Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


"The premise of Brothers – communicated entirely through theatrical gestures and conversations in an untranslated fantasy language – is as affecting and uncomplicated as the journey that follows." -

"Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a beautiful and unique twin-stick adventure brimming with imagination." -

"Short, simple but immensely satisfying, it's Ico meets Limbo in Fable's world. One word: spellbinding." -

Guide two brothers on an epic fairy tale journey from visionary Swedish film director, Josef Fares and top-tier developer Starbreeze Studios. Control both brothers at once as you experience co-op play in single player mode, like never before. Solve puzzles, explore the varied locations and fight boss battles, controlling one brother with each thumb stick. This is one journey you will never forget.

Key Features:

– Concurrent Gameplay – control the two brothers independently on one controller

– Puzzle and challenges for 2 – using unique qualities of big and little brothers (strength/size/speed etc)

– The Brothers – unique abilities and can achieve more together than they can individually.

– Game Director, Josef Fares – Established film director with a passion for Brothers.

– Narrative above the ordinary – an emotional story told without words.

Customer reviews


Wonderful Storytelling

Jamfrost | April 5, 2014 | See all Jamfrost's reviews »

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons has a lot to offer in all departments except for the actual challenge in its puzzles and its linearity (although, you'll have a good number of secrets to discover). If you can look past those two things, you're in for a treat.

The controls for Brothers, do more than just let you control two characters at the same time, they help tell the story and connect you to the characters. This game really stunned me with its story and how tied player control into it. You won't find such a wonderful mesh of story and controls in many other games. Because of how the story is told through gameplay and visuals, I strongly recommend using a gamepad of some sort. You'll only benefit as the experience will become stronger. I don't know if I can recommend buying a pad for just Brothers though (hopefully you'll have other games for it as well if you don't have one).

The story is good and has emotional impact . It didn't wow me as much as how it was told and that's the key difference here. Games are an interactive medium while movies are passive. You'll feel as though you actually are taking part in this story.

The challenge on the other hand, is really lacking. This game is not Dark Souls or Super Meat Boy. That would probably take away a lot of the experience. Know that when you make this purchase. You'll be playing Brothers to experience and partake in a story, not take part in a satisfying boss fight or head-scratching puzzles. Due to the lack of challenge though, you'll have a smooth experience without many bumps in the road.

It's also quite linear. There are views to take in though and some secrets to find. Take some time to interact with the world to get the most of out your experience.

This game is worth your money, just make sure you're aware of the kind of game you're purchasing.


This is one of the greatest games with genius story telling.

spr1n | Feb. 28, 2014 | See all spr1n's reviews »

The game has beautiful design and unique gameplay mechanics - controlling two characters at the same time in order to solve puzzles and progress further. Storyline is just brilliant. Even the game is short, you get to experience so much in this adventure on every step, and it gets more and more emotional toward the end. Not many games in history achieved such level of involvement.

The only bad thing is that its gameplay extremely easy to the degree it is often boring or just non-existent. It is ridiculously linear, you have just one narrow route (or a couple parallel ones) and you can't leave it or fall of a cliff, even characters jump over a pit on your way automatically when you approach it. Despite quite innovative control mechanics and occasional interesting puzzles, you still don't get anything challenging to solve with reasonable amount of effort, everything is pretty much obvious right away. All that almost excludes failure state of the game in practice, even my first death was way past the middle of play through.

To sum it up - it is a great experience you should not miss if you like games like that, or just want to experience what the game offers. Just don't expect much out of an actual gameplay and ignore linearity - you will be able to appreciate the game to the fullest.


Simplicity at it's finest

WolfeClawz | Feb. 17, 2014 | See all WolfeClawz's reviews »

Taking a glance at this game, you may wonder as to why it is seen as such a popular, highly rated title? Well, I assure you that if you buy this game for the measly £10 it's asking for, you will not be disappointed.

Similar to games such as Dear Esther, it focuses heavily on storyline and interpretation. The characters within this fictional universe do not speak any known language, but rather focus on incomprehensible gibberish to display their emotions. You may think that this seriously detracts from the experience, but it's always nice to try and interpret the situation at hand. Leaves a bit to the imagination, you know?

The controls within this game are incredibly simplistic, yet throughout the game you are repeatedly thrown into new, exciting situations that force you to think before you act. Furthermore, it should be said that playing with a keyboard is not at all bad, however a controller is still recommended highly in order to fully enjoy the game.

Not much can be said without spoiling the game, but what I can say is that for £10 (or your national equivalent), this game is a serious steal. Lock yourself within your room and play through it in one sitting. You won't be disappointed.


Absolutely incredible.

Arteus | Feb. 16, 2014 | See all Arteus's reviews »

This game is easily my game of the year for 2013. What first looked to me like a small-time indie game that probably wasn't worth my time ended up being one of the most phenomenal titles I've ever played.

This game tells an engaging story without a single word of spoken English; characters speak complete gibberish yet still convey emotion incredibly. It's only a 2.5-3 hour experience but it doesn't need to be any longer, it's the perfect length to finish in a single sitting and you will never feel that it has outstayed its welcome. The level and puzzle design is perfectly done, you should never need to think overly hard and you should always have a good idea of where you're meant to be going and what you're meant to be doing.

Graphically the game really holds its own. I can see this title being one of those timeless games that never quite looks outdated visually; it's bright, colorful and charming. It should also be noted that the control system is unusual but not bad at all, you control each brother with a separate analog stick and bumper and it works perfectly that way. Also, that's me recommending that you play this game with a gamepad, the keyboard controls work but are nowhere near as comfortable.

If you have any taste in games at all you should purchase this game, lock yourself away from any distractions, pick up your gamepad and play through this game in a single sitting. You won't regret it.


Cry like a Banshee- Brothers edition

Shanti | Feb. 10, 2014 | See all Shanti's reviews »

Synopsis: Stupid game, made me cry like a banshee for 10 minutes at the end. All I ever did was play you and love you...

Actual review: This is one of those 'love it/hate it' works where everything will click completely, coherently and climactically or alternatively leave you befuddled. As mentioned on the stern warning although inaccurately- A controller is highly recommended but not absolutely required. The story is mute in terms of words or speech intentionally, it is more about seeing, imagining and feeling. In that respect it is more like a favourite children's book or even a Gabriel Garcia novel- the details and sub text filled by your mind rather than forced upon you. It is allegorical not metaphorical, you and your gaming friend will never agree to what anything means but in a way both of you will be correct. In terms of puzzle-solving it is not really noteworthy which is completely fine because you will not like or dislike the game for that aspect. It is simply there. The use of force feedback/vibration is done in a way to add depth to the gameplay in certain areas where it wants you to feel what is happening. Which is why a gamepad is sort of essential to get the full experience™

There is no point discussing the story- what does or does not happen, and so I will not. It is better to talk about what is exciting about it instead. It is heartening to see a conscious move to use games as an innovative platform of story telling, whether the story be good, bad or ugly. This is a good thing and therefore the game is wholeheartedly unrecommended.

Note: Sorry if this came off pretentious. I actually turned off my PC after finishing it and did not want to speak to anyone for a while and wrote this right after.