across 20 diverse levels

  • Stealth and action driven objectives

  • Varied environments including natural settings unique to the genre

  • Dynamic, real-time lighting including lightmaps, object shadow casting and more Advanced AI behavior

  • Real-time skeletal deformation and interpolation for silky smooth animations

  • Location-based damage system

  • Multiplayer support for LAN and TCP-IP (up to 32 players)

Customer reviews


A classic to keep

maces006 | Oct. 5, 2013 | See all maces006's reviews »

Red faction has a very interesting story, as well as mechanics that make the game very interesting. Red Faction runs on geo-mod technology which allows for destrution of the games environment, although it would take a while to blast a big enough hole into the wall (i tried to build a tunnel). The variety of weapons on Red Faction is quiet reasonable, as well as the health system. This game is really enjoyable although due to the age of the game it can have issues on the latest OS, and also there is no waypoint/minimap to tell you where you have to go so you can get lost if your not careful. I would highly recommende this game.


The game that started a trend

forgot2shave | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all forgot2shave's reviews »

When this game came out, it was unlike anything else before it. Never had you been able to destroy the world around you and use it to your advantage. While the campaign is pretty fun and certainly had an epic feel to it when it came out, it was the multiplayer where this game really shined. Shooting out walls, finding secret rooms, creating your own fort; all of this made it such a unique experience. The controls are pretty standard and the weapon choices are varied enough to keep it fun. This is definitely a classic that is worth your time.


Good ol' classic!

Antagonist121 | Feb. 4, 2013 | See all Antagonist121's reviews »

Great old game from the time when FPS's were decent, this is an actiony romp, with quite an advanced destruction engine for the time. I don't think it can beat the original Half-Life for sheer brilliance, but it still a great game! The graphics are slightly dated, but not by a huge amount, and the AI is lacking, but overall its great fun!



Mindestens | Jan. 27, 2013 | See all Mindestens's reviews »

When it came out, the destructible environments brought by Geo-Mod was something mind blowing. Actually, not many games are offering similiar possibilites of destruction to this day... With a nice choice of weapons and a decent story for a shooter (the best in the series, imo, from that point each game had it worse and worse) this is something worth giving it a try if you don't mind a little bit outdated graphics.


Classic in best times!

crazyspike | Dec. 16, 2012 | See all crazyspike's reviews »

Red Faction its one of my first games i was playing on PC and its pretty good! If you want Classic FPS with very good graphic at times of 2001, good sound, nice story background here are your game. Finishing - Classic FPS, if you don't play this game and like old games this is best choice!