Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package

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The Full Package Arrives ....and it's worth every F$&#*!G Penny!

From the ingenious minds that brought you all those Saints Row games comes the ultimate Saints Row compilation.

This premiere edition includes award-winning Saints Row: The Third; all three downloadable mission packs; and more than 30 bonus DLC items. With every weapon, every vehicle, every outfit, go over the top, off the reservation, and to places where no decent game should go. Strap it on, all the way.

This package includes:

  • Saints Row: The Third

  • Saints Row: The Third - Steelport Gangs Pack

  • Saints Row The Third - Genkibowl VII

  • Saints Row: The Third - Gangstas in Space

  • Saints Row: The Third - The Trouble with Clones DLC

  • Saints Row: The Third - FUNTIME! Pack

  • Saints Row: The Third Z Style Pack

  • Saints Row: The Third Explosive Combat Pack

  • Saints Row: The Third Shark Attack Pack

  • Saints Row: The Third - Money Shot Pack

  • Saints Row: The Third Invincible Pack

  • Saints Row: The Third - Penthouse Pack

  • Saints Row: The Third Witches & Wieners Pack

  • Saints Row: The Third Warrior Pack

  • Saints Row: The Third - Nyte Blayde Pack

  • Saints Row: The Third - Special Ops Vehicle Pack

  • Saints Row: The Third - Horror Pack

  • Saints Row: The Third - Genki Girl Pack

Customer reviews


Good fun, although not as much content as the original

ADUAN | July 24, 2013 | See all ADUAN's reviews »

Saints Row The Third is a game that is once again, wacky and funny. The gameplay largely remains the same from Saints Row 2. However, one of the things I found to be disappointing is the fact that some of the activities that were in Saints Row 2 were removed in this one. In addition, the game is a bit too easy as I can access to high powered weapons and vehicles at the start of the game with a little bit of exploring.

However, I still found this game to be enjoyable and worth picking up, especially if you have played Saints Row 2.


Great fun, though not for everyone.

Angorath | July 4, 2013 | See all Angorath's reviews »

An open-world GTA style game. But less serious. As GTA became more serious over the years, Saints row became less serious. It's all about driving around Steelport, doing missions and activities (that include: rolling a giant ball of twine and panda skydiving).

This package comes with all the DLC for Saints Row the Third. Most are cosmetic but there are 3 DLC's that add quite a bit of content. This game should take a while to complete. Be it solo or with a buddy, as you can do all the content in the game with another person. There are quite a few things to collect and stuff to do in the city. And even if you complete and found everything, you can still cause quite a mayhem in Steelport!


Best game of all time

benbean | June 28, 2013 | See all benbean's reviews »

If you're tired of GTA's over-realism and repetitive missions, but still love the open world - gang warfare, this is the game for you. I have put over 70 hours into this game. The best way of describing how it's different from GTA, is that it replaces realism for fun. You can shoot guns over your enemy, and watch as a shark rips them open, coming out of the ground.

The co-op is very well implemented. You can have your single player save file loaded, and invite a friend to your game. They will be in the free roam world around oyu, and you can play all of the single player missions with them.


Definetly worth your time

Snipad | June 22, 2013 | See all Snipad's reviews »

Saint's Row The Third is a brilliant game that is a must for anyone looking for a good story and stupidly awesome fun within the game. From beating up pedestrians to running around the city naked, you will always have fun within the city of Steelport!

Within the game you are able to do the main story missions, collect collectibles, side missions, etc etc. What is more amazing is that when you play co op you just lose yourself in the game and have the most fun ever in a video game.

Get this game and enjoy it before Saint's Row 4


Mindless fun!

onewinged90 | June 17, 2013 | See all onewinged90's reviews »

This is a game so much like Grand Theft Auto, except that it's very ridiculous in a good way. The full package offers every DLCs released to this date, which is a bargain. If you are looking for a game that does not take itself seriously, this is a game for you.