Renegade Ops: Reinforcements DLC

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.

Customer notes

This DLC pack requires the original Renegade Ops to be activated on the user's Steam account to correctly function.


General Bryant has found two new recruits to help in the fight against Inferno; Blazemo and Crystal.

Drive Blazemo's buggy with flaming pipes and use his special ability, Incinerator, to turn into a huge fireball that engulfs everything in its path and cause ultimate destruction!

Alternatively you can drive as Crystal and use her Force Field special ability to repel enemy fire and create a safe haven for you and your allies to shoot from.

Customer reviews


Not really worth 3€

softwareo | March 28, 2012 | See all softwareo's reviews »

Renegade Ops: Reinforcements DLC only adds 2 new characters to the base game. While the characters are a welcome addition I feel that the price of 3 euro can't really be justified. The special abilities of these heroes differ enough from the those included in base game to alter the gameplay and add some replay value. The has a defencive ability and the other adds some firepower. For huge Renegade Ops fans this could motivate two additional play throughs but for other it's likely not quite enough. If you really like the base game then sure, buy this, but if you are just looking for something new to add you probably should at least wait until the DLC is in sale. The best deal you could do for yourself would in my opinion be to complete the base game first and if you still feel that you want some more buy this DLC together with Renegade Ops: Coldstrike DLC. This should give you plenty of additional gameplay for your money. Still I would advice waiting until they are on sale for -50% or more. At that point it's a decent deal.