Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (MAC)

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Third party DRM: Steam

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In the tradition of the highly acclaimed Star Wars: Jedi Knight series, Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2, Jedi Outcast features rebel agent Kyle Katarn in exhilarating first-person action. Several years have passed since Kyle avenged his father's death and saved the Valley of the Jedi from Jerec and his band of Dark Jedi. Allowing his Force powers to languish for fear of falling to the dark side, Kyle entrusted his lightsaber to Luke Skywalker, vowing never to use it again. But when a new and menacing threat to the galaxy emerges, Kyle knows he must reclaim his past in order to save his future.

Explore breathtaking Star Wars locales such as Cloud City, the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4, Nar Shaddaa, and the smugglers' moon. Multiplayer options include deathmatch, saber-only deathmatch, and team capture the flag.

Key Features:

  • Expanded and enhanced use of the lightsaber features a slew of attack and defense moves

  • Tap into the powers of the Force including Jump, Push, Jedi Mind Tricks and more

  • Employ combat or stealth, depending on the situation. When a fight is necessary, be at the ready with an arsenal of weapons: stun baton, Bryar blast pistol and blaster rifle to name but a few

  • Two multiplayer modes: Jedi training and team-based play

Customer reviews


Return of Katarn

KingTed | Feb. 6, 2015 | See all KingTed's reviews »

Taking place after the original trilogy, Jedi Outcast is a First Person Shooter where the player controls Kyle Katarn a member of the rebel forces and one of Luke Skywalker's allies.

With good graphics and decent controls, Jedi Outcast is a fun game. Using a lightsaber or the Force powers is really satisfying!

The graphics are still nice. It's a pleasure to visit familiar places from the movies.

Also, the game was first released in a time where FPS has proper level-design so it got its share of exploration phases.


THE Jedi Knight

vipe_1 | Dec. 5, 2014 | See all vipe_1's reviews »

Kyle Katarn's second foray in the video game world is a true classic, and Quake III based masterpiece unlike many games out today.

Jedi Outcast follows Kyle and his "sidekick" Mara Jade, as they work for the Rebels to impede the Empire. Along the way, Kyle gets embroiled in the force and encounters with the Sith once again.

Graphics are dated, but still hold up well today. Combat, especially lightsaber combat, is fun and offers a lot of variety. Force powers are also very cool and effects are great. Controls are tight, and the game runs very well.

Several Star Wars favorites will also appear in this game, and the multiplayer play is very fun as well.


Arguably the best Star Wars game ever made

Gmen | July 1, 2014 | See all Gmen's reviews »

For all intents and purposes, this is Dark Forces III, and continues the story of Kyle Katarn, the central character from the previous two games (three, if you count the expansion to Dark Forces II – Mysteries of the Sith).

The game uses the Quake III Team Arena engine, and it looks pretty smooth to this day. The one thing I always liked about it is that it doesn’t look like just a mere mod for Quake III, like say Return to Castle Wolfenstein always did. It might be a bit dated as far as looks go, but honestly for a game that is over ten years old, it’s really not too bad.

You have all the usual sound effects one would expect from a Star Wars title – the high pitched noise of the blasters, and the ominous “zoom” of the lightsaber. Very good use of sound, especially when one factors in that some voice actors from the original trilogy even lent their voices to the characters in the game. The score is also particularly memorable in my opinion.

You can choose between first and third person mode when handling the weapons the game has on offer, although to be honest lightsaber combat and force powers are much more impressive in third person -- especially when one views the slow motion fatalities in lightsaber battles.

There is nothing more fun than taking force powers and using them on the fairly intelligent and capable AI, and the lightsaber battles are legendary and what one would expect of a licenced game based in the Star Wars Extended Universe.

Once one tires of the singleplayer campaign, they are in for endless fun by engaging in a variety of multiplayer modes. If you have no friends, never fear, because the game can be played with bots too, ala Quake III Arena.

All in all, this is very probably the best game based on Star Wars I have ever played, and very likely the best Raven-developed game ever. This game comes from a studio known for producing mediocre titles, and this was always quite surprising to me. Certainly their Magnum Opus.

In short, if you're a Star Wars fan, get this game. If you're not a Star Wars fan, get this game anyway.


Properties and game mechanics

SchmiRaj | June 28, 2014 | See all SchmiRaj's reviews »

This game is epic and wonderfully reflects the incarnation of Kyle Katarn in the role of an agent. Although this part is a continuation of this work, it does not prove that havebeen DLC. Theme of avenging his father and saving the Valley of the Jedi against the onslaught of the Dark Jedi is very charming and reminiscent as it is played in the previous section. As it befits Star Wars, we will once again fight evil and darkness with more types of new weapons, lightsabers and tricks waving them. Control may irritate some, because our main character can say that the'' slip'' on the glass floor. one may interfere, and the second one does not. Let us now turn to the graphics. Although the game originated in 2002, is a graphic so not deterred as it was compared to other games of that breakthrough. Lightsaber effects are really nice, and the shooting of laserowegop blaster Ještěd more charming than in the previous sections. In my opinion, the game deserves a purchase, so what more there in August I will elaborate ... Let every visitor to this site will buy it in the dark!