Rogue Warrior (AU)

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Third party DRM: Steam

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Rogue Warrior is a character-driven, first-person-shooter, featuring Richard 'Demo Dick' Marcinko's explosive personality in an action-packed single player campaign, and intense multiplayer combat.

Playing as Richard 'Demo Dick' Marcinko, you go behind the iron curtain to disrupt a suspected North Korean ballistic missile program. Soon into the mission, you uncover a conspiracy that could turn the tides of the Cold War in the communists' favor. You must then take the mission into your own hands as you enter into the bowels of the USSR to destroy a technology that could change the balance of geopolitical power, leaving a trail of destruction in your wake!

Key Features:

  • Play as a Real Life Legend:

    Play as Richard "Demo Dick" Marcinko — a real-life American badass. His defiant, crude, and sometimes ruthless behavior has earned him both glory and infamy in the history books. Now you take on his explosive nature as you engage in black ops and go against the rules of conventional warfare to get the job done.

  • Brutal Kills:

    With more than 25 uniquely brutal kill moves, do what it takes to take out the enemy. No trick is too dirty as you maintain the element of surprise whenever possible - find and kill the enemy before they find you.

  • Targets of Opportunity:

    Be an instrument of destruction as you create tactical advantages by eliminating any and all targets that would otherwise benefit the enemy.

  • Multiplayer Mode:

    Go head to head against others online and even perform brutal kill moves on your friends.

  • Award-winning Talent:

    Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke voices Dick Marcinko's in-game character.

Customer reviews


Brutal and short

michalmichal | Sept. 18, 2013 | See all michalmichal's reviews »

Why do good games have to be so short? This is a good action game, based on a story of Dick Marcinko, a special forces operator, who wrote a book about his experiences. And the book became the base for this game. Of course it's not a completely accurate recreation of the book, but it's all for the game's benefit. You get to play some spec ops actions in the East, but just when you start getting immersed in the game and involved in it, the game ends. And wait, is this all? Nothing more? No expansions? Why? Well, only multiplayer gaming remains if you want to keep playing. And you will likely have because the game is brutal and memorable.