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"It may not be a radically new Resident Evil 5, but the PC version of the game still manages to hold its own with an improved control scheme and extra Mercenaries mode." -

"Resident Evil 5 isn't exactly perfect, but it's so close, none of its flaws upset the experience as a whole. Buy it for yourself, but bring a friend for maximum enjoyment." -

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From the ashes of old conflicts, a new terror arises. The Umbrella Corporation and its crop of lethal viruses have been destroyed and contained. But a new, more dangerous threat has emerged. Years after surviving the events in Raccoon City, Chris Redfield has been fighting the scourge of bio-organic weapons all over the world. Now a member of the Bio-terrorism Security Assessment Alliance (B.S.A.A.), Chris is sent to Africa to investigate a biological agent that is transforming the populace into aggressive and disturbing creatures. Joined by another local BSSA agent, Sheva Alomar, the two must work together to solve the truth behind the disturbing turn of events. Featuring a revolutionary new co-op mode of gameplay, Resident Evil 5 will let players experience fear together as terror moves out of the shadows and into the light of day.

Key Features:

  • Two Playable Characters:

    Chris Redfield, protagonist of the original Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Code Veronica, returns and is joined by new playable character Sheva Alomar, an African BSAA agent tasked with investigating the epidemic.

  • Two Player Online Co-op:

    New cooperatively-focused gameplay revolutionizes the way that Resident Evil is played. Chris and Sheva must work together to survive new challenges and fight dangerous hordes of enemies.

  • Next Generation of Fear:

    Features groundbreaking graphics that utilize an advanced version of Capcom’s proprietary game engine, MT Framework, which powered the hit titles Devil May Cry 4, Lost Planet and Dead Rising.

  • "Quick-Select" Inventory System:

    Improved inventory system allows items to be traded between characters. To add to the intensity, all inventory management is done in real time; items can even be assigned to the directional pad for instant access.

  • Dual Control Schemes:

    Experience the next generation of fear in a control scheme tuned specifically for your mouse and keyboard, or plug in a gamepad and tweak the controls console style.

  • New Enemies Bring New Challenges:

    Enemies boast increased speed and intelligence, making them as dangerous alone as they are in groups.

  • Powerful New Weapons:

    The number of weapon variations has been greatly increased providing new ways to keep enemies at bay.

  • Fear Light as much as Shadow:

    Lighting effects provide a new level of suspense as players attempt to survive in both harsh sunlight and extreme darkness.

Customer reviews


Really fun co-op game!

crisman | April 5, 2014 | See all crisman's reviews »

First of all: forget the old resident evil's games. This is not a survival game, but an action, like Resident Evil 4. I personally preferred the old survival style, but I must say this game is not bad at all, instead I really enjoyed it!

As it's prequel, you must travel across the levels fighting against infected people and monsters, looting ammo and money for the shop (for buying armor or guns, or upgrading them) and healing plants. In the main story you control Chris Redfield, but this time he will have a partner, Sheva, which can be controlled by CPU or a friend. Of course, the friendly AI is a bit messy and a lot of time it will depletes ammo really quickly, so a friend is highly suggested.

The levels have a really good variety, you begin the game in a town, then you find yourself in a mine, caves, hidden labs and stuff like that. The story of course involves Umbrella and Las Plagas, with some interesting background stories, although the story is nothing special and a bit cliché. There are very little puzzles inside the game, so most of the time you just shoot and run. It has no cover system, but who cares?

The length of the game is really good actually, and has a really good replay value thanks for scoring system and higher difficulties, and mercenaries mode. Overall is a really good action game, but should be played with a friend.

Oh and remember, it uses GFWL!


Great experience, but doesn't stay true

WolfeClawz | Feb. 16, 2014 | See all WolfeClawz's reviews »

I'd be lying if I said that I didn't have fun while playing through this game with my friend, but at the same time, I feel as though it lacked in terms of being a true Resident Evil game.

Comparing this to it's predecessors, it isn't very scary at all. Sure, it has it's tense moments, but nothing really SHOCKS you as you'd expect it to. Resident Evil 4 felt like a great balance between gunplay and horror. Resident Evil 5 on the other hand feels as though they focused more on refining the gunplay in comparison to wanting to scare the player.

There's honestly nothing wrong with this, however as a long-term player of the original games, it's disappointing seeing this entry lack what was truly unique to the franchise.


