Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (NA)

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"Splinter Cell is the hardcore's game made excellent by an engaging storyline and a sinfully addictive journey into ordinary places that become extraordinary simply due to the change in how we tackle each of their unique problems." -

"In some ways it's even better than the original version. In most ways, though, it's exactly the same." -

Infiltrate terrorists' positions, acquire critical intelligence by any means necessary, execute with extreme prejudice, and exit without a trace!

You are Sam Fisher, a highly trained secret operative of the NSA's secret arm: Third Echelon. The world balance is in your hands, as cyber terrorism and international tensions are about to explode into WWIII.

  • Go Behind the Headlines into the Real World of Modern Espionage - Enter the realistic Tom Clancy universe. Suit up with the latest classified field operative gear and weapons.

  • A New Level of Stealth Action - All the best stealth action plus all new moves. Highly interactive environments giving players more gameplay options and the ability to strategize their actions.

  • Deep Environments. Unparalleled Immersion - Stunning environments driven by the Unreal™ engine. Dynamic lighting and sound effects that match reality.

  • Pulse-Pounding Action on a Global Scale - Over 20 Hours of stealth action. Diverse mission objectives that can be achieved by different means for increased replay value.

Customer reviews


Aging Game in an Aging Series

untitled36 | June 16, 2014 | See all untitled36's reviews »

This was my first Splinter Cell game, and also the first in the series, though I came late to the series. I loved in my first time through. It was like the best levels in golden eye: careful, stealthy gunplay. Or maybe more like the old Commandos games, but from a first person shooter perspective. You slowly eliminate the enemy one by one, making sure you aren't seen. It's tense, it's rewarding, and challenging enough to make you think without being annoyingly hard. Thus far, the review would be a 95/100. But I came back to this game after several years. It hasn't aged horribly, but it still feels clunky. The graphics that once felt so tense and lifelike are now so dated that they break immersion. It's tough to go back after seeing other games. If you are new to the genre, you can give it a try, but set your bar low for this aged game.


The Original while older is stronger

sgtfoo | March 17, 2014 | See all sgtfoo's reviews »

This is the game that should have introduced you to stealth action. It has all the original moves and actions that made Sam Fisher a notable character in the stealth game realm. If you've played the new ones but missed this old one, and you're not one of those people that MUST have multiplayer, do take the time to have a run through in this game.. and to boot, you'll have another peek at Sam Fisher's story.


The One that started it

my123for5 | Jan. 25, 2014 | See all my123for5's reviews »

Splinter Cell though not the first stealth based game was a landmark in the genre, bringing the stealth to the forefront of the story and character development. You Play as Sam Fisher, a retired navy seal who just signed on to work as the first Splinter Cell (he's a spy). You are given to ability to do just about any acrobatic feat possible to stay hidden and achieve your goal. The story of the game is interesting, but mostly just a placeholder to get you though the levels. The only flaw in the game is that its can get quite tedious because its so slow paced, That however is also part of the charm for lovers of the franchise. Being how cheap this game is now you really don't have an excuse for not owning it, Its totally worth the money even if you only play it a few times.


OG Fisher split jumping and busting caps

gwynplaine | Nov. 27, 2013 | See all gwynplaine's reviews »

This game started it all – the whole stealth genre. Metal Gear was about everything else plus stealth and a game like Thief was a niche title, but Sam Fisher brought stealth to the console masses and this was a killer app at the time. Finding places to split jump and killing from above was just too cool a thing to pass on a decade ago. Now the game is a bit dated in terms of how it looks and how Sam animates and controls, but it contains all the elements of the classic Splinter Cell series – shadows, precise aiming, stealth over shooting and no instant kills. The level design in this game and the next Splinter Cells go back to a time when games were designed with more of an open feel. It’s a refreshing change from the on rails experiences of modern Splinter Cell games.