Ethan: Meteor Hunter

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


"And yet we’re entering the pre-dinner snack period of 2013 and I’m still getting surprised. Ethan: Meteor Hunter is one such pleasantry. It’s not so much that the time-stopping and telekinesis powers on show are wholly new, but their unusual interactions are refreshing." -

"I haven't spent enough time with the eponymouse (sorry) star of Ethan: Meteor Hunter to assess his character, but the game he's in seems to be a bit of a git. A brutal platformer riddled with inventive puzzles, French outfit Seaven Studio's debut puts up a proper challenge that Ian Higton submitted himself to recently" -

Ethan: Meteor Hunter mixes puzzles and platformers core action mechanics to a new level with an innovative, telekinetic mechanic: Ethan can pause time and move objects around in order to solve puzzles and get though levels with dynamic use of physics giving multiple gameplay and solving possibilities!

In Ethan: Meteor Hunter, players assume the role of Ethan, an adventurous rodent, searching for the meteor fragments through more than 50 levels in 3 worlds.

The game is easy to play but hard to master: we’ve made the game thinking of gamers who just want to have a nice 20 minutes play after day-work and of the hardcore ones of you who want to get all of the fragments, extra hard challenges and secret bonuses… Speedrunners should also be very pleased!

Key Features:

  • A rat size adventure: players have the opportunity to be Ethan and interact with his rodent-sized world which was turned upside down by a meteor rain.

  • Telekinetic gameplay: Ethan: Meteor Hunter will incorporate advanced telekinetic feature which allows players to move blocks in the environment to create a path and clear his way through more than 50 levels in 3 worlds. The telekinetic mechanic also pauses time and changes the way the game is played to create advantageous situations for Ethan, or get him out of a tight spot.

  • Diverse array of objects: the player has access to a wide array of objects including wooden blocks (that burn when they reach fire), metal blocks (which is conductive), air vents (which makes Ethan hover), and even revealing blocks (that will help Ethan to see hidden platforms).

  • Non linear gameplay: Ethan: Meteor Hunter is full of challenges and the time-attack, fragment collection or minimum number of pause goals is set in each level to make them unique and playable as much as you want to get the perfect run!

  • Anyone can play it: from the casual player that just want to have a nice 20 minutes play after day- work to the most hardcore ones who aim at getting all the fragments, the best time, get 100% of the achievements or find all the secret bonuses.

Customer reviews


Old School

Kane987245 | June 29, 2015 | See all Kane987245's reviews »

This game is an old fashioned side stroller. It's a quick game and does not go the extra mile to make it a polished gem, but the game gets the feeling quickly it was not the intent of the makers to do so. Reminds me of Dustforce in some ways and that is never a bad thing. If you want a solid quick, side scrolling game with a bit of creative fun, then give this game a chance.


If you like old school sidescrolling fun, you'll like this!

BlockAgent | Aug. 13, 2014 | See all BlockAgent's reviews »

Ethan Meteor Hunter is a classic super nintendo side-scroller with pretty graphics and better physics. It also has some unique gameplay ideas withi it that I will not spoil for you. It really wasn't my cup of tea, but if you really like side-scrollers such as awesomnauts, dustforce and games like those, you will be happy to have this one in your collection.


Lack of plot, but otherwise good

Demilisz | March 21, 2014 | See all Demilisz's reviews »

Main protagonist, Ethan the mouse, has a special power - he can stop time using a special piece of meteorite. Using this power player must help Ethan to solve many puzzles on the way. The game lacks any plot, the main reason to play is simply to move forward and see what the next level hides. The game evaluates how you play and at the end of level gives you one to three stars, and while simply completing the level isn't that hard (Ethan has unlimited numbers of respawns), doing this with best score certainly is (performance evaluation is based on how fast level was completed, how many times we died and how many times we stop time). Oh, and it has a demo version so you can see for yourself how good this game is. Every puzzle platformer fan should give this game a chance.


Solid first effort!

Trollfaceyomama | Feb. 10, 2014 | See all Trollfaceyomama's reviews »

While the game does boast 50 playable levels, the art and overall look of the game left a little to be desired. Other games in the genre tend to create a magical world for you, the player, to get lost in. This is not the case with Ethan. There is basically no story as to why you must navigate this frightening place. You are a mouse, but you could just as easily a lobster or a magical toothbrush. Combine these factors with virtually no in-game sound beyond the noises the killing machines make, and you are left with thoughts of what might have been. However, the game is a solid first effort and I am looking forward to Seaven’s follow-up.