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Third party DRM: Securom

Playfire Client required to download and play.


"_ J.U.L.I.A. is a unique and thoroughly enjoyable mission of remote planetary exploration and puzzle-solving._" - AdventureGamers.com

### About

J.U.L.I.A. is an innovative narrative driven PC game. The story centers on Rachel Manners, a 35 year old astrobiologist. She is a member of an elite group of scientists, chosen to embark on one of the most critical missions ever conceived on Earth. Now Rachel is alone, orbiting an unknown planet. Her only companions are J.U.L.I.A., the space probe’s artificial intelligence and Mobot, a huge reconnaissance robot. Together, this unlikely trio will explore the mysteries of this solar system. But are they prepared for what they will find?

### Synopsis

After countless years of careful space observation, the enormous telescope Chandra 17 suddenly locates a solar system quite similar to our own. As all earthly observatories turned their attention towards this new discovery, a signal of artificial origin is detected from deep within the system.

Reaction was immediate and a mission plan was conceived. No expense was spared in the construction of a massive space probe. It was designed and equipped to be ideally suited for the ultimate challenge: to meet and study extraterrestrial sentient life-forms. Equal care was taken with the crew. Only the most prominent scientists were selected and trained to ideally represent planet Earth. Everything was perfectly planned and success was certain. Yet somehow, everything has gone terribly wrong…

Now, imagine being jolted awake by an emergency alarm. As your surroundings come into focus, you realize you were deep in cryogenic sleep on a vast space probe. But why you are there is an elusive memory. Disoriented, you rush to the control room searching for answers. Once there you learn from the ship’s AI that not only have you been asleep for decades, but you are also the last surviving member of the probe’s crew.

To make matters worse, the probe is severely damaged by a disastrous impact with a passing meteoroid swarm. First, you must make repairs. Not only is your own survival at stake, but you need to find out what happened to the crew and why you alone survived.

Are you prepared to:

  • step into the spacesuit of Rachel Manners and find out why she was the sole survivor of this ill-fated expedition?

  • utilize an ingenious MOBOT – a mobile robot designed for planetary exploration to investigate this solar system and all its wonders?

  • solve the mystery of the mission’s failure and locate the missing crew?

  • travel to six unique planets and uncover their secrets?

  • solve puzzles, gather clues and communicate with the most temperamental artificial intelligence ever designed?

Are you prepared for… J.U.L.I.A?

Customer reviews


Great adventure and great story

NikGreen | Jan. 24, 2013 | See all NikGreen's reviews »

This is an adventure. Its primary characteristic is its story. It is a great story.

Adventures have puzzles. The puzzles are good, some are even original. They are not too tough to distract from the flow of the adventure. But their toughness fits with the story. They are not skippable, except, thankfully, a real tough one in a life or death point in the plot.

The plot is close to being linear but not quite. You could do all sorts of things of your own but if you pay attention to the story, you know what to do.

There is no journal. Did I say pay attention to the story?

It could have been a longer adventure or game, but it seems obvious that it is a game written around a story not a story as a filler to a game.

Think of it as a story narrated using the means of an adventure game and you will understand J.U.L.I.A. better.

Very highly recommended.



hellinperson | June 23, 2012 | See all hellinperson's reviews »

J.U.L.I.A is a sci-fi adventure game. It's a puzzle game and they are kind of good. They will keep you busy for some hours, if you don't get bored before that. It has some graphical glitches and gameplay issues. J.U.L.I.A lacks quality and its gameplay is very repetitive.