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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


"bring[s] stellar flight combat and more stand-out moments than any Call Of Duty set piece." -

"Strike Suit Zero nails the balance between simulation and arcade shooter, creating an excellent combat experience" -


In the year 2299, an interstellar war rages on. In a bid to save Earth from destruction, you must take control of the Strike Suit – a revolutionary fighter craft with the ability to transform into a lethal suit of space armor. Immerse yourself in massive fleet battles where your dog-fighting skills will directly affect the fate of the cosmos.

Discover a colorful and vibrant universe, with an epic story where the fate of Earth hangs in the balance and your actions will determine the outcome: preventing Earth’s destruction is your immediate concern but preserving its future is your ultimate goal.

Engage intelligent enemy fighters and take on colossal capital ships, exploiting weak points in their super-structure to blow them apart. Upgrade your ships and customize your weapon load-outs to tailor combat to your tastes. Take advantage of four unique craft, including the Strike Suit, to experience dogfighting action as you’ve never seen it before.

This is space combat reborn.

Key Features

  • Fast, frantic space combat: freely engage multiple enemies, dogfight other pilots, fight massive fleet battles and defend vast structures.

  • The Strike Suit: strategically switch from Pursuit Mode (speed and power) to Strike Mode (a powerful, highly maneuverable combat mode)

  • Capital Ship Destruction: take capital ships apart piece by piece – take out their turrets or target weak-points to blow out entire sections of their superstructure.

  • Multiple endings: your choices in game directly affect the state of Earth at the end of the game.

  • Vibrant and vivid universe: space is far from the dark, featureless void it’s supposed to be. Discover the color and vibrancy of the Strike Suit universe across 13 unique locations.

  • Ship Designs from renowned Mechanical Design engineer Junji Okubo (Appleseed: Ex Machina, Steel Battalion.)

  • Music from award-winning composer Paul Ruskay (Homeworld) including a collaboration with Japanese singer/songwriter Kokia (Tales of Innocence, Gunslinger Girl: II Teatrino)

  • Joystick compatible: as well as being fully optimized for mouse and keyboard, and gamepads, Strike Suit Zero is compatible with a range of joysticks for full immersion.

  • Multi-screen support: play the game across three monitors, and discover the Strike Suit universe in all its widescreen glory.

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Customer reviews


Fun game!

Arp1033 | Sept. 20, 2013 | See all Arp1033's reviews »

You ever want to pilot a Gundam? Than this is the game for you! The story is rather nice and engaging, the graphics are nice, but that isn't what you are here, you are here to blow up stuff in space and boy howdy does this game satisfy. I play this game with a controller, and I can say the controls are pretty tight. I never have issues going where I want to go, and it lets you pull off some pretty rad maneuvers. Combat is fun, and you get to blow stuff up while feeling like a champ. What more could you want?


Fantastic come back of the '90s space shooter!

alphaprospector | July 8, 2013 | See all alphaprospector's reviews »

It took over a decade to see the glorious return of the genre and, while the game had some rough spots upon release, most of its problems have been patched since.

Strike Suit Zero brings the classic dogfighting of old and mixes it with some interesting lock-on and mecha combat to provide a nice and unique blend like I didn't play in years. This constant switching between fighter and Strike Mode is what makes the meat of the game, along with chasing high scores in the missions and experimenting with the multiple weapon loadouts.

At its heart, it's an arcade game with touches of sim rather than a full blown simulator but, well, this trade off allows for an extremely fast paced action where you can be tracking 1 fighter then shifting to mech form and take down 20 of them, all while blasting at a capital ship.

The backgrounds are extremely gorgeous and each screen looks like something you could almost frame and hang on your room. The Macross influences are extremely clear, just like the Homeworld feel thanks to its composer Paul Ruskay. All in all, while the game may not be for everyone due to its difficulty, it's a MUCH needed entry in the genre and a more than worthy comeback as a whole! I can only hope they'll keep doing this mixture of mecha and space shooting. Freaking love it!


Could be better

onewinged90 | June 11, 2013 | See all onewinged90's reviews »

If you played the Macross/Robotech games before and you loved it, this is definitely the game for you as it borrows elements from the Macross universe hence the transforming jet-to-robot warfighter. The game's storyline could be better as characters communicate via radio with portrait on the HUD and no cutscenes at all. The combat is highly enjoyable and the graphics are very good.


Space and robots

Hunork | June 9, 2013 | See all Hunork's reviews »

Fast-paced combat feels new and exciting

The ability to transform injects much-needed creativity into the old formula

Captivating renderings of outer space draw you into the world

Hard to acquire upgrades and multiple endings extend the game's replayability.


Good and funny

kalil | June 7, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

Strike Suit Zero do what he promised and stands as a great space shooter with which any fan of the genre will enjoy greatly. It is true that are missing more playing options and more variety in the development of the action, but the intensity and showmanship of most missions, and the freedom given to us at the time to address these objectives, make it a highly recommended title.