Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas (NA)

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Customer notes

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six makes its next-generation hardware debut in the most dramatic installment of the renowned first-person shooter franchise to date.

Rainbow operatives take to the chaotic streets of Las Vegas as an escalating terrorist siege in “Sin City” threatens to take world terrorism to new, uncontrollable heights. The future of global security hangs in the balance as you battle to defend classic Vegas locations and environments like Fremont Street, the Strip, and casinos.

Experience Las Vegas like never before – through revolutionary next-generation technology as you work against the clock to keep one of the world’s most recognizable cities from utter devastation.

Key Features

  • New Leader, New Team – Team Rainbow ushers in a new breed of heroes. With a new team comes added responsibility. Tactics play a MAJOR role in your team’s success, as each member comes equipped with his own skill set.
  • Logan Keller: Team leader and recon expert.
  • Michael Walter: Heavy weapons and demolition expert.
  • Jung Park: Long range and electronics specialist.

  • Special Order Location – Experience a new level of squad-based realism as your teammates, Michael and Jung, offer you real-time tactical suggestions like busting through walls or hacking computers, all in a race against time to locate the heart of the terrorist cell.

  • Observe - Plan - Assault – Use tactical planning to maneuver through multiple-path Vegas environments, while utilizing high-tech equipment such as snake cams to strategically “tag” terrorist targets to your teammates, prior to entering a room.

  • Real-Time Immersion – Prepare yourself for a new level of in-game immersion with real-time mission briefings, all in the midst of the most intense combat ever played.

  • Advanced Gameplay Animations – Motion-captured assault and recon techniques such as fast roping, rappelling, window entry, blind-cover fire, and more. All captured by an experienced Hollywood animation expert.

  • Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence – Next-generation technology brings a higher level of artificial intelligence to Rainbow Six. As you get past the grunts and advance closer to the center of the terrorist cell, encounter deadlier, more skilled enemies who work together as a group to counter every move you make.

  • Customizable Multiplayer Experience – Create your own multiplayer character that evolves as you play online, unlocking new equipment and achievements as you go.

  • Ubisoft Montreal Returns – Rainbow Six is back in the hands of Ubisoft’s Montreal studio, creators of the award-winning and highly acclaimed Rainbow Six 3.

Customer reviews


Ubisoft peaks with this version of Rainbow Six after many years

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | See all homes223's reviews »

Story: Your two squadmates are taken hostage, you must get them back while saving the city of Las Vegas.

Graphics: Great looking, Shader 3.0 required.

Audio: Squad has good communication, weapons sound great, all round well recorded.

Missions: Kill bad guys, defuse a few bombs, save the hosties, etc.

Controls: I prefer the mouse and keyboard to the 360, so IMO superior to the gamepad.

Features: New cover system that works very well and can save your life in many spots.

A.I.: Smart, can flank, and will own you hard if you let them.

Loading Times: Many but never more than a minute long.

Multiplayer: Get your money's worth, cool rank up system.

Requirements: Shader 3.0, Decent Gaming PC.

Weapons: Standard RS M4 :( The Good: Graphics, Cover System, Enemies.

The Bad: Frustrating at times, No M4!

The Ugly: In Games Ads. Meh.

Replay Ability: SP- Average, MP-High.

The Bottom Line: The Best Rainbow Six Game to Date.