Assassin's Creed™ Director's Cut Edition (NA)

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Customer notes

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"Assassin's Creed is a beautiful, exciting experience that will stay with you long after you finish it." - GameSpot

"Offers a unique mix of action and exploration that deserves to be experienced." - IGN

Assassin’s Creed is the next-gen game developed by Ubisoft Montreal that will redefine the action genre. While other games claim to be next-gen with impressive graphics and physics, Assassin’s Creed merges technology, game design, theme, and emotions into a world where you instigate chaos and become a vulnerable, yet powerful, agent of change.

The setting is 1191 AD. The Third Crusade is tearing the Holy Land apart. You, Altair, intend to stop the hostilities by suppressing both sides of the conflict.

You are an Assassin, a warrior shrouded in secrecy and feared for your ruthlessness. Your actions can throw your immediate environment into chaos, and your existence will shape events during this pivotal moment in history.

Key features:

  • Be an Assassin: Master the skills, tactics, and weapons of history’s deadliest and most secretive clan of warriors. Plan your attacks, strike without mercy, and fight your way to escape.

  • Realistic and responsive environments: Experience a living, breathing world in which all your actions have consequences. Crowds react to your moves and will either help or hinder you on your quests.

  • Action with a new dimension – total freedom: Eliminate your targets wherever, whenever, and however. Stalk your prey through richly detailed, historically accurate, open-ended environments. Scale buildings, mount horses, blend in with crowds. Do whatever it takes to achieve your objectives.

  • Relive the epic times of the Crusades: Assassin’s Creed immerses you in the realistic and historical Holy Land of the 12th century, featuring life-like graphics, ambience, and the subtle, yet detailed nuances of a living world.

  • Intense action rooted in reality: Experience heavy action blended with fluid and precise animations. Use a wide range of medieval weapons, and face your enemies in realistic swordfight duels.

  • Next-gen gameplay: The proprietary engine developed from the ground up for the next-gen console allows organic game design featuring open gameplay, intuitive control scheme, realistic interaction with environment, and a fluid, yet sharp, combat mechanic.

Customer reviews


Poor execution

Jericho417 | Aug. 9, 2014 | See all Jericho417's reviews »

I felt that Assassin's Creed had a rough start The dual story between Desmond and Altair didn't really feel necessary. It was all focused on Altair, with Desmond seeming boring and useless. It was like intermission. The parkour mechanics were a bit glitchy and unpolished. Traveling between zones felt like a chore. Altairs story was interesting, though. Combat was rough, not working like I had wanted. Still, the Animus is possibly my favorite story tool ever. As an introduction to the series, I think it hurts the franchise. I just didn't enjoy most of the game.


Enjoyable Game with a few flaws.

fuzeblu | Aug. 8, 2014 | See all fuzeblu's reviews »

Assassin's Creed, as the first in the franchise, throws players into the soft soled shoes of an assassin during the Third Crusade. The visuals and scope of the world's cities are beautiful and only topped by the later games' iterations. Parkour and free running in this game is it's main and most fun feature, swinging from rooftops and plummeting down upon unsuspecting foes. The combat is pretty standard. You can upgrade your skills and abilities linearly and learn to take on more challenging enemies. Stealth and remaining undetected player a large role, with interesting hiding spots around the map. The story is done relatively well, though not the most satisfactory, does have a few surprising twists and turns. Overall, Assassin's Creed is an nice start to a fantastic franchise, and I suggest giving this one a shot.


great game

AceKaiser | July 2, 2014 | See all AceKaiser's reviews »

The story was pretty good. The gameplay got a bit tedious I would say there's a lot of controls and it sometimes won't listen to what I'm doing. This is my first game into the Assassin's Creed series and I would say I like it a lot.


Great series, Poor entry

bcf623 | June 11, 2014 | See all bcf623's reviews »

On release, I honestly thought this game was great, as there were not many recent games that were available in this type of gameplay. That said, I definitely enjoyed the plot to this game and still do, as it ties in many forms of conspiracies in an interesting fashion. Looking back, what I truly didn't like about this game is that it gets very repetitive. No matter what mission you are on, there is an assassin that basically tells you in order to climb to view points, pickpocket a prominent person, eavesdrop on a conversation, then finally assassinate your target. Over and over again. After the first 4 missions, you really catch onto the pattern and begin to drag yourself through just for the continuation of the story, and really only find enjoyment in the moments where you can sit in the middle of town and slaughter guards that keep running at you.

In all, it is definitely worth it to start the series, but you may just want to read a synopsis for this game's plot, as the game itself is really not that enjoyable.


Go in with an open mind

mugaro | April 26, 2014 | See all mugaro's reviews »

Give Ubisoft a lot of credit here, they created a brand new IP with this back in 2007, and while there were a lot of kinks to iron out (which they eventually did), there is still a solid foundation for the opening to a great series.

The biggest draw here is the story, the story will keep you coming back for more to find out what happens next. The gameplay can get pretty tedious at times. The investigations suck, but the main missions are all varied and different and are a lot of fun to do. The dialogue and voice acting are also a huge draw with all of the stories going on.

Give this a try if you haven't, the story is phenomenal and will be a great precursor to the Ezio trilogy.