Saints Row: The Third

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


"An open world adult theme park where we can treat ourselves to delightful acts of bloodshed and perversion." -

"Beyond the dense, dangerous, opportunity-filled open world, there's another mission type around every corner." -

Years after taking Stilwater for their own, the Third Street Saints have evolved from street gang to household brand name, with Saints sneakers, Saints energy drinks and Johnny Gat bobble head dolls all available at a store near you.

The Saints are kings of Stilwater, but their celebrity status has not gone unnoticed. The Syndicate, a legendary criminal fraternity with pawns in play all over the globe, has turned its eye on the Saints and demands tribute. Refusing to kneel to the Syndicate, you take the fight to Steelport, a once-proud metropolis reduced to a struggling city of sin under Syndicate control.

Take a tank skydiving, call in a satellite-targeted airstrike on a Mexican wrestling gang, and defend yourself against a highly-trained military force using only a sex toy in the most out- landish gameplay scenarios ever seen, igniting a city-wide war that will set Steelport on fire.

Strap it on.

Customer reviews


Crazy but wonderful world

cdp_star | March 19, 2014 | See all cdp_star's reviews »

When I watched the game first, I felt it is too violent. And also my wife forbade me playing it. However I could not stop playing the game till I unlocked all of achievements.

I think there were several reasons, which make this game "attractive game". The main purpose of the game is building high status of my own team in the city, and there are many quests on the map. However almost all the quests are crazy and meaningless. For example I had to crash everything in the city as a huge ball of fuzz, to get applause (exp) points.

And the playing character can get special skills by exp points and money. At last, the character will become crazy superman, who never dies even by attack of tank!!

When I broke everything with co-op player, I could forget everything about real world. It might be one of the best games to forget stress.


Funny and hilarious

Everton1992 | July 31, 2013 | See all Everton1992's reviews »

One thinks that the radical change that has the 3 compared with the previous would be bad, but this change just happens to be the most positive of the game, giving a new identity.

Play fun, varied, absurd, technically somewhat low, but if you like the Sandbox is recommended.


Crazy good

zipnox | July 31, 2013 | See all zipnox's reviews »

In Saint’s Row: The third you play as the boss of a street gang and throughout this crazy adventure you get to meet a ton of ridiculous characters as you fight your way through gang rivalries. The game features a big city to explore, conquer, various mini-games to try out and a lot of civilians to harass. The mini-games do tend to get a bit repetitive after a while though.

The plot is very humorous and never takes itself too seriously; this is a wacky game that really manages to put a smile on my face. I found myself cruising around and doing all kinds of shenanigans rather than rushing through the main quest.

Get ready to pull off some crazy stunts and enjoy your time with this game, as long as you don’t want a deep and serious story, this game is all sorts of fun.



iamkyo90 | July 29, 2013 | See all iamkyo90's reviews »

Lately sandbox games end up being very interesting. It has many missions, co-op play certainly makes it more interesting, cute graphics and gameplay, with that very special touch of humor that has this game.


This is GTA but much more hilarious.

Halt | July 27, 2013 | See all Halt's reviews »

If you like off the wall shenanigans, and an overall silly, game in GTA style, then this is for you.

I mean, I don't know what's more satisfying, beating someone up for money, or beating someone up for money with a giant dildo.