Thief: Deadly Shadows

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Third party DRM: Steam

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"A stellar and mood-defining sound environment, excellent voice work, gorgeous lighting, and a slow-to-build but page-turning story fuel Deadly Shadows to great effect." -

"Thief: Deadly Shadows features a memorable protagonist, a great setting, and some very interesting missions." -

Garrett steals from the wealthy and gives to himself, making his living in the dark and foreboding City. According to ancient prophecies, a Dark Age is approaching. He´s determined to stop this darkness before it comes.

Cutting-edge Action Stealth Gameplay. Hide in the shadows, sneak past the guards, or ambush them from the darkness! Dynamic Lighting and Shadow System. Every character and object casts realistic, dynamic shadows that effect stealth gameplay.


  • Huge Arsenal of Thieves tools. Including lock picks, a blackjack, arrows, wall climbing gloves, oil flasks, flash bombs, and a dagger.

  • An Entire City to Explore. Break into any building, mug nobles on the streets, spend your loot, and earn a reputation.

  • Feel like a real thief in a cityscape of unparalleled responsiveness and interactivity.

  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence.

  • AI guards that see and hear, track evidence and suspiciousness, search for intruders, fight, give chase, and perform lip synching, facial expressions, and hundreds of lines of real-time dialog.

Customer reviews


Being a thief, why would I want to do that?

AkiMatti | May 6, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

So now I have a game where I can rob people, disobey the law and harm the officers that try to keep order. Great...

At least the mechanics of it are well executed in this game, if you have no moral quandaries against being a thief. Of course, there is more to the game than just robbing people blind, but I won't go into details with the story. I'll just say you will be doing many more morally questionable things during the course of this game for the sake of a so called greater good.

As a stealth game, the stealth parts are done well. You cannot play the game to finish without killing anyone, though. So not all stealth anyhow. But dark spots will help you being not noticed. You can distract people. Even bludgeon them or stab them. And take their possessions. You know, because you are a thief.

For a thief game, pretty good. For a moral game, miserable.


Not the best in the series

Gmen | Nov. 19, 2013 | See all Gmen's reviews »

Growing up playing and loving Thief and Thief II, I was looking forward to getting my hands on this game.

While it is a decent game, too much has changed from the originals, that fans of the series will miss. There are no rope arrows, instead the developers opted for climbing gloves – this was apparently done due to engine limitations with the Xbox version, and the PC version suffered as a result. The shortsword is missing so while you may have stood a decent chance against guards in the prequels, you have no option but to flee in TDS – although this does encourage stealthy gameplay, which is, let’s face it, what the series is all about. You also can’t swim, and there are less potions and gadgets at the player’s disposal, which means strategies that might have worked in the prequels won’t work here.

Speaking of engine limitations, there are now several loading areas in missions, and this contributes to a feeling of disconnectedness. Another thing that adds to this is that the game tends to ignore most of the characters from prequels, and there is no acknowledgement of The Mechanists or other major events in the series.

The game feels very similar to Deux Ex: Invisible War, and that’s because it not only came out of the same studio, but also utilises the same engine. The graphics aren't really anything to cheer about, and the physics are pretty awful to the point of being hilarious.

The soundtrack, composed by Eric Brosius, a fan favourite who also worked on the soundtracks of the original games, is quite moving. One of the key points of the series is relying on sound in order to avoid guards, and the highlight would obviously be the scripted sequences – eavesdropping on conversations in order to pick up useful information. These things thankfully made it in to TDS, and a few familiar voices are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Despite its many shortcomings, TDS is not a bad game. It is however the low point of the series to date (the new Thief was not yet released at the time this was written and published).


Great Thief addition

lok0812 | Oct. 24, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

The third installment to the amazing Thief series. This time the game boosted its graphic with a new engine. While it is still considered to be outdated with current standards, it is still a great improvement nonetheless. Gameplay still remains the same as you are tasked to stealth your way through each missions to complete objectives. More gadgets and items are available for Garrett to use and steal from as well as techniques to learn. Great addition to the amazing franchise and must not be missed.


A good game if flawed

predatorpulse7 | Oct. 16, 2013 | See all predatorpulse7's reviews »

The third Thief game is a worthy sequel to its legendary predecessors. The new lighting dynamic is quite nice to behold, Garrett is still Garrett though the third person perspective does take a bit out of the experience and the city isn't as great to behold when you realize that it was broken up into many smaller areas so that consoles could run the damn thing.

While there are some minor inconveniences for any true Thief game, there is still a great THIEF game under the hood. The atmosphere is still terrific, the gameplay is for the most part good and this game boasts one of the most terrifying game levels you will ever witness. And the story has a nice way of wrapping things up as well.

This is a must buy if you are a Thief fan, don't let anybody else tell you otherwise.


The weakest of a great series

DarthMRN | Oct. 12, 2013 | See all DarthMRN's reviews »

As part of the Thief series, Deadly Shadows is a superb stealth game, no question. One of its time's AAA titles, it is pretty, polished and thorough. Sound and voice work are some of it's best assets. Gameplay is good enough to at least compete in the same league as the other Thief games, though not much more. It also features one of the best missions in the entire series, which is also one of the scariest levels in gaming.

However, compared to its predecessors, it is lacking in a number of ways: Levels are small and cramped, with annoying loading zones in every mission to accomodate its silly Xbox version. While there are still multiple paths to your objective, the reduced size of the levels still take a toll on freedom. The story, while as decent as any, is presented in a subpar way, and does nothing better than demystify what should have been left mysterious. Physics is wonky. Swordplay has been reduced to hit and run dagger attacks. Knockouts have been made context sensitive rather than freeform. Rope arrows and the freedom they entailed have been removed. The beautiful cutscenes are at their weakest. The addition of a physical body for Garrett make the controls kinda odd. Garrett also looks the worst he ever did.

All of that said, Deadly Shadows is a good game, it just pales in comparison to its elder brothers. It is pretty much mandatory playing if you like the older games, if only to experience the story's conclusion. Just know going in that if you like the Thief series, the best is behind you once you play this one.