Saints Row 2

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Third party DRM: Steam

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Saints Row 2 brings true freedom to open-world gaming. Players can play as who they want, how they want, and with whomever they want in this sequel to the much acclaimed and tremendously successful Saints Row. 

Set years after the original, the player finds himself in a Stilwater both familiar and strange and challenged with bringing the Saints back as the rightful kings of Stilwater and bringing vengeance to those who wronged him. 

Key Features:

  • Limitless Customization: Play as fully customizable characters that are male, female or something in between. 

    Vehicles can be visually customized as well as performance tuned. 

    Cribs and even gangs all have an amazing degree of detailed customization options. 

  • Multiplayer: Co-op full story campaign has seamless integration (for example one player drives while the other shoots). 

    Competitive MP pushes the boundaries of immersion in a living Stillwater environment fully populated with police, innocent bystanders and rival gangs. 

  • Killer Combat and Awesome Vehicles: Planes, helicopters, motorcycles,boats and cars can be piloted and used as weapons. On the ground new combat options include melee, fine aim, and human shield. 

  • Freedom to Explore: More missions, activities, diversions, races, weapons, vehicles, cribs, city districts, and interiors than ever before. Over 40 story missions with additional bonus missions take place in a transformed Stilwater that is over 50% larger than before.

Customer reviews


Better than GTA?

Obsessor | Aug. 1, 2014 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

It's hard to tell. Depends on ones taste. But if you desire full customization, from your character face and musculature, through clothes to pimping your cars(and tuning them too!). If you want fun game, action packed environment, freedom to go where you please and do what you want, having your own houses, etc. - stop reading now and get the game!

Graphics may be a bit off by today's standards. For me it's still very nice, flashy and colorful enough not to turn away with disgust. Music that's playing in the radio - proper in style with this crazy game. Characters are professionaly made and voiced. Plot has some nice twists, keeps you on edge wanting to see more. I enjoyed this game, if you like things like GTA, you will too. And about my question, is it better than GTA? Can't really decide. Play and see for yourself.


The hilarious GTA little brother.

MafuMafu | Aug. 1, 2014 | See all MafuMafu's reviews »

At first, this game felt like a GTA rip-off. But, Volition took everything that made Vice City and San Andreas so good and put it together. It's fun, it's ridiculous, it's hilarious and is one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. My great and infinite love for the Saints Row series started right here and continued through The Third and Saints Row IV. I enjoyed every single one of them and replayed them a lot of times. Do you want a completely serious game? Well, perhaps this one might not be your type. Do you want to laugh non-stop? Don't wait any longer and start spending your money on this unique gaming experience.

NOTE: This game has a couple of glitches and bugs. But, don't worry. It won't ruin your experience.