Sonic Adventure™ 2

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Third party DRM: Steam

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"Sonic Adventure 2 is for true Sonic fans that want to relive a time when the series was still fun to play. Despite the terrible camera and some audio hiccups, it's a great experience for old and new players alike. The Chao Garden and great price only add to the overall package making this one a sure fire bet!" -

"Sonic Adventure 2 offers the same thrills as its Dreamcast and GameCube predecessors without sacrificing too much. The online features from the Dreamcast title are unfortunately stripped, and the GameCube extras are only available as paid DLC – making this PSN download worth skipping if you already own either of the original titles. But for those who haven't yet experienced the fast paced adventure, this is a stellar port of an old classic." -

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In the fight between heroes and villains, will you choose to save the world or conquer it?

The hunt for the Chaos Emeralds is on and battle lines have been drawn between Hero and Dark. Experience two unique adventures featuring both long-time heroes and new and returning villains as they battle for the fate of the world!

Sonic Adventure 2 makes its return on PC Digital Download with a full cast of playable heroes and villains, exciting two-player competitive modes, Chao Gardens, and more than 30 action-packed stages, all remastered in HD!

Key Features:

  • Save the day as heroes Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles or cause chaos as Shadow, Dr. Eggman, and Rouge, utilizing each of their unique skills and abilities!

  • Take a break from the main story and challenge a friend in two-player across kart racing and other competitive modes!

  • Raise your own pet Chao, improve their statistics, and compete with them in unique mini-games!

  • Challenge yourself to complete over 150 unique missions across 30 action filled stages!

Customer reviews


It's like having nostalogy kicking your stomach!

MTVirux | May 15, 2014 | See all MTVirux's reviews »

It not only let's you meet the good ol' Dreamcast Sonic days as it also gives you an amazing test to your skills patience as you try to collect the 5 emblems associated to diffrent missions in over 30 levels. Highly recommend if you own a controller as the games has a poor PC port in which only the controller promts are shown.


Great Game, Awful PC Port

combodombie | March 5, 2014 | See all combodombie's reviews »

Sonic Adventure 2 is a great game. It has awesome music, a very good story, and (most of the time) great gameplay.

However, DON'T GET THE PC VERSION. Why? Well, the controls are incredibly confusing to understand, the game runs like CRAP (I have a stable computer that can run most of my game library at about 30-60 FPS), with a horrible frame rate. If you want to get the game, just get the Gamecube, Dreamcast, Xbox Live or PSN versions instead.


Pretty Fun, but Be Warned

faerie241 | Nov. 28, 2013 | See all faerie241's reviews »

I do like this game quite a bit. Sonic is a cute little speed ball as he always is, and the level design is ingenious. The biggest issue with this game is the controls. This is a really poor PC port from the standpoint of actually controlling sonic. The buttons are different from any other standard PC game, and to make matters worse, they do not give keyboard button prompts, only controller prompts. This game is fun, but only if you are willing to fork out money to buy yourself a controller.


old yet great but not quite perfect

lemeure | Nov. 18, 2013 | See all lemeure's reviews »

This game has a few flaws like often clipping through geometry, or other minor bugs, but still stands as one of the best 3d sonic games. A great title, it has a decent story with missions repayable for differing goals, finish in a certain time, get 100 rings as fast as you can, etc. it give a lot for those who like to 100% a game. this is the game that introduces shadow the hedgehog as well as introducing rouge the bat. if you like the newer sonic games or had this game on the dreamcast or gamecube, get it. it does it justice.


A Timeless Classic

taythib | Nov. 18, 2013 | See all taythib's reviews »

Back in the late 90s, many games were making their transitions to 3D, and Sonic Adventure 2 was the the second attempt at Sonic's foray into this rather new territory. Playing as classic Sonic characters such as Tails, Knuckles, and of course, Sonic, and also newer playable characters such as Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, and Robotnik, you progress through quite an interesting story. Sonic and Shadow's levels are by far the best constructed, containing nonstop fast-moving platforming and a memorable soundtrack. The games flaws are really in the other 6 characters' levels, which consists of run-and-gun and treasure hunting and bogs down the game as a whole due to a poor camera and controls. In the end, the enjoyment of the platforming levels far exceeds the flaws and makes for a quite fun game.