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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


"A complex story about murder, particles and electronic music." - Polygon

"There are no puzzles but you’re always puzzled." - Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"One of the first ever online multiplayer story games, where the main gameplay mechanic is not combat -- it's discussion" - Gamasutra

Cloud Chamber is a Massively Multiplayer story game.

Explore a mysterious 3D database.

Investigate and discuss story fragments with other players.

Piece together what happened from fragments of found footage, secret journals and astrophysics documentary.

In Cloud Chamber, the science is real; the story is fiction, and the truth about Space unknown.

Starring Gethin Anthony (Game of Thrones) and Jesper Christensen (Casino Royale).

Players collaborate with each other to explore, investigate and discuss the fragments of information they collect on their journey through the dataworld, writing the story themselves of a young scientist, Kathleen Petersen, who risks her sanity and betrays her father to save humanity from itself.

Kathleen is forced to choose between loyalty to her father or to betray him and everything she has believed to be true. Her decision will not only determine the Petersen Institute's future, it will impact all of humanity itself.

Was Kathleen's mother Murdered?

Is Kathleen Going Mad?

What Is the Signal?

Key Features:

  • Experience a unique ”found footage” story that combines emails, photographs, maps, diagrams, fiction film, electronic music and documentary films from the European Space Agency into one coherent story.

  • Navigate surreal 3D levels between the parts of the story.

  • Piece together a fragmented story with more 150 story fragments spread over 10 unique levels. Cooperative multiplayer: analyse & discuss the content with other players to understand what happened.

  • Gains access to locked parts of the story by evaluating other players’ theories.

  • Evaluate other players’ explanations; upvote the good, downvote the bad.

  • Make up your own mind: present your theories to other players and get their feedback.

  • Internationally acclaimed actors – Gethin Anthony (Renly Baratheon from Game of Thrones) and Jesper Christensen (Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace).

  • Film fragments filmed by the team behind the original The Killing.

  • More then 30+ movies from the European Space Agency integrated in the storyline.

Customer reviews


A chamber of Clouds!

Kane987245 | Dec. 18, 2014 | See all Kane987245's reviews »

This neat and nifty little game has you piecing together small fragmented stories to form one singular one and it is a cool gem to have in your gaming collections. There are so many to choose, mix and match from, and because of that it offers much more than the gamer would think when booting this game up! For the $11 i got this for, it's worth it.


Multimedia Multiplayer Marvel

emptyhaven | Dec. 18, 2014 | See all emptyhaven's reviews »

I think this game is pretty cool. It's like a huge murder mystery whose main driving force in the investigation is something akin to social media. You communicate with other people in relaying information, creating your own information, all in an attempt to uncover the truth. Clues come from different media that you sift through, stored together in this representation of what I assume to be a kind of cloud storage. The concept is pretty cool, and the FMVs are really well shot. It has a really engaging plot and I think it's just top. My only concern is that being a Massively Multiplayer game, I wonder how well this still plays in the future, when there are less people playing this game.