Return to Castle Wolfenstein

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Third party DRM: Steam

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World War II rages and nations fall. SS head Himmler has Hitler's full backing to twist science and the occult into an army capable of annihilating the Allies once and for all. Battling alone, you're on an intense mission to pierce the black heart of the Third Reich and stop Himmler -- or die trying. Fighting in advanced team-based multiplayer mode, you'll wage your own WWII in an all-out Axis vs. Allies contest for frontline domination.

Powered by the Quake III Arena engine, the Wolfenstein universe explodes with the kind of epic environments, A.I., firepower and cinematic effects that only a game created by true masters can deliver. The dark reich's closing in. The time to act is now. Evil prevails when good men do nothing.

Key Features:

  • Epic Environments

  • Intense Story-Driven Action

  • Ferocious A.I.

  • Big Screen Cinematic Effects

  • Team-Based Multiplayer Action

Customer reviews


One of those days, almost scared me to death

songoffall | Jan. 28, 2016 | See all songoffall's reviews »

Ah, the era of good old Quake 3-based shooters. There was quite a bunch of them, back in the day - Quake 3 Arena, Medal of Honor Allied Assault, Soldier of Fortune 2, etc. Thinking I was playing another typical WW2 shooter, I escaped prison, shot Nazis, investigated their activities, spied and then I got into the catacombs. I thought the Nazi soldiers were shooting me, so I dropped dynamite into the hole and got them wiped out. Then I went further, and something came from behind and cut me down. I saw what it was and quit the game for a month, to come in terms with the fact that I'd be playing a survival horror game. A month later I squeezed my jewels together and finished the game. It was a pretty impressive feat for a game back in 2001, being that immersive and scary. When I got it on Steam, I thought it would have aged badly. I was wrong and I'm looking forward for those cursed catacombs.


After many years still a great game.

Furrek | July 24, 2015 | See all Furrek's reviews »

When I played Return to Castle Wolfenstein for the first time it was a perfect game - perfect graphics, perfect story, perfect gameplay. Did anything changed after so many years? Just a one thing - graphics won't impress anyone ;) Amazing atmosphere! It's one of legendary fps games, not so easy, but still not so hard, difficulty levels. They don't make games like this one anymore. Even if you never played Return to Castle Wolfenstein I'm sure you will enjoy it. This review is not some old gamer talking about how games were better before. This game is an example that games truly were amazing years ago and had something more besides fancy graphics. If I could choose a game which would be used to convince new and younger players that old doesn't mean bad - I would pick Return to Castle Wolfenstein without hesitation. If you call yourself a gamer you must play this game!


Always the most interesting one

MaNonF1rE | July 22, 2015 | See all MaNonF1rE's reviews »

RTCW was an interesting game when it came out, you had side characters that would chip in on the story and it had an alternate dark magic storyline as well. It was the first time Wolfenstein would have it's story fleshed out more than just merely killing nazis and robo-hitler. The story telling I feel was ahead of it's time and even on my playthrough over a decade later, it's still a lot of fun to play. The game has some buggy ai that tends to die in the air on ladders and get stuck on objects sometimes but when you first run into some of the demon monstrosities, you'll forget all about that. Definitely worth a buy if you've never played it. 69/100 for leather covered female assassins.


A Decent, Though Not Amazing Old FPS

DrakeSays | July 6, 2015 | See all DrakeSays's reviews »

This game is simply okay. While it was probably fantastic at the time, it hasn't really aged super well to be honest. While it's more open than most FPS's of today, you have many ways to complete your objectives, and most levels are fairly large, this is brought down by bog standard gameplay, and a lifeless soundtrack. The graphics are alright i suppose. Not great, but you can't expect them to compare to today's. Even for the time though, they were a bit mediocre looking. They get the job done though, and at the very least, you should have no problem distinguishing enemies. The gameplay is okay. While it's extremely bog standard for the time, you have a decent set of weapons, all with their own advantages and disadvantages. Overall, Return to Castle Wolfenstein is just another entry into the acclaimed series. It's fun, but it definately shows its age.



markegiani | July 3, 2015 | See all markegiani's reviews »

One of the first FPS games I've ever played and definitely one of the best ! With great story as you woke up in your cell and got freed from cultist germans, this game will surprise with its good script even if its an FPS. Good old germans are great recipe for success in gaming. Definitely worth buying !