The 7th Guest

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


Henry Stauf's mansion has been abandoned for as long as anyone dare remember. Stauf was a master toy maker, a maker of amazing puzzles and this strange house was his greatest creation. Now the mansion stands empty, rotting ever since the children started dying, ever since the six guests came. Now there are only the eerie lights and the terrible sing-song rhymes of the children.

And suddenly, you are in the house. You move from room to room, step-by-terrifying-step, as scenes from that night of horror come to life. Because Stauf's game isn't over. There were six guests the world knew about - and there was one other. Stauf's mad mansion lives again. And only you can end the nightmare and learn the secret of The 7th Guest.

This Award-Winning Game Features:

  • Groundbreaking use of full-motion video and dialogue recorded by live actors in a terrifyingly real virtual environment.

  • Old Man Stauf's bizarre puzzles to solve and games to play.

  • 22 Stunningly rendered, devilishly surprising, 3-D rooms await you in this fully explorable haunted mansion.

Customer reviews


Great puzzles in a classic

markegiani | March 25, 2016 | See all markegiani's reviews »

As a big fan of horror and adventure games, I had to grab this old timer. Even though I thought it was a game like Phantasmagoria or Dark seed, this game positively surprised me. Most of all, it was the puzzles ..... I was not happy that this was not an adventure game, but the puzzles were really good. I don't remember when was the last time I had to think hard so much like in The 7th guest. Great graphics, optimized for today's hardware, and good music (with not so good voice acting) are one of the game's standouts. Also, you have to be aware that this is not a horror game and the game has a poor story too. So, if you're in for a great and tough puzzles that make sense, then The 7th guest should be one of your priorities on the shopping list.


Old puzzle game that still plays well

mahon | June 15, 2015 | See all mahon's reviews »

Believe it or not but there was a time when recorder and digitalized movie sequences with real actors were what made people go "wow". My computer was too weak to run this game, so I felt as if I was missing something important, so the possibility of playing this game now was pretty much special for me. Avoiding spoilers and revealing too much, let me just say that it is a puzzle game taking place in a haunted mansion, which might be considered a kind of an interactive movie if one was tolerant enough to the multiple puzzle sequences. Fortunately they were pretty clever and well designed, so the game is still very playable and can be enjoyed even by a modern gamer who likes to execise their brain a bit and solve some good puzzles.