The Lost Crown


The Lost Crown : a ghost-hunting adventure

There is an ancient treasure, hidden out there in our haunted landscape...but, are you the one to find it? Others have tried, and failed...not though lack of effort and skill, but because someone, or something, has stopped them...dead.

Join Nigel Danvers & Lucy Reubans, treasure seekers and ghost hunters, on his adventure through the murky world of Saxton, England, as he seeks answers from a mysterious world inhabited by the living, but haunted by the dead.

Be warned; not all lost treasures should be found. Beware the ancient guardians, who have guarded the last great Anglo-Saxon Crown for over a thousand years...they will be waiting for you.

The Lost Crown, created by Jonathan Boakes, features realistic ghost-hunting techniques, a haunting score and puzzles galore! Shadow Tor Studios had the pleasure of joining Jonathan Boakes's Darkling Room to create a multitude of special effects and ghostly phenomenon throughout this epic adventure, from the hattrick A scoring writer and creator.

Customer reviews


This game is awsome

Pumpkinhead85 | Feb. 14, 2014 | See all Pumpkinhead85's reviews »

I loved this game. It was fun, interesting, intriguing, challenging and just plain awesome. It's got everything, ghosts, mystery, secrets, shady characters and unexplained phenomenons. Nigel Danvers, the main character is a naive but attachable fellow and he just never gives up. Be warned thought this game is not easy. If you like hard adventure/mystery games that leave you scratching your head like wtf am I supposed to do next? and how the hell was I supposed to know this? Then this is for you.


A very haunting spin off of the Dark Fall games

commanderhavoc | Dec. 6, 2013 | See all commanderhavoc's reviews »

Remember Nigel Danvers from the first Dark Fall game? Well now he's the protagonist of his very own game where he is looking for an ancient treasure hidden in the english countryside. The game is done in mostly black and white, save for certain parts of the enviroments that are in color and this gives it a surreal feeling to it. Another thing to note is that Nigel is a ghost hunter and therefore will have access to equipment that ghost hunters normally have, like EMF detectors, dictaphones to capture electric voice phenomenon or EVP for short, camcorders and many others that will help Nigel in his mission to uncover the Lost Crown and also help spirits that haven't been able to pass on because of something that happened while they were alive. If you love games that are set in the English countryside and also made in England as well, then you simply must check this wonderful adventure gem out.


Definitely worth checking out!

Plasros | Aug. 1, 2013 | See all Plasros's reviews »

A brilliant, imaginative exploration of the classic ghost story. The Lost Crown has a great, creepy atmosphere, and the presentation is one of a kind. Dark shadows, spectral figures, near constant mist, and chilling sounds are bound to give most folks an uneasy feeling about playing the game at night in a dimly lit room. A great ghost story, lovingly told and presented. Anyone who enjoys a good, solid adventure game is bound to love this one