Team Fortress Classic

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One of the most popular online action games of all time, Team Fortress Classic features over nine character classes -- from Medic to Spy to Demolition Man -- enlisted in a unique style of online team warfare. Each character class possesses unique weapons, items, and abilities, as teams compete online in a variety of game play modes.

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A good oldie

MisterRay97 | Dec. 2, 2013 | See all MisterRay97's reviews ยป

Team Fortress Classic is the base game of the currently successful Valve's free-to-play, Team Fortress 2. This game played a good role in the early promotion of the online first person multiplayer games that we have today. Though being old, this game is a fine game even in terms on today. The game might not be so popular, but, you could get it for cheap. If you're looking for a cheap retro game, this is it. I'm not a fan of online multiplayer games, but this game is really good. Many people choose to ignore this game because they can play the new Team Fortress 2 all for free. But still, if you have spare cash, you could try this out. It's not good, but not bad either. It will seem bad because of our beautiful modern-day video games, but, it's good to give a shot seeing it's price. It's upto you. If you need something for an old PC, you could try this game.

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