Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

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Third party DRM: Steam

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Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth is a first-person horror game that combines intense action and adventure elements. You will draw upon your skills in exploration, investigation, and combat while faced with the seemingly impossible task of battling evil incarnate.

Key Features:

  • Diverse array of levels from quaint towns to alien locations, including Deep One City

  • Dynamic Sanity system resulting in hallucinations, panic attacks, vertigo, paranoia, and more!

  • Incredibly detailed real-time graphics with atmospheric lighting and dynamic shadows

  • Intelligent gameplay involving puzzle solving as well as combat and exploration

  • 1920s weaponry and vehicles as well as evil artifacts and alien technology

  • Lovecraft's famous monsters and locations

Customer reviews


Good title, not great

Gmen | Oct. 9, 2015 | See all Gmen's reviews »

This is a game that I meant to play for the better part of a decade but didn’t get round to it until recently. It’s an old title based on the Cthulhu mythos – basically a series of short stories written by HP Lovecraft in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The game takes place mostly during the 1920’s in a place called Innsmouth. Innsmouth is a small, cramped little sea port village in New England, USA, and almost straight away you can see just by looking at the place and its inhabitants that it is not somewhere you would wish to be for very long. Graphically, the game is dated, and has a very limited colour palette of browns and greys which lends itself adequately to the feel of the period the game is trying to capture. There were certainly better looking games released at the time when this game came out though, and earlier than that even. The AI is capable enough although can be a little stupid at times. The sound is probably one of the better parts of the game – from the gurgling noises and funny speech that comes from most of the inhabitants and the sound effects in general as passable. The music is also eerie, and very fitting. Gameplay wise, you don’t even have a weapon for most of the initial parts of the game, and it is more of a puzzle solving affair. Later you get weapons, but they aren’t particularly effective at taking down enemies. Fights are challenging, and when outnumbered or being rushed by enemies, you would be better off running. Reading the story the game is based on, The Shadow Over Innsmouth, might actually prove useful to you in at least one part of the game, and acts as a sort of walkthrough, though many of the events in the game and characters and not to mention dialogue have been changed or at least condensed – quite a few of the characters aren’t even present in the short story. I have to say the voice acting in the game, for the most part, is fairly bad, especially the dialogue voiced by the protagonist. In the end, the game is dated, buggy, and difficult to say the least. It’s a cult classic for sure, and if you are a fan of Lovecraft or wish to play a puzzle-centric game, then you might give this one a try. Just don’t expect to be utterly blown away by it.


Great mix of genres!

Furrek | Aug. 13, 2015 | See all Furrek's reviews »

Lots of action. Lots of horror. Lots of adventure, and lots of sneaking around. Lots of puzzles. I don't remember when was last time when I played game which could offer so many genres, so many different gameplays. What even more amazing, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth have amazing atmosphere. There are few moments which I will probably never forget and will scary me even after playing it one more time. Each of chapter is rather long, so it's not a short game, but have no fear - it's fun in 100%. If you are looking for something with great atmosphere, probably unforgettable one, this game is great choice. For this price, you can't get a better single player game.


I cried while playing

Obsessor | May 7, 2015 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

For various reasons, which I will mention in this review. First of all, this game captures Lovecraft's writings in an amazingly accurate way. You actually feel like you were inside one of his stories, in this case it's Shadow over Innsmouth. Whoever read it must remember the frantic escape from Gilman Hotel. It's in this very game, recreated so well I was scared witless while trying to escape. Secondly... Well, I wept, because there are so many bugs... At some points the game is simply unbeatable. You can't complete it. There are some workarounds, mainly cheats, that help you overcome the difficulties. It's all very sad, because this game is a masterpiece, yet the developer abandoned it, never trying to fix the bugs. I cannot understand it. And so I cry every time I want to play this amazing game. Still I will give it a positive rating, because any Lovecraftian should play it, no matter the cost. And there's usually one's sanity at stake.


That is not dead which can eternal lie

KingTed | March 20, 2015 | See all KingTed's reviews »

H.P. Lovecraft is one of the most important authors in the genre of Horror. His work is all about ancient gods which were ruling the Earth aeons ago and will be back soon to kill us all. The most famous of these gods is Cthulhu, a giant winged creature that sleeps deep in the ocean. Dark Corner of the Earth is a Survival Horror game inspired by The Shadow over Innsmouth short story from H.P. Lovecraft. You are a private eye who was sent to the small town of Innsmouth. For the most part of the game, you are investigating the area, searching for answers and trying not to piss off the townfolks and their strange cult. There are some action sequences but they don’t disturb the eerie atmosphere of the game. Dark Corner of the Earth uses a excellent and realistic health system and your character can become crazy too. (Note that too much insanity will lead you to the game over screen) It’s very underrated game with good graphics and excellent gameplay ideas. Some parts of the game are among my favorite sequences in all of the survival horror games I’ve played in my life. You should give it a try!


One of the best

ATeciak | Dec. 30, 2014 | See all ATeciak's reviews »

I've played Dark Corners of The Earth many, many times. It's a great treat for Lovecraft fans and especially if you thought that "Shadow over Innsmouth" shortstory was one of his best. Atmosphere in this game is just amazing, and action is breathtaking. Feeling of constant danger mixed with the lack of interface or any GUI is just phenomenal. For example: if you're hurt, you will be leaving blood trails, so the enemies can easily spot you, and patching up requires using stiches and bandages, but to fix a broken leg you will need other things. To place a well aimed shot you have to look down the iron sight, because there aren't any crosshairs on the screen. If you see to many weird and scary things, screen will get disoriented untill you calm down, your character is losing his calmness and sanity every time he see a gruesome murder, and he starts to question his actions, gives you paranoid opinions based on things he think he saw, when you for example, sneak behind somebody. This is one of the scariest, most immersive games I ever played. Don't think about buying it. Just do it. You will be pleased.