The Night of the Rabbit

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


Experience a magical adventure. Journey with Jerry to the enchanted realm of Mousewood , master fascinating spells and solve tricky puzzles. Along with a intriguing story you will see breathtaking hand drawn backgrounds and elaborately animated characters. A Unique soundtrack complements Jerry's incredible adventure with fabulously composed music.

Additionally, various bonus contents, like audio books, a card game and special stickers wait to be unlocked, contributing to the game's magical experience.

Key Features:

  • A mysterious world: Unravel the Marquis de Hoto's sinister secret, travelling through Mousewood and far portal worlds.

  • Hand drawn HD-graphics: Let more than 50 carefully hand drawn HD sceneries and over 40 lovingly animated characters put a spell on you.

  • Enchanting soundtrack: One hour of music composed exclusively for this game, sophisticated ambient sounds and fully voiced dialogues bring the magic to your ears

  • Bonus content: Unlock a multitude of extras, like a segmented audio book, an enigmatic card deck and funny stickers. Collect them all and learn more about Mousewood's people.

  • Tricky puzzles: It will take all your wit and cunning to master the portal worlds' different spells and solve the mysteries surrounding Mousewood and the Marquis.

Customer reviews


A little bit better and it would explode

PlayTyrant | June 19, 2015 | See all PlayTyrant's reviews »

This game is awesome, a point and click adventure that didn't dissapoint me a bit. And that's hard. The story is great (spoilers free). It's quite nature based, with of course a lot of fantasy and magical elements. It's not too hard to beat, but that doesn't make this game worse at all. It's a magical journey with a very solid and enchanting soundtrack and fancy visuals. This was also my first approach to Daedalic, and after this excellent experience... I had to go to the well known Deponia series (which is simply different, not comparable to this one). In short: artistic, enchanting, entertaining and fully recommended.


Great Game!

Plasros | June 19, 2013 | See all Plasros's reviews »

Great game! Seems like childish quest but has far more deep meaning, charming plot and ambience. Unfortunately it has one minigame that should never existed (I mean the last fight), but still the ending is totally stunning for a quest. In this respect, Deponia and Deponia 2 were not so good, though TNOTR misses some great humor from it. It appeals equally to innocence and experience. A few overly obscure puzzles slow the pace to a crawl, but Jerry's journey is worth taking even if only to feel like a kid again for a little while.


Lovely adventure!

DanielZo0 | June 10, 2013 | See all DanielZo0's reviews »

Night of the Rabbit is one of the loveliest and most captivating adventures I’ve ever played. I make no excuses about the fact that I haven’t been a fan of Daedalic’s previous work, there’s always been several flaws in them that have stopped me from enjoying myself – like puzzles not having a point, characters being annoying, voice acting being terrible, solutions being needlessly obscure, that sort of thing – but here everything comes together almost perfectly. There’s still the odd flaw, but it’s definitely an adventure I’m happy to recommend right here in the third paragraph. So now that Daedalic’s PR department have stopped holding their breath let me tell you why. The story keeps things simple (Jerry’s off to learn magic, visits a magical world, then goes to find some spells) for the most part but always maintains plenty of mysteries that point to a deeper plot. Who are the strange lizards that pop up now and again? What beginnings and endings does the Woodsprite talk of? Why do you keep seeing a ghostly bearded man with a pug? Where is the Great Zaroff whose box of tricks you’ve borrowed? Will Plato the mailfrog ever ask out Anja the mouse? There are plenty more, and all get answered satisfactorily by the end of the game. If the story has one problem it’s that a lot of the late-game story twists are spoiled by the game’s promotional materials – the website alone lets you know that there’s more to the Maquis and Zaroff’s side of the plots.


Of course its a fantastic game

caspica | May 31, 2013 | See all caspica's reviews »

I agree with the precedented talker Stebsis that Daedalic has dont it again. They really have. I still believe Amanita is the best game studio on making Adventure games but that is a very competed slot at the moment. The Night of the Dead Rabbit has one of the key elementals for a good Adventure game: the game looks fantastic. Once again Daedalic have produced high quality textures and making the art style take its place within the game. It can also boast with an extremely compelling story about rabbits and the overall feel is almost redundandt to speak of. Both Amanita and mainly Daedalic in this context continue to create fantastic and compelling adventures for us to explore.


Daedalic has done it again!

Stebsis | May 31, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Daedalic has become one of my favorite developers. They've made such masterfully done point and click games like Whispered World, Edna & Harvey, and superb Deponia series. To me they've brought back the p&c genre that has been in slumber for a long time. From the get go of The Night of the Rabbit there is sense of great adventure. There's a brief tutorial that you can skip, and quest to pick blackberries to get you know the mechanics. This is a standard point and click, you pick stuff up, combine them and solve puzzles using the items. This isn't particualrly funny game like Deponia was, this is a bit more whimsical in nature, and towards the end quite dark too. This is a child-like adventure about magic and wonder, it's like playing a storybook. The main character is a twelve years old boy named Jerry Hazelnut, who wants to be a magician. He lives with his mother in the woods near town and likes to practice magic tricks in his spare time and go on adventures in the woods. His voice actor in the beginning sounds a bit annoying, but as the story goes on it isn't bad at all and he's really likeable character, he feels like a young boy going on an adventure. I simply loved Night of the Rabbit, one gripe I could say is that this feels too familiar, puzzles didn't feel that challenging and this is probably fairly easy for anyone familiar with this sort of game. Daedalic fans still can't go wrong with this one.