Return to Castle Wolfenstein

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World War II rages and nations fall. SS head Himmler has Hitler's full backing to twist science and the occult into an army capable of annihilating the Allies once and for all. Battling alone, you're on an intense mission to pierce the black heart of the Third Reich and stop Himmler -- or die trying. Fighting in advanced team-based multiplayer mode, you'll wage your own WWII in an all-out Axis vs. Allies contest for frontline domination.

Powered by the Quake III Arena engine, the Wolfenstein universe explodes with the kind of epic environments, A.I., firepower and cinematic effects that only a game created by true masters can deliver. The dark reich's closing in. The time to act is now. Evil prevails when good men do nothing.

Key Features:

  • Epic Environments

  • Intense Story-Driven Action

  • Ferocious A.I.

  • Big Screen Cinematic Effects

  • Team-Based Multiplayer Action

Customer reviews


A True Relic of the early 21th Century

TheForgery | May 12, 2015 | See all TheForgery's reviews »

It is an old game. The graphics have obviously not aged well but it will not matter when the music, environment, enemies, and unique weapons draw you in. Pros: This classic game has one of the finest singleplayer experiences. The plot is more engrossing than most movies. Diverse enemies are scattered around the campaign. Fight your average Nazi soldiers to Elite SS guards and then, grotesque experiments that lunge at victims and classic zombies that pop out of their tombs and crave for flesh. A good range of weapons, from historical/classic firearms like the Luger and the MP40. For stealth, wield a Sten and pop out the heads of those Nazi soldiers. Advanced firearms consist of a "Venom Minigun", that always results in a messy pulp of hamburger meat created by torn-up assailants, and an experimental electrical gun, named the Tesla Gun, which delvers thunderbolt discharges. It's never the same environment when exploring a new map. Pulse-pounding action in a Nazi stronghold or sheer suspense in a tomb of the dead. Cons: The negative aspects RtCW had was the lack of multiplayer due to its significant age and yes, I will mention again the graphics and textures are old. However, the singleplayer is sufficient and allows this game to still be enjoyed for at least one playthrough. Another major con is the linear stealth missions. At least two of them force the player to quietly sneak around enemies or otherwise, the mission(s) will fail. Quick Summary: Play as B.J. Blazkowicz, an epic hero in FPS gaming? Check. Fight against Nazis who impede your progress with MP40s to flamethrowers? Check. Battle the undead that tend to pop out of their tombs and crave for flesh? Check. Lots of weapons to shred enemies into a messy, bloody pulp? Check. Explore in diverse environments, from Castle Wolfenstein to Norway? Check. Awesome soundtrack? Check. This game may be over a decade old, but it's still gold. I couldn't find anything bad about this game as I enjoyed every moment of it, from the beginning to the end.


A blast from the past

jinsuyah | Jan. 10, 2015 | See all jinsuyah's reviews »

I played this game during the beginning of the 3rd millennium and it was surprisingly amazing...killing nazis. Now I have returned to Return to Castle Wolfenstein to see why it was surprisingly amazing to...kill nazis again. Thumbs up - Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a classic or I say.. average gem - (But it doesn't match up with it's predecessor) Highly Recommend: Wolfenstein 3D and Wolfenstein: The New Order


Underrated game

Grauhl | July 17, 2014 | See all Grauhl's reviews »

This game was amazing. I remember it was the first time i saw a flamethrower making fire that actually looked like fire. The game has some very nice difficulty levels which will keep even the more hardcore player busy on the hardest difficulty. I will highly recommend this game.


An average, functionally sound and thorough FPS

mugaro | June 24, 2014 | See all mugaro's reviews »

Nothing about this game is great, every category is a 7/10 or 8/10 at best. I felt like a lot of the levels were copied straight from Goldeneye, but were still lame & dreary. There's nothing wrong with this game, its just mediocre or okay at everything. Pros: There's nothing broken with this game other than a few gameplay directions. The cinematics look pretty good for 2001, the voice acting gets the job done and it presents an interesting story about the Nazis and their quest for illusive magic. It's also got a great multiplayer component to it, a lot of games were built off of this very solid engine. Cons: The terminator fights are annoying, the paratrooper rifle makes the game too easy, the cinematics are boring & the story, the graphics look dated, the final boss is too easy. Most of all, instant failure stealth missions are not enjoyable. Most games dont do that now. If you like FPS games from the xbox/ps2 era, this is a solid entry.


A Good Reboot

Azrael360 | April 30, 2014 | See all Azrael360's reviews »

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a reboot from 2001 of the entire series with elements of the both games from the 90's. It retells in more details the story of the failed mission of the Office of Secret Actions to infiltrate the Castle Wolfenstein, and how Blazkowicz, one of the captured agents, has to escape from the castle while still carrying his mission of investigating the activities of the SS Paranormal Division. While id Software has almost nothing to do with it, the game has become a classic in its genre. Even though by today's standards is quite old, still has that unique Wolfenstein personality. It doesn't look good, but the silly action and the nazi paranormal theme make this game worthy to add to any collection, especially for any Wolfenstein fan and those looking for something classic.