Survival Horror? No. Fun? Yes!

mgold07 | Jan. 28, 2014 | See all mgold07's reviews »

Resident Evil 5 follows two agents of an organisation known as the BSAA, whose job is in essence to kill Bio-Organic Weapons (B.O.W.) and generally save the world from impending doom. The 5th numbered title in the series, Resident Evil 5 follows the same mechanics as Resident Evil 4 with the addition of a few features. One of the biggest of these features for me was the co-operative play. Being a big fan of co-operative experiences this was a big plus as there is nothing quite like blasting the living hell out of Majini with a friend. This is certainly where most of my review score can be brought up from, however that's not to say it doesn't have other reasons to be considered for purchase. The storyline, whilst tired and rehashed is still standard Resident Evil. Big evil guy wants to do big evil things, heroes stop him. There's nothing particularly new here, but who really enjoys Resident Evil for the story? STORY: 4/10 In terms of horror, fans looking for a good scare are going to be disappointed. Resident Evil 5 strayed far enough away from its survival horror roots to now be called an action game. Does it suffer for it? I'll have to say no, whilst I do prefer the original games a survival horror featuring Chris now working for the BSAA would feel awkward and detrimental to the game itself. There has been much complaining about the controls found in the game, however I felt that they were fairly good with only minor problems such as reduced turning speed as you move, despite this I had no troubles with the controls, but maybe that's just me. Gameplay is very much similar to RE4 in that it is much more action oriented than previous games in the series. The game offers an over the shoulder, third person experience complete with a repertoire of guns. Replacing the completely unhelpful Ashley from RE4 is Sheva Alomar, complete with the ability to shoot enemies too. Sheva is both a playable character and an AI, though it is preferred to play through the game co-operatively as the AI is fairly poor. The gameplay however is not perfect. The inability to move whilst shooting can feel problematic and the game is littered with QTEs with the PC controls being difficult to adapt to for many. GAMEPLAY: 7/10 Now the question of the hour is, is this game fun? Well, yes it is. I've managed to play over 30 hours on the PC version alone and I'm still looking forward to my next session, both co-op and solo. FUN: 8/10

Final Score: 6.3/10


It's not RE4, but it's still a very solid 3rd person shooter.

TomWeise62305 | Jan. 26, 2014 | See all TomWeise62305's reviews »

As a follow up to RE4, Resident Evil 5 disappoints. When judged on its own merits it's a very solid 3rd person action game. In my personal opinion, RE4 is one of the best games ever created. It has fantastic shooting, audio, visuals (for 2005 Gamecube standards), incredible pacing, great set pieces and also plenty of great meat n' potatoes gameplay. Resident Evil 5 doesn't stray too far from what made RE4 so great, but unfortunately just about every change that was made was for the worst. Visually it's a large step up from RE4; I'd say it looks quite a bit better than RE6 that came out years later. The basic controls are virtually unchanged besides the addition of strafing. You can't move and shoot which I never saw as an issue in RE4. It means that you have to think on your feet and watch your back as well as practice crowd control. The addition of coop is a huge plus for some people, but I'd much rather have a great single player experience which RE5 sacrifices for its coop ability. Coop also means you now have a real time inventory which is extremely annoying to navigate while in the middle of a battle. Your AI partner is also an imbecile. Any remnants of horror from past RE's are gone in RE5. Save rooms with typewriters are replaced by checkpoints. The merchant is gone and you now buy supplies in between missions. There are a lot more guns this time around but there's little incentive to use them all because most are rendered useless when a higher specced one becomes available. In RE4 there's a reason why you might want to use any of the 5 handguns because of their different attributes and special abilities. Now piercing and critical headshot percentage are general attributes that most guns can have. The attributes of the guns in RE4 made you think about what was best for the scenario and your own play style rather than just picking the one with the highest damage. The story goes off the deep end in RE5 as well, I'll just leave it at that. Most enemies from RE4 have been carried over into RE5 yet some like the sewer bugs and regenerators are gone now which were probably some of the tensest parts from RE4. Overall RE5 feels very familiar to RE4 yet has nowhere near the same impact RE4 had in 2005. It's still a solid action shooter because of its similarities but I would never regard it as a modern classic like RE4.


on par with Resident Evil 4

gwynplaine | Dec. 4, 2013 | See all gwynplaine's reviews »

RE4 gets a lot of praise for inventing the over the shoulder third person shooter and its great design and RE5 gets slagged for not doing the same. But it's very enjoyable as its own game and its own merits. It's not as bad as critics have said it is and is very fun in co op with a friend (there's a split screen mod too).

The storyline and cutscenes as with 4 too is full of b movie zombie cliches, ham fisted dialogue and hilarity - just the way it should be.

The guns and tank controls are great in this game. it's one of the few games where the guns pack a kick, recoil and punch to it - heads are popped and limbs are downed. This is one of things which they got wrong in RE6, in my opinion at least.

Good game for two players, and Sheva is great eye candy too.