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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


Neo-Paris. 2084.

Personal memories can now be digitised, bought, sold and traded. The last remnants of privacy and intimacy have been swept away in what appears to be a logical progression of the explosive growth of social networks at the beginning of the 21st century. The citizens themselves have accepted this surveillance society in exchange for the comfort only smart technology can provide. This memory economy gives immense power over society to just a handful of people.

Remember Me™ is a 3rd person action adventure where players take on the role of Nilin, a former elite memory hunter with the ability to break into people’s minds and steal or even alter their memories. The authorities, fearful of her knowledge and capabilities arrested Nilin and wiped her memory clean. After her escape from prison, Nilin sets out on a mission to recover her identity, helped by her last and only friend. This search for her past leads to her being hunted by the very people that created this surveillance society.

Key Features:

  • Speculative, stunning vision of our future – Discover Neo-Paris 2084, where augmented reality and memory digitisation have taken control of peoples’ lives.

  • Play as Nilin – an elite memory hunter with a clouded past – Become the most wanted memory hunter in Neo-Paris and experience the power to break into peoples’ minds to steal their memories. Gain the information you need directly from people’s heads, to complete your missions and recover your own memory.

  • Memory Remix – This innovative new gameplay mechanic allows players to use Nilin’s powers and alter parts of people’s memories in real-time gameplay. This will change characters’ complete perspective on their self-image and the people around them, which can have grave consequences for the world in 2084.

  • A balanced mix of combat and exploration – Fight your way through the different environments Neo-Paris has to offer, using Nilin’s proficiency in martial arts, as both hunter and prey!

  • Combo Lab – Remember Me allow players to fully customise the combos Nilin uses during the game. Players can adjust combos on the fly to suit every situation.

Customer reviews


You Should Remember This

Azrael360 | July 22, 2014 | See all Azrael360's reviews »

It's been a while since I played a special and unique game like this one. If you want a reference, the combat is kind of similar to Batman: Arkham Asylum's with platform style found in the Assassin's Creed games, and everything wrapped

up with a Ghost In the Shell aura. You play as Nilin, a girl with no memories with the power to manipulate the memories of others. The story is amazing, I was hooked up from the beginning until the end, and the game is not short, in

"Normal" difficulty I needed 15 hours to complete it.

Technically, is beautiful. The art is fantastic and the action fast. It uses the Unreal Engine, but it's well implemented. You will never see the usual problem with this engine about the textures not loading fast enough found in some

other games using the Unreal Engine. Although, you may find some stuttering is some areas because the game loads while you play (you'll never see a loading screen), but this almost never happens and if it does, it's almost unnoticeable.

Also, it's true that the game is linear, but the designs are so fantastic and diverse, that you will never find a "recycled" area. Everything is designed differently, with details worthy to stop and watch. You will be also doing that

anyway if you want to find secrets, to unlock bonuses, increase your health, etc...

The combat seems complex and difficult to "implement", but it's really easy. With a combination of attacks to form a combo, you attack your enemies with these combos starting with an (X) or (Y) -if you're using an Xbox 360 controller-.

You have a max of 4 combos and as you progress in the game, you will unlock more attacks to form different combos with special effects, like increasing your damage, recover your health, and more. It sounds complex, but it isn't. It's

really easy and fun to use and edit.

With a great story, excellent voice acting, great animations (they did an excellent job with the motion capture), this is a game worthy of a purchase and to play it.

By the way, if you don't like the grain effect in the screen, there's a mod called "No Grain" that removes it completely. You can find it at NexusMods.


Remember Me

ebeaver1016 | May 13, 2014 | See all ebeaver1016's reviews »

Remember Me takes place in the future. It is a pretty cool game because of the story. The gameplay is fun and it centers around hand to hand combat. I usually play games with a mouse and my cyber snipa game pad for precision shooting. However, since this hand to hand, I really enjoyed using my Microsoft 360 controller. The graphics are decent. They almost have a dark and eerie presents. This is fitting for the nature of the story. You get a unique ability to alter time. I really enjoyed using it, but sometimes it got to be really time consuming. You also get some pretty cool abilities that you can use in real time combat that allow you to stun enemies, disable them, blow them up, and so on. That was what made the game so rewarding for me because it made me feel so powerful. The story is unique and enticing. Keep in mind that this game is not an open world adventure. I got this on sale so i thought I got a good value.


A well crafted story

gforcesa | Dec. 30, 2013 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

Remember me caught my eye from the very first trailer.Right there and then i told my self that this game is going to be liniar and repetitive and it kinda was.Most games offer you different ways to defeat your enemies but Remember me was not one of those games.At first the combos were kind of confusing but after a while i got used to them.The enemies sometimes annoyed me so much i would punch my keyboard.The moments in the game where you have to go into someones memories and create a new ones were one of the most good things in this game and i liked those but the game had only a few in the game.Almost half way through the game i found myself doing the exact same combo to every enemy and it was awesome at first because i killed them pretty fast but it was getting repetitive.The story on the other hand was one of the best i've seen in a video game for some time.Other than that the game was good.I wish they release a DLC where they give you more levels where you have to manipulate someone's memories.


Good but not great

vincentric | Dec. 24, 2013 | See all vincentric's reviews »

It's a love it or hate it game, I don't quite love it but enjoy it a lot. To me it has a good story, nice visuals, and fun combat similar to the fighting found in Sleeping Dogs and the Batman games. But it doesn't do anything particularly better than the games that it copies. The platforming in particular feels a little stiff compared to other titles it copies like Uncharted and Enslaved. Would recommend using a 360 Windows controller for this game it feels more fluent than using KBM.


Interesting concept but lacks in execution

Takeshi_K | Dec. 3, 2013 | See all Takeshi_K's reviews »

Remember Me could have been a much better game, and I was really hoping.

The story and characters never really manage to get under my skin, to make me care about them. That wouldn't be a problem if the combat wasn't so flawed. It wants you to make these crazy combos, and that's actually a cool idea. Even cooler that you can customize them. But it doesn't work when they're being put to practical use in combat. It's hard to do a combo, when you have an enemy going for you after three button inputs. In Batman it wasn't a problem since you could just jump over the enemy or counter them. But you are able to do neither of those things in RM.

It doesn't help that it's incredibly linear without Uncharted-level of quality. Plus the text everywhere is just a major pain since it makes you think there is something over there to interact with. Also, the camera keeps lovering when I am in combat making it hard to keep my depth of field.