Jack the Ripper: New York 1901

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An immersive and thrilling adventure on the trail of Jack the Ripper in New York in the 1900s. Explore the city's dark streets, question the inhabitants and get your hands on the scoop of the century!

1901, Jack the Ripper, the famous London killer, is back in New York 13 years after bringing terror to the British capital. At least, that's the rumor doing the rounds following the horrific murders of two prostitutes. Play the part of James Palmer, a young rookie sent to investigate this dreadful affair.

Key features:

A Point&Click adventure using 360° vision technology in every scene.

  • A thrilling and immersive adventure

  • A soundtrack to make you tremble

  • Characters' voices by real actors

  • More than 40 characters and 12 specific universes

  • A multitude of challenges requiring logic and perspicacity

  • Voices and texts translated in full into English!

